Can Erectile Dysfunction Come Back After Treatment?

Can ED Come Back After Treatment

ED or Erectile Dysfunction has become a common health issue in men. In some cases, ED can even come back after the treatment. However, if you are suffering from ED, then don’t worry at all, as the condition can be improved and reversed. 

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Erectile Dysfunction can be treated with surgery and medication. Besides, it is also possible to treat the root cause and improve the symptoms of ED. However, the right ED treatment for one person will be different for others. 

Health experts have categorized ED into two different types. These are:

  • Primary ED – It generally occurs when a man is unable to attain or maintain an erection. However, this condition is very rare.
  • Secondary ED – It happens in people who one had ED. This is common. 

Keep reading to understand Can ED be reversed? And you will also get to know about different methods for this.

There are many medications available to treat ED. There are a few drugs known to increase blood flow to the penis, such as Cenforce 100, Nizagara 100, Malegra 200, and Vidalista 60.

Different Methods To Treat ED

If you are looking for some effective Methods for reversing ED, then here are some options that you can try.

1. Short-Term Therapies

It has been proved that different short-term therapies can help in attaining and sustaining a perfect erection. But they will not eliminate the underlying causes of Erectile Dysfunction. It may include the use of Medication like Vardenafil that will improve the blood flow to the penis, and you will get temporary relief from erectile dysfunction. This can also help men suffering from atherosclerosis and diabetes. 

2. Different Psychological Therapies

Erectile Dysfunction can have a psychological etiology, and in men, this can lead to anxiety. Various types of psychological therapies can help them to lower their anxiety levels, and they will develop the confidence to perform better. This will also improve the effectiveness of other ED treatments.

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3. By Addressing The Root Issues

One of the most effective ED treatment options is addressing the root problem. And primary therapies can help you here. For example, if blocked arteries are a primary reason behind your ED, then exercising regularly and taking medication will assist you in improving your cardiovascular health. Studies have proved that it can lower the risk of ED or can completely cure the issue. 


4. Improve Your Heart Health

One of the most effective ways to reverse ED is by improving your heart health. Studies have proved that poor cardiovascular health can lower the body’s natural ability to transfer blood to the penis to create an erection. During research conducted in 2004, doctors found that heart issues predicted which men wear at risk of developing ED in the future. So, you need to keep in mind four crucial cardiovascular risk factors for erectile dysfunction, such as exercise, weight, smoking, and alcohol. Try to avoid these risk factors, and you can improve or reverse ED. 

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Some Of The Best Ways To Treat ED

If you are looking for The Best Ways to Get Rid of ED, then consider the below-mentioned points.

  • First of all, you need to understand your underlying health conditions and for this, consult a doctor. Different neurological conditions, cardiovascular illness, or nerve damage caused by diabetes. 
  • The major cause of Erectile Dysfunction can be physical, but sometimes, it can lead to different psychological consequences. An erection will be more challenging if a person feels anxious and self-conscious.
  • That’s why most doctors combine psychological and physical treatments. 

1. Regular Exercising Can Help You A Lot

Your pelvic floor muscles help you in ejaculating or urinating. If you can strengthen these muscles, your erectile function will be improved. You can speak to your healthcare expert about Pelvic floor exercises or other Exercising activities that will help you in reversing your ED. 

2. Change Your Lifestyle

As per the health experts, by making some changes in lifestyle, you can improve your ED condition. Studies have also proved that lifestyle changes can improve erection function. Regular exercise along with a healthy diet can help you a lot with this. 

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3. Healthy Relationships

You might be using ED medicines, but you should keep in mind that your erection will depend on the level of desire and arousal. Unhappiness in your relationship can adversely affect your erection function or libido. So, how to treat this condition? Well, you can take the help of professional couples’ therapy to enjoy Healthy Relationships. Don’t hesitate to go for counseling if you think things are not good between you and your partner. Gradually you will witness the benefits of the therapy. 

Final Words

With some little effort and following the above-mentioned tips, you can reverse Erectile Dysfunction. Besides, there are some Herbal and alternative remedies (ED Treatment) that can also work for you. Based on your condition, you may also need to go for surgery, or your doctor may suggest you use different mechanical devices. But before taking any step or for any Medication changes, it is advisable to consult your doctor first. 


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