Can HIV Be Transmitted Through Kissing?

Can HIV Be Transmitted Through Kissing?

Before we move on to dive into the transmission source of HIV, let’s dive deeper and look at How HIV has been causing chaos since its first discovery in the 1980s. According to the data collected so far by all the relevant sources, 85.6 million individuals have contracted since the global epidemic’s start and 40.4 million people have lost their lives to the infection worldwide.

If we pick a specific period, for instance, In the year 2022, there were a projected 39.0 million HIV-positive individuals. However, the most concerning and shocking part is that the majority, i.e, 25.6 million individuals were from Africa alone.

Possible Ways To Get HIV

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All these data highlight the urgent need for increased access to treatment and prevention efforts. So here in this blog post, we are using a preventive measure as a source to educate people by enlightening them about all the possible HIV transmission.

HIV And It’s Haunting Stigma

The major barrier that comes in the way of prevention and treatment efforts is the people themselves. Due to their conventional and orthodox thinking patterns, many have faced discrimination and stigma, which in turn prevents them from taking necessary care and treatment. 

That’s why it has become extremely important to tackle and eradicate this stigma in order to successfully curb the HIV epidemic and guarantee that everyone has access to the necessary medical care such as oral pills; Atazor R Tablet, Vonavir Tablet, and Isentress 400 Mg Tablet.

Can You Get HIV From Kissing?

Here the real question is whether can HIV spread through saliva or not. It’s imperative that when two people smooch each other’s lips the saliva is exchanged, especially when it’s a French kiss. So are you ready to bust some myth? (drum roll…..)

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You can now kiss HIV-positive carefree by resting your judgmental side because kissing does not cause HIV infection, since saliva does not carry the virus. It’s true that saliva does carry virus particles but it’s very negligible. Saliva actually encompasses enzymes that inhibit the virus’s ability to propagate by breaking it down.

However, the chances of being infected with HIV from kissing are not completely zero. So far there has only been one such case that too in the year 1990s. When someone with HIV has mouth ulcers that bleed, and they kiss another person whose mouth is also bleeding from an injury, the price has to be paid. 

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Can You Get HIV From Sharing Drinks?

We just discussed how saliva is not a medium of HIV transmission, so sharing drinks does not pose a risk of HIV transmission either. Since beverages are out of the question, food and water fountains are also not a concern here. 

If you are arguing that the blood on food is a potential risk, then rest assured that HIV cannot survive for long outside the body due to contact with air (i.e, outside environment), saliva, and stomach acid.

Therefore, HIV-blood-laced food is not a viable mode of transmission in this scenario. 

However, it’s always the best thing to exercise caution and avoid such eatables as much as possible. If you want more such informative blogs, head to the medicscales’ blog section. But don’t forget to check out discounts on HIV-meds Teevir Tablet, Tenof 300mg, and many more on your way.

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How Much Saliva Is Needed To Transmit HIV?

Given that saliva cannot spread HIV. This means no quantity of saliva could pass on HIV. This virus falls purely into the category of blood-borne diseases but may also be contracted, through semen and other sexual fluids. 

Saliva is too weak to pass on this nasty unwanted virus, and it can also knock down the virus with its chemicals. The only chance of saliva spreading HIV is if it has blood in it from someone who has HIV and it gets into someone else’s blood through a cut or a soft spot like genitals. But this hardly ever happens and is very hard to do. 

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Is It Possible To Get HIV From Anal Sex?

Now, from here starts the actual problems. I.e., transmission. The chances of contracting this nasty virus through anal sex/intercourse with an HIV-positive person are substantially high. And when we say substantially, the rate is almost as high as 98%. 

Here the receiver is exposed to a higher risk than the penetrator because the inside of their genital/rectum is delicate and can let the virus in easily when they have anal sex.

The one who penetrates can get the virus through the hole at the end of their hard-on; the skin that covers the dick is still on (non-circumcised person); or any wounds or scrapes on their little member.

If you have already rescklessly engaged in such behavior and can’t help but face your HIV consequence then don’t worry you are not alone. We will save you with help of Tenolam E and Tentide EM Tablet.

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Is It Possible To Get HIV From Vaginal Contact?

Of course, anything sexual that involves the exchange of bodily fluids carries a risk of transmitting HIV. HIV can come from vaginal contact, but anal contact is more risky.

The CDC claims that when the penis goes into the vagina, you get a 0.08% chance of HIV. That’s like one in 1,250 times. So penile penetration into the vagina and HIV is the very least concerned with a very smaller chance.

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All The Possible Ways To Get HIV

So to break it down for you in the shortest way possible we have compiled a list of the most common ways that you can get into trouble with this AIDS agent. 

  • Blood
  • Pre-menstrual fluid and semen
  • Fluids in the rectal area (i.e, Anal sex)
  • Fluids in the vagina (i.e, Vaginal sex)
  • Breast milk 
  • Sharing syringes, needles, or other injectable supplies
  • From a mother during pregnancy 
  • Oral sex (rare)
  • Organ transplantation, artificial insemination, or blood transfusion

World AIDS Day

How Is HIV Not Transmitted?

AIDS from kissing is a nay. Just like this, many other gestures or forms of contact do not give you this viral villain. For instance;

  • Touching
  • Handshaking
  • Deep Open-Mouth Kissing
  • Urine
  • Dried blood
  • Through the air

Do note these guys, the aforementioned ones do not carry the risk in a significant amount but there is always a negligible chance. To prevent HIV from spreading, it is always crucial to engage in safe sexual behavior, refrain from sharing needles, and educate yourself on how HIV cannot spread in order to debunk misconceptions and lessen the stigma associated with the illness.

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