5 Best Fruits To Stop Premature Ejaculation And Cure Them

5 Best Fruits To Stop Premature Ejaculation And Cure Them

There are hardly any places where a person can express desire without holding back and being vulnerable at the same time. Among such places, one is your bedroom. However, one kink in the mood can disrupt the entire flow and ruin the moment. Guess what that kink could be? There are many, but one is premature ejaculation.

Another such headache for men is erectile dysfunction, but in this blog, we will zoom in on premature ejaculation. In fact, we haven’t just discussed the problem; we have also provided solutions in the form of the best fruits and pills like Cenforce D, and Duralast 30mg, for those who are in deep puddles.

However, if you wish to know more about ED; read our blog How To Cure ED And PE Naturally? Let’s get started on PE.

Ejaculatory Dysfunction: A Common Concern For Many Men

To find out the exact numbers and data, the esteemed organizations conducted many studies and surveys, and it was estimated that approximately 30% of men worldwide are affected by premature ejaculation. However, many experts believe this data is not true and claim that as high as 75% of people may fall within this category.  

Unfortunately, among these data, the major servers are the emergent nations such as Africa. It is assumed that Africa alone is responsible for 34% of the global cases of premature ejaculation. It’s not just PE but a somewhat similar condition called ED is wreaking havoc too. In such case, you can take Duratia 30mg to counter the two problems at the same time. 

Even more concerning part of these numbers is that they are rising at an alarming rate, if the situation is not addressed properly, it could have serious implications on the mental health and relationships of those affected.

Is There A Cure Available For Premature Ejaculation?

Since the cases are climbing the peak, the urgent need for more research and resources to address premature ejaculation on a global scale is needed. So here the question arises whether there is a treatment available or not. 

Luckily, emerging tech and medical advancements have led to multiple cures & treatments, including behavioral techniques, medications, and therapy. However, among all these alternatives, the most popular ones are oral medications like Extra Super Tadarise, Super P Force, and Duratia. Since therapy and other alternatives are quite big-budget, people choose these (mentioned) pocket-friendly pills. 

On the other hand, quite a few people wish their condition to be cured naturally and opt for lifestyle changes, exercises, natural remedies, and stress management techniques. However, among these, there are some secret agents who, if deployed for the betterment of ejaculation can work like magic.

Best Fruits For Premature Ejaculation

Best Fruits For Premature Ejaculation

The secret agents we talked about are nothing but delicious diet additions that can considerably change your ejaculation pattern to be better. Incorporating the following fruits into your daily life can also increase the libido including overall development of sexual health. So let’s get into it; 


Bananas are not just a humble tropical fruit, they are your helpers for fixing many health ups & downs. Feasting on this golden arc will fill you up with the power of potassium and the magic of bromelain. 

This fruit naturally heightens desire and prevents the rush of climax, i.e, ejaculation. Its copious amounts of glucose not only stoke the flames of libido but may also tip the scales in favor of sustained energy and a spike in stamina during intimate moments. So every time you enter the bedroom with anticipation of coitus, make sure to grab this nature’s energy bar and munch on it. Of course, they can’t just replace the effects of pills like Extra Super Zhewitra.

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Watermelon For Premature Ejaculation:

Well, there is no doubt that watermelon is part of this list. Since they are nicknamed natural Viagra, adding them to the list is the justice they deserve.

Watermelons are nature’s another one of tropical creation aside from bananas. These nature’s thirst quenchers are brimmed with a special nutrient called citrulline. This amazing substance transforms into the essential amino acid arginine, igniting desire.

If you are searching for ways to get your hands on potent ED and PE solutions like Suhagra Force 50mg, Super Fildena, and many more; head straight to Medicscales.

The compound acts soothingly on the body’s blood vessels,  encouraging them to relax and expand. It’s like a hidden move that amplifies the flow of life to the core of man’s wants, guaranteeing a more robust, stronger body inside and outside.


Finally, someone is here to say that avocados are more than just a toast-topper. According to studies, avocados are brimming with an array of vitamins such as Vitamin C, K, and B. They are a powerhouse in combating premature discharge. Also, read our blog; Best Vitamins For Erectile Strength to man up your little member.

These vitamins play a key role in ensuring that blood flows smoothly to the body’s essential areas. Beyond its high vitamin content, avocados are a treasure vault of proteins and fibers. They are nature’s own aphrodisiacs. 

Avocados possess the potential to treat painful, delayed, and retrograde ejaculation issues in addition to PE.

Pomegranates For PE:

In nature’s orchard this crimson seed-studded sphere stands as a guardian of vitality. These crimson gems are jeweled with plenty of polyphenols that serve the duty of antioxidants which potentially delays the haste of cumming. These fruits are great allies or partners in your dance of desire. This small seed-studded fruit might spread the canvas of crimson circulation and steer your system toward the destination of reproductive health.

However, if you want to avoid all the hassle of buying fruits and making them into delicious culinary dishes, try much simpler options like Super Kamagra and Super Tadapox.


Antioxidant-rich blueberries improve mental and physical well-being and fight the factors that lead to early ejaculation. These huckleberries can boost energy levels generally and endurance in bed, in addition to enhancing sexual performance just like Super Tadarise does (however not with the same efficiency). These little berries are a tasty and effective approach to promoting sexual wellness.

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We totally agree with the fact that these fruity fun approaches can’t fix the severe premature ejaculation issues but you can definitely add them to your diet before things get worse. Consider them as a nutritional therapy that complements other treatments such as Climax Spray or Duratia 60mg.

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