A Link Between Heart Health And Erectile Dysfunction

A Link Between Heart Health And ED

Erectile dysfunction and heart health are inextricably linked. Numerous studies have found that if a guy is suffering from ED, he is more likely to get heart health. Having ED is just as dangerous as smoking or having a genetic history of heart health.

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According to a new study in which 1900 men participated between the age of 60 to 80. These men were studied for four years of time and the result was declared that ED patients are more like to get events of cardiac arrest and other serious heart conditions. That’s why next time you are visiting your doctor for your ED issues make sure to ask them about the possible risk regarding cardiovascular health and how can you eliminate them. Usually, ED tablets like Malegra 200 and Super P Force are used to eliminate the ED symptoms but it is strongly advised to be taken only after consulting the doctor. 

The other shocking fact revealed from the study was the subjects were far away from the effects of smoking and high blood pressure. The researchers said ED itself is a substantial factor for cardiovascular risk.  

What Is Erectile Dysfunction And How Serious It Can Be?

Erectile dysfunction also known as Impotence is a condition in which the sufferer doesn’t get an erection or even if he gets one maintaining it throughout sexual intercourse is difficult as hell. This condition is a cause of insufficient blood supply to the male genitals or any other such medical or non-medical condition. 

The inability to get an erection roughly within 20% of the time is relatively common so medical treatment is generally unnecessary because it goes away with time. The episodic inability can be caused by a variety of causes, including excessive alcohol consumption or acute exhaustion. If your ED is mild try out Fildena 150 or Kamagra oral jelly for the best sensual experience. 

But if this very situation exceeds 50% of the time then you might be suffering from acute ED for which physical or psychological issues may be involved. It is believe that one in every ten adult men suffers from erectile dysfunction on a protracted basis. Additionally, it is believe that every man suffers from ED once in their lifetime. Lovegra 100mg and Kamagra gold 100 are some very popular ED meds in the market.

Heart Patients and ED

Are Heart Problems And Erectile Dysfunction Linked?

Yes, there is a clear correlation between erectile dysfunction and heart health. Numerous studies have found that men who experience ED are more likely to develop heart health and Vice versa.

In one research, for example, 57% of men who underwent bypass surgery and 64% of men who were hospitalized for a cardiac arrest had encountered ED at some time. Therefore usually doctors prescribe meds like Vidalista 20 and Sidalist for smooth blood flow. 

In fact, it is suppose a guy with ED is more likely to develop cardiovascular disease symptoms during the next five years. 

But you know what other than heart health the following major conditions can too play a huge role in Erectile dysfunction. 

Some Of The Most Prevalent Diseases That Cause ED:

Some Of The Most Prevalent Diseases That Cause ED

1. Vascular Disease 

Vascular disease refers to any ailment that affects your blood circulatory system or blood vessel system. There are two kinds involved in Vascular disease, one affects the arteries whereas the other affects the veins. There are so many types of vascular disease that exist for instance peripheral artery disease, Carotid artery issues, venous disease, Blood clots, Aortic aneurysm, fibromuscular dysplasia, lymphedema, and Vasculitis.

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But the question is why exactly high cholesterol is bad? 

Basically, there are two types of cholesterol good and bad which in medical terms are know as HDL and LDL. For starters, the body creates just enough amount of it on its own to keep you healthy. So whenever you eat excessively fatty foods, LDL rises.

Surplus LDL cholesterol in the blood gets deposite inside the arteries, which are the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart and brain. These deposits can combine with other elements to produce plaque, which is a thick, hard deposition inside the blood artery that causes atherosclerosis. A plaque will constrict the artery’s path, cutting off blood flow to the heart muscle and the penis. Malegra 100 and Vigora 100 can eliminate this problem by boosting the blood flow to your penis. 

So it is very essential to look out for the foods you eat. 

2. Sugar Diabetes

Many people refrain from believing that Diabetes can cause ED too. In fact, according to doctors, this is a very common cause of ED. High blood sugar level causes damage to the blood-carrying arteries which in turn results in blood shortage to the heart and genitals.

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3. Kidney Disease

Kidney illness can alter hormones(affects testosterone production), circulation, nerve function, and energy levels. These modifications can reduce sexual desire or sexual ability. ED can cause by medications taken to treat kidney disease. 

4. Neurological Disease 

The nerve system is essential in achieving and keeping an erection. ED is frequent among males suffering from illnesses such as stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy seizures, cerebral aneurysms, and spinal cord injuries. That’s because of a disruption in nerve impulse communication between the brain and the penis.

5. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer does not cause Erectile Dysfunction on its own, however, prostate cancer therapy and its medication can result in ED

These were just a few conditions that can cause ED but there are several other illnesses and diseases that can potentially cause ED.

What Is The Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction?

The ED medications such as Caverta 100, Cenforce 120, and Fildena 100 function by increasing nitric oxide levels in the cavernosal muscle tissue namely the corpus cavernosum and corpus spongiosum of the penis. This relaxes the smooth tissues and promotes blood circulation to the penis.

If these medications don’t work out for you, there several other options that can aid you in treating impotence such as Alprostadil injections, urethral suppositories, testosterone replacement, surgical implants, and penis pumps. 

If the root of your ED is Psychological issues then counseling or couple therapy is the best option for you.

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