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Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis has recently been the talk of the town because of the statement released by ‘The Expendables’ co-actor Sylvestor Stallone saying, “Bruce is going through some really, really difficult times. So he’s been sort of incommunicado. That kills me. It’s so sad”.

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What Is Going On With A ‘Die Hard’ Actor?

Bruce’s diagnosis of aphasia was a piece of dreadful news for fans when the family took to Instagram about the actor’s health condition. The actor’s battle really shook netizens with aphasia. But this is not the time to be sad, in fact being a support pillar for bruce and the family. Remember Willis’ saying, “ Live it up, and together we plan to do just that”.

In the course of his battle with aphasia, Bruce Willis announced his retirement in march, but he is not leaving the fans all heartbroken without giving the last movie of his acting career, ‘Detective Knight-independence’ and ‘Detective Knight-Redemption. However, fans will not be able to see another Die Hard movie with Bruce Willis in it.

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What Is Aphasia?

For the reader’s reference aphasia is a condition that affects the person’s verbal & written communication. But people often get confused between aphasia and dementia, however, both are very much different. Dementia is a condition that is caused by a stroke or brain injury, which makes it difficult to carry out a daily routine like eating, drinking, or even bathing. While aphasia can occur in anyone going through Alzheimer’s disease, it may also occur from brain stroke. An aphasia patient can function with daily activities normally but when it comes to speech it is a dead-end.

Many times an aphasia patient can experience sleep apnea too. Even doctors suggest examining sleep treatment in combination with speech therapy because it may hold the key to enhanced speech therapy outcomes. But sleep problems can be treated with these prescribed medicines; Modalert 200, Waklert 150, or Modvigil 200. But you should completely avoid it if your doctor is saying to. 

There are many different types of aphasia that affect different parts of the brain. such as,

  • Global Aphasia.
  • Broca’s Aphasia.
  • Mixed Non-Fluent Aphasia.
  • Wernicke’s Aphasia.
  • Anomic Aphasia.
  • Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA)

Sleep apnea is your greatest enemy if you are suffering from aphasia. You might experience sleepless nights and excessive sleepiness during the daytime. Here are some tablets you can use to treat these symptoms; Artvigil 150 and Modafresh. But it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before taking these pills. 

However, Bruce is suffering from one called Receptive (Wernicke’s) aphasia which affects speech impairment and writing abilities.

Now that we are talking about Bruce, let’s take a dive into bruce’s Early life.

Early Life Of Bruce Willis

Born on 19th march, 1955 in a small town in Germany, called Idar-Oberstein, his mother, Marlene was a banker while his father, David was an American Soldier. After being released from the army, the whole family relocated to New Jersey.

Another shocking fact about Bruce is, he used to stutter when he was in school, but it didn’t stop him from joining the drama club at school. In fact, it helped him a lot to get over his stuttering problem. His first real job was as a security guard at Salem Nuclear Power Plant. After realizing his love for acting he moved to New York in 1977 to pursue his acting career, where he debuted in the uncredited movie ‘The First Deadly Sin’.

Later, he appeared in the television series called ‘Moonlight’ which is when he gained popularity for his role as ‘David Addison’. This is not it, he gained international acclaim as an action hero, when he portrayed the role of legendary ‘John Mcclane’ in ‘Die Hard.

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Married Life Of Willis

Bruce tied the knot with Demi Moore in 1987, they met for the first time at a premiere party for the movie ‘Stakeout’. This is where it clicked between them. Together this couple has three daughters; Tallulah, scout, and Rumer. But unfortunately, their marriage didn’t work out and they got separated in 2000.

7 years later he met his now wife ‘Heming Willis’ and married her in 2009. He shares two loving daughters with her, Mabel and Evelyn Willis. They are keeping it together really well even during his unfortunate illness of bruce.

Movies And TV Shows Of Bruce Willis

Here are some of the Top movies of Bruce Willis;

  • The Driller killer (1979)
  • The First Deadly Sin (1980)
  • The Verdict (1982)
  • Blind Date (1987)
  • The Return Of Bruno (Documentary)
  • Sunset (1988)
  • Die Hard (1988)
  • That’s Adequate (1989)
  • In Country (1980)
  • Pulp Fiction
  • G.I. Joe Retaliation (2013)

Some popular TV shows Willis

  • Moonlighting
  • Friends
  • The Orville
  • Miami Vice
  • That 70s show 
  • The Twilight Zone

Many people don’t know this but bruce used to sing in the 90s, he even had a band called ‘The Accelerators’. Some of his solo albums were ‘The return of Bruno’, ‘It Don’t Kill You, It Just Makes You Stronger’ and ‘Midnight in Switchgrass’.


Is Bruce Willis Dead?

There has been a rumor on the internet lately that bruce died of some brain injury but it’s just as false as unicorns exist. Though he suffering is suffering from aphasia. Lastly, we don’t want anything but the healthy bruce Willis back. Hope he gets all the strength in the world to fight it. 

Is Bruce Willis suffering from Dementia?

No, bruce is not suffering from dementia but a brain disorder called aphasia. Which affects the cognitive functioning of a person.

Bruce Willis Sci-fi movies?

Die-hard, The Sixth Sense, Death Wish, The Fifth Element, Armageddon, Red, etc are some of the top popular sci-fi movies. 

What is the Net Worth of Bruce Willis?

The Die Hard actor’s current net worth is $250 million. Bruce Willis had been an actor, producer, and singer before he took retirement.

What role did Willis play in Friends?

The character’s name was called ‘Paul Stevens’ the overprotective father of a girl, whom Ross (David Schwimmer) was dating in the show.

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