9 Foods To Avoid Before You Go To Bed

Foods To Avoid Before Sleep

Are you suffering from a sleep disorder or insomnia? Well, caffeine, whether you are taking this in the form of chocolate, tea, or coffee, can act like a sleep disrupter.

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Different studies have proved that. But if you are finding it difficult to fall asleep, then such foods can be a major reason behind sleep disorders. You should keep in mind that the food that you eat before going to your bed can greatly affect your sleep. Now you might be wondering what types of food you should stop consuming for better sleep.

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Get Better Sleep By Avoiding These Types of Foods:

1. Some Medicines May Come With Caffeine

It is a fact that some medications may contain Caffeine. Medicines like diuretics, weight loss pills, and pain relievers come with caffeine. While buying these medicines, carefully check the label to know the amount of caffeine as this can lead to insomnia (sleep disorder). Always Beware of Hidden Caffeine.

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2. Say No To Alcohol

Alcohol can make you feel drowsy or doze off, but studies have proved that it can affect your natural sleeping patterns. Besides, alcohol can also affect your esophageal sphincter, which may lead to acid reflux. 

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3. Don’t Consume Heavy Foods

Heavy meals will take more time to digest. For example, cheese, fried foods, and fatty foods would develop indigestion and may keep you awake throughout the night. So, it is advisable to avoid foods like fries, cheeseburgers, large steaks, and more in your dinner.

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4. Stay Away From Foods With More Water Content

Even though drinking a lot of water is a crucial part of keeping your body hydrated, you should avoid Foods with High Water Content to prevent your bladder from getting packed in the middle of the night. So, don’t eat cucumbers, watermelon, celery, etc., during the night. 

5. Sugary Foods Or Treats

Insulin can significantly affect your natural sleeping patterns. That’s why health experts suggest not to consume Super Sugary food as it can increase your blood sugar levels and then it will crash. According to experts, sugary candies, desserts, and sugary cereals are not good to consume. By avoiding such foods, you can keep good control over your blood sugar levels and can enjoy better sleep.

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6. Don’t Consume Acidic Foods

Consuming highly acidic foods (Tomatoes) can trigger acid reflux. Different things such as raw onion, tomato sauce, citrus juice, and more can severely disturb your sleep as they will lead to heartburn. That’s why it is not advisable to consume pizza before bed. 

Health experts advise that foods that have a higher amount of saturated fat should be avoided, for instance, French fries, ice cream, butter, and more. Most processed foods are very salty and would cause you to wake up throughout the night, and you will feel like drinking more water.


7. Food Items With Hidden Caffeine

If you are suffering from a sleep disorder issue, then you should avoid consuming food that has hidden caffeine. While buying food, you should properly check the nutrition labels. Most foods have some amount of caffeine. Soda and tea are generally caffeinated unless mentioned on the labels.

On the other hand, espresso, chocolate, ice creams, and more also have caffeine. They can act as a stimulant. These food items can lower the REM sleep amount, try Modalert 100 and Waklert 100 pills for insomnia.

8. Spicy Foods Can Also Cause Trouble

People with heartburn issues understand that spicy foods can cause minor to severe problems at night. However, there is another solid reason to avoid them. In general, to have a good sleep, the temperature of your body should be low.

But when you consume hot or spicy food, it can increase the temperature of your body, and attaining proper sleep will be difficult for you. If you love spicy foods, then consume them at your lunch or breakfast. 

9. Gassy Food Items

Different types of items can severely affect your sleep. For example, food items that are not easy to digest and have a higher amount of fiber can lead to painful gas. Cramping and pressure created by beans, cauliflower, broccoli, or dried fruits will keep you up late. Even though foods rich in fiber are good for the body, consuming them at night is not a good idea. 

While avoiding these foods, Don’t Smoke to Relax and eat healthy foods. Besides, you can take sleep disorder medicines. You can also go for some sleep-inducing foods such as oatmeal, cherries, walnuts, honey, granola, bananas, and more. 

Now just food, you should also avoid medicines that contain caffeine. Instead of that, you can go for alternative medicine, such as

However, before you can start using any of these medications, it is advisable to consult your doctor first to know which one will work best for you.

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