9 Foods That Can Help You Maintain An Erect And Strong Erection

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ED- Erectile Dysfunction, when a person has an issue in attaining or maintaining a perfect erection, they may feel embarrassed to talk about this condition. However, ED is quite common. A study shows more than 30 million people in the USA have this issue. Well, the causes of ED can be physical as well as emotional or systemic. Some of the common causes are medications, anxiety, stress, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more.  

Well, if you are suffering from this and are not able to attain a perfect erection, then you need to change your diet. An unhealthy diet can greatly affect your erection level. Eating healthy foods can help you stay erect. To help you with this, we have listed down some of the best and healthy foods to cure erectile dysfunction.

For a good erection, you take Cenforce and Fildena medicine along with food. The foods for penis health mentioned here can offer different benefits, such as they contain a sufficient amount of nitric oxide, better blood flow, and can provide the body with arginine. 

Best Food To Stay Erect For A Longer Time

1. Watermelon

When talking about the best Food for Erections, you can’t ignore watermelon. As per the studies, watermelon is a natural source of citrulline, a precursor to the body’s nitric acid. This effective penis food can relax and dilate the penile blood vessels, and blood flow to the vessels will also increase. Foods like bitter melons, gourds, and cucumber also work in the same way. 

2. Celery, Arugula, And Spinach

If you are looking for foods that kill erectile dysfunction, you should begin consuming spinach or celery. Nitric oxide plays a great role in having a good erection as it boosts blood flow to your genitals. Most of the current medications focus on this factor. And foods that contain a sufficient amount of nitric oxide are celery, spinach, and arugula. Include these foods in your diet now. 

3. Coffee

Different studies have proved that coffee may improve your sex life. Caffeine is considered a healthy food option for the penis. As per a study, caffeine triggers some healthy effects in your body that can help the penile arteries to relax while increasing blood flow. It can have similar effects to Viagra. However, keep the cream and sugar level low in your coffee to enjoy maximum benefits. 

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4. Salmon

Salmon is a healthy food that helps for penis growth. Why? Salmon is a natural source of Vitamin D. Sunlight can help you produce around 70 percent of Vitamin D. However, if you are not getting a sufficient amount of Vitamin D, then consuming Salmon can be a good option. 

As per the experts, Vitamin D can lower the chances of Endothelial Dysfunction. This is a condition where your organs, blood vessels, and arteries are unable to circulate blood properly. If you want to witness a strong erection, adding Salmon to your diet plan will be a good option. 

5. Dark Chocolate

If you love eating chocolate, then instead of consuming normal chocolate, you should start eating dark chocolate. As per studies, dark chocolates have Flavanols. It supports a healthy blood flow throughout your body. Well, you should also keep in mind that dark chocolates also have fat and sugar, so eat them within a limit. There can be around 9 grams of fat and 155 calories in just one ounce of dark chocolate. So, if you are looking for a healthy Food for erectile dysfunction, then this should not be your first choice.

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6. Walnuts And Pistachios

Eating Pistachios or walnuts regularly can help you improve your libido, ability to orgasm, and erectile function. On the other hand, these hard erection foods also increase the HDL level while lowering LDL. As pistachios have a sufficient amount of amino acid, they boost nitric oxide levels, supporting better blood flow to your penis. Besides, they provide your body with healthy fats. These are healthy food options for your heart as well as the penis. 

7. Almond And Other Nuts

Almonds and other nuts are rich in HDL- High-Density Lipoprotein. This good cholesterol can effectively absorb your body’s bad cholesterol and process that through your liver. Bad cholesterol can get stuck in blood vessels and arteries, blocking blood flow to the organs. So, replace the food that can increase the risk for erectile dysfunction with almonds and enjoy a perfect erection. 

8. Peaches

Different studies have proved that Vitamin C is key for healthy sperm and can also boost the body’s testosterone level. A study conducted by the University of Texas Medical Branch proved that when consumed sufficient amounts of Vitamin C, sperm swims efficiently while surviving for a longer time. Vitamin C can also keep the DNA of sperm protected from free radicals that can damage cells. That’s why you should start eating foods rich in Vitamin C, for example, Peaches, peppers, and more. 

9. Spicy Foods

Hot peppers are rich in Capsaicin. As per the health experts, consuming a little hot sauce and a habanero can help people in getting a perfect erection. On the other hand, people who consume hot foods can develop the highest levels of testosterone. 

Just like some foods can help you to witness an improvement in your sexual performance and erection, some foods can negatively affect it.  If you consult a doctor, then he will suggest you stop using things like licorice, soy-based products, and alcohol. Licorice and soy-based products or soy protein powders can lower testosterone levels, leading to ED. On the other hand, sugary drinks and alcohol can depress your central nervous system. So, you should stay away from these foods. 

Final Words

Even though there are different medications and treatment options available to treat ED or your penile erection issue, you should also consider Food for Erection. Nowadays, you can easily buy an ED supplement online through our site that can help you maintain an erection. These foods will not just treat your ED; they can also offer many benefits to your organs and circulatory systems. Consume the best foods to help get an erection and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. 

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