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About Atazor 300 Mg

Atazor 300mg is a special rendition of pharmaceutical drugs to fight against retroviruses. You might wonder why exactly retroviruses and what that means. Well, this virus changes the host cell’s genetic code by sneaking in a DNA version of its RNA blueprint into the cell’s DNA. 

Numerous illnesses, including cancers and other malignancies, immunological deficits, and neurological conditions are linked to retroviruses. It can cause a variety of conditions, including anemia, osteopetrosis, and arthritis.

But among all these the very common one is HIV and this particular pill is designed to fight off this very illness. The synthesizer of these pills is Emcure Pharmaceutical Ltd. Let’s get into juicy details. 

What Is The Generic Name For Atazor?

These days rather than Branded Atazor 300 capsules its generic version i.e, Atazanavir is more popular and used extensively. It is a member of the protease inhibitor medication class, which prevents HIV from multiplying by blocking a ‘much-needed’ bodily enzyme. 

To manage the infection and avoid consequences, Atazor 300mg is typically given in combination with other medications.

They are produced in capsule forms that need to be slugged down with water. For optimum efficacy, it is crucial to take the medication at a particular time each day and according to the recommended dosage. Before beginning or altering any pharmaceutical regimen, it is advised to speak with a healthcare provider. They may offer tailored counsel based on a patient’s unique needs and past medical history.

What Is Atazor 300 Mg Used For? 

Atazor 300 mg is employed to fight off HIV infection in grown-ups and kids older than 6. However, the significant twist is that the capsules can’t help you to cure the condition. It can stop your body from getting the later stage of HIV infection, i.e, AIDs, only if administered at the right time.

That’s why it said Atazor 300mg helps by slowing down the progression of the disease. To make the process even quicker, other supporting antivirals and antiretrovirals are administered alongside.

Benefits Of Atazor 300 Capsule

Atazor 300 Capsule lowers the HIV level in your body. It keeps the infection in check and boosts your immune system. This makes you live longer and healthier. Besides, the Capsule also cuts down the chance of passing HIV to others. By keeping the virus at bay, it helps stop the infection from spreading and supports the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

How To Use Atazor 200mg?

  • Don’t skip or stop without asking your medics. 
  • Consuming meals with Atazo capsules is very necessary. This will support a better breakdown of the medication and aid in keeping the dosage in your system constant.
  • Once you start using Atazor 300mg, make sure to periodically check your glucose levels and liver function. 
  • Avoid taking antacids at least an hour or two before or after slugging Atazor. This is because of drug interactions.

Atazor 300 Capsule- Side Effects

These Atazor 300 capsules are prone to some unharmful hiccups but they usually fade away as your body adapts. If they linger or trouble you, check with your doctor about them.

  • Rashes and hives
  • Headache
  • Throwing up
  • Emesis
  • Diarrhea
  • Coughing
  • Pain in the muscles
  • Fever with Jaundice
  • Elevated blood bilirubin levels

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