A Mythbusting Guide To Sexual Health and Misconceptions

A Mythbusting Guide To Sexual Health Misconceptions

Taboos regarding sex fears about our desire, and qualm regarding discussing our bodies or sexual health have created many whispers related to sex and everything surrounding it. Such whispers create a few serious misunderstandings that are sometimes humorous and often dangerous. Let’s explore them and have sexual health myths busted.

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    What Is Sexual Health?

    It is fundamental to the well-being and overall health of individuals, families, and couples and the economic and social development of countries and communities. When affirmatively viewed sexual health needs a positive and polite approach to sexuality and sexual relationship and the possibility of having safe and satisfying sexual experiences, coercion, violence, and discrimination-free. There are different types of sexual activity such as solitary activity and socio-sexual activity.

    Why Is Sexual Health Important?

    Sexual health holds huge importance. It is because it allows people to take total control of their emotional well-being and reproductive health of their close relationships. There are many components involved to become sexually healthy, some of which are useful sex education, communication with both intimate partners and healthcare providers, and safety. Many men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction are seen to use drugs like Super P Force to improve their erections and hold the attained erection for a long time during sex.

    How To Promote Sexual Health?

    At times, it can be challenging to talk about sensitive subjects with your sexual partner. Due to shame or some negative social conditioning, individuals may ignore their sexual desire or those of their partners. Sometimes, it may be great to talk to your therapist who is supportive and knowledgeable about sexual health. Speak to a doctor regarding certain health requirements. If you are unsure where to begin, you can check out some sexual health clinics that are there for supporting people through their journey of sexual health and wellness.

    How To Maintain Erection For 30 Minutes

    What Vitamins Are Good For Sexual Health?

    A healthy sex life is often a vital part of an individual’s life. Supplements can help with the sex hormones productions that are necessary for sexual reproduction and reproduction. They can generally provide support for the strength and vitality of the body. Vitamin B3 helps with improved blood flow, Vitamin D supplements will boost testosterone levels, and Vitamin C will support cardiovascular health and blood flow. Apart from these, drugs such as Cenforce 100 will also help to get and hold strong erections during sex.

    Myths About Sexual Health

    Here are some of the sexual health misconceptions that you must be cleared of:

    When You Take The Pill, You Cannot Contract An STI

    It is a myth. You cannot protect yourself against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) contraction with oral contraception. It only works for preventing pregnancy. Using oral contraception, you can only protect yourself from having STI by using condoms during sex. Also, safe sex and protection or methods of birth control such as the pill, ring, intrauterine device, and patch effectively prevent pregnancy. But they will not give any protection against HIV or STIs.

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    The Methods Of Withdrawal Stop Pregnancy

    Also known as the pull-out method or coitus interruptus, this so-called method of withdrawal method happens when you pull out the penis from the vagina prior to any ejaculation. It may lower any chance of your partner getting pregnant, but the method of withdrawal is not a great way of preventing pregnancy. When accurately done, it can lower the pregnancy risk, but maintaining perfection can be challenging at that moment. Also, before ejaculating, the penis will release pre-cum. In a few cases, sperm may be present in the pre-cum fluid.

    Making Use Of Two Condoms Will Provide Twice The Protection

    Individuals may assume that two condoms will double the protection. It can be understood why they think so. Yet it is a myth. According to the Sexual Health Association, usually, it is highly risky if you use two condoms during sex. There is a higher chance that the condom will break because the condom endures a lot of friction. It will be better to use a single condom.

    From A Toilet Seat, You Can Contract An STI

    It is a constant myth that is associated with sexually transmitted infections. It has been debunked many times. We need to remember that STIs spread through oral or anal and unprotected sex or by sharing some sex toys or genital contact. Viruses that are known to cause STIs are unable to survive outside any human body for long. Thus they die fast on any surface such as toilet seats. The bacteria that are responsible for causing STIs cannot live outside the mucous membrane of your body for a long time. So they would never survive on any toilet seat.

    STIS Has No Treatment

    It is not completely true. Yet you can treat them but not every STI can be completely cured. 8 pathogens structure the huge STI majority. Out of these four are curable and the rest four are mainly viral and yet cannot be cured. But HPV infection often gets naturally cleared by your body.

    Bottom Line

    Sexual health is an essential part of living a genuine life. Make it a priority as it can hugely improve the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of a person and enhance their intimate relationships. Maintain sexual hygiene and promote men’s sexual health by using a drug named Vidalista 80. It has been found to help men with ED and have satisfying sex. But before using it you must consult your doctor.

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