Can Hot Water Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Hot Water Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

It’s summer and everyone is thinking of going out on a beach trip. That pleasant warm breeze alongside the river and sunbathing under the ferocious burning ball in the sky sounds exciting and calming, doesn’t it? But recently we came across buzzes that, these same hot weather or even hot water can cause erectile dysfunction. Sounds absurd, right? Well, you never know, sometimes the most absurd things turn out to be true. 

If you really want to find answers to whether erectile dysfunction and hot water have any connection. Read out this blog article. Moreover, check out exciting deals on a number of ED pills such as Cenforce 200, Kamagra 100, and many more. 

Is Hot Water a Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

To be honest, it was not any absurd claim or rumor, it’s true that prolonged exposure to heat sources such as hot water can potentially cause erectile dysfunction in men.  

Many studies were conducted to find the truth behind the phenomena, and results from all these research pointed in the same direction that men who took hot tub baths, hot water showers, or even sauna spas showed earlier symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence. However, the issue can easily be solved with Cenforce 150 and Malegra 100 if it’s an initial stage. 

This means that we now have enough concrete scientific proof, that continuous contact with a heat source for a long time can potentially ruin the sexual health of males. These results particularly cited, low sperm counts, mobility, quality, drop in testosterone levels, and even a significant harm to the testes. We know, you are wondering how external exposure to heat can cause internal damage.  

So here it is….

How Hot Water Affects Penis Blood Flow?

We all are aware of the fact, that the penis is one of the very sensitive parts of the human body. Because it makes sense, even a slight sensual touch or thought can easily induce an erection in healthy men.

So it’s obvious a little more heat to this sensitive area holds a potential risk. 

While studying these causes, researchers stumbled upon two possible ways through which hot water affects blood circulation to the very tip of the penis. 

The first one is when the body especially the genital area stays in contact with a heat source such as a hot water bath, the blood vessels in the steroidi struttura entire body begin to shrink. In return, these shrunk blood vessels can’t carry enough blood to the penile area to help induce an erection, hence erectile dysfunction is the result. 

And the second one is that hot water can directly damage the delicate tissues and nerves in the penis, leading to decreased blood flow and sensation. Hence, along with ED, many other sexual dysfunction arises such as premature ejaculation and orgasmic disorder. 

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Understanding The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Since we are aware now that longer exposure to heat causes erectile dysfunction but it’s not the only cause. Although lack of blood flow is indeed the primary reason, psychological issues can also serve substantially to the cause. For instance;

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Depression 
  • First-time encounter with sexual intercourse
  • Traumatic past concerning sexual abuse 
  • Other mental health conditions
  • Stress
  • Relationship strains 

Along with these psychological factors, men’s lifestyle choices considerably serve in the birth of erectile dysfunction. Let’s take a quick glance at some more causes;

  • Diabetes 
  • High blood pressure or hypertension 
  • Peyronie’s disease 
  • Parkinson’s disease 
  • Sclerosis 
  • Lack of sound sleep
  • Substance abuse 
  • High cholesterol levels(LDL)
  • Obesity 
  • Low testosterone levels

What Overheating Does to Sexual Health?

So far we have come to know that hot water and male sexual health are a problematic combination. Too much warmth can make your swimmers lazy i.e., sperm to die and your erections to droopy. But that’s not all. Overheating can also mess with your whole body and mind. If you stay in the hot zone for too long, you can lose water, feel sick, and even collapse. These are signs that your body is overheating and needs to cool down. Otherwise, you could be in serious trouble.

So what is the ultimate solution to Erectile Dysfunction Associated with Hot Water Exposure? Well, the first thing you need to do is control your faucet’s warmness i.e., keep the temperature of your bath water mild and limit your sauna sessions. 

If the droopy erections are becoming a persistent problem, it’s a direct indication to consult your healthcare provider. They’ll most probably start your treatment with drugs including sildenafil or Tadalafil.

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