5 Warning Signs You May Have Erectile Dysfunction

signs you may have erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is not something that can occur in just one night. ED tends to develop slowly, and you will gradually find it difficult to attain and maintain a perfect erection.

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  • No More Morning Wood
  • Not Thinking Much About Sex Like Before
  • Have A Vascular Disease
  • Started Using New Prescription Medications
  • Developed Tender And Swollen Gums
  • Treating Your Erectile Dysfunction
  • However, there are some common and unexpected Signs of ED that you can keep in mind so that you can revere the condition and enjoy your sexual life like before. Remember that sometimes, a small erection problem can be a sign of ED. So, don’t forget to consider those symptoms.

    1. No More Morning Wood

    This is one of the most unusual ED symptoms. Early morning and night-time erections happen as the brain produces less noradrenaline. If you are getting frequent morning wood, then that’s a good sign and suggests the blood vessels are healthy. But if you notice waking up with erections less often than usual, then it suggests a risk of developing ED. The blood vessels that send blood to the penis may have some issues. You should speak to your doctor as soon as possible they will suggest some ED medicine like Fildena 100 purple pill, Vilitra 20, and Vidalista 20 mg.

    2. Not Thinking Much About Sex Like Before

    If you think the stuff that generally gets you going or brings an erection is not working for you anymore, it could be a sign that your testosterone levels are going down. A low testosterone level can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. A perfect testosterone level boosts your sex drive.

    If the levels drop, a man’s desire to have sex will also go down. And when you are not in the mood, you will find it hard to attain an erection. Some other signs that suggest a low testosterone level are mood changes, fatigue etc. Well, there are some oral treatments available to increase testosterone levels such as Super p force tablets and Cenforce fm.


    3. Have A Vascular Disease

    As per the health experts, if you suffer from a chronic disease, then you can also develop some other health issues, such as erectile dysfunction. Diseases that adversely affect the vascular system can also increase the risks of developing signs of erectile dysfunction. Diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure can lead to ED.

    As per some studies, compared to larger vessels, smaller vessels such as those in your eyes or penis can attain the breaking point soon and cause issues like changes in your eyesight or ED. So, you need to protect your vessel by treating all your chronic issues to avoid ED. If there is not sufficient blood flow in the vessels, it will be challenging for you to maintain an erection.

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    4. Started Using New Prescription Medications

    As per the doctors, high blood pressure medicines or antidepressants can be a major reason behind your ED condition. Various antidepressants, such as SNRIs and SSRIs, can affect your chemical signals or hormones, such as norepinephrine. And low levels of libido can make it difficult to attain an erection. In general, you will begin to experience such symptoms within a few weeks of using the meds.

    While blood pressure medicines are good for your health as they keep the blood pressure low, in the long run, if can put an adverse effect on your sex life. Lower blood pressure means there is less blood flow to your penis, causing trouble in getting an erection. So, if you are dealing with erectile dysfunction, then your BP medicines can be the reason for this. Talk to your health expert now.

    signs of erectile dysfunction

    5. Developed Tender And Swollen Gums

    Gums that are painful, bleed or swollen when you floss or bleed can be a sign of gum problems. Well, that doesn’t directly cause ED, but it may begin a chain that creates other health issues. As per some studies, gum disease may cause inflammation in the body, and that will damage your blood vessels. If the blood vessels are not working properly, it will affect the blood flow to different parts, including your penis.

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    Treating Your Erectile Dysfunction

    If you find that you struggle to attain and keep an erection during sex, then you may have some early signs of ED. However, there is nothing to worry about as is it possible to manage and reverse Erectile dysfunction? Treating erectile dysfunction may take time, but there are some methods that can help you to improve the symptoms of Erectile dysfunction. To improve the symptoms, you can exercise regularly and take natural supplements.

    Besides, you should stop smoking and lower your alcohol consumption level. If lifestyle changes or exercises don’t work for you in 4 to 5 months, then visit a doctor or an andrologist. You should consult a doctor who will carry out different ED tests to find out the real reason behind this and suggest the best physical treatments or pills like Malegra 200, Cenforce 100, or Fildena 120. You can also easily buy ED medications online at affordable prices. Early detection of symptoms and timely treatments can lower the risk of ED.

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