A Lawsuit Over Abortion Pills That Could Impact FDA Approvals

A Lawsuit Over Abortion Pills That Could Impact FDA Approvals

Another lawsuit faced by FDA(food and drug administration) has recently been the “talk” of the news channels. But the shocking turn of this lawsuit is that some anti-abortion group named Alliance for Hipocratic Medicines is questioning the procedure which FDA follows to approve the medicines. All this ruckus was because of an abortion pill approved some 20 years ago. 

Democratic and Republican attorneys chose sides in crucial litigation attempting to overturn the FDA’s approval of abortion pills in court documents on the 10th of February which happened to be Friday. However, the case was bring in by the group in November.

The petitioners file an order, seeking that the FDA’s approval of mifepristone; an abortion pill be revoked while the matter is being litigated. 

To back up the FDA the manufacturer of abortion pills; Danco Laboratories lawfully entered into the lawsuit. 

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The case fell under the US federal court judge; Matthew Kacsmaryx was appointed by then-President Trump. But even after 4 hours of vindication the court has remains yet to give a verdict on whether to prohibit mifepristone, an abortion pill approved by FDA in 2000

On Wednesday, the Alliance for Defending Freedom and other organizations urged Kacsmaryk for an emergency order rescinding or suspending the abortion pill’s clearance.

This would constitute a historic case to the FDA, which authorized mifepristone in conjunction with subsequent tablet misoprostol as a safe and effective form of abortion in 2000. 

Additionally, experts believe if the court rules the proceeding in the favor of the anti-abortion group It could also transform the face of reproductive rights and other such rights as female sexual dysfunctions in the United States. 

If this happens the next you know is people are protesting for the ban of other such medicines like Femaleup 20mg or Femalefil 10 mg.


One of the abortion pills Mifepristone initiates the process of abortion while the second one called misoprostol induces cramping, bleeding, and uterine emptying after 48 hours. The procedure may conduct securely at home and is authorize for the first trimester.

Prominent medical groups, along with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, have step in favor of the FDA, claiming the approved abortion pill “has been well investigate and is clearly safe”.

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However, the decision is not to announce yet by the US federal court but whatever the result might be consequences will have to be bear by both parties. 

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