Can Porn Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Porn Cause Erectile Dysfunction

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Porn and Erectile Dysfunction have become a serious topic of discussion as health experts say It can lead to ED. Watching porn can be helpful, especially for people who feel anxious about their sexuality. On the other hand, watching with a partner can boost the intimacy levels between couples. But a new study published on 16th July 2020 informed that watching videos for hours can develop some health issues and can also lead to ED, and men may gradually lose their ability to get and maintain an erection. 

Is Porn Bad Or Good?

Well, there is no such study that can prove definitively whether watching porn is bad or good, but this is something that is worth exploring. 

A study published in JAMA Psychiatry based on porn informed that there is a link between porn and Erectile Dysfunction a low level of gray matter in certain regions of the brain that reward sensitivity. On the other hand, excessive usage can also lower a person’s responsiveness and feelings to erotic videos or photographs. 

Another study conducted by Physiology Today informed that regular use of pornography could develop a dissociation with sexual activity. That means the things that make a person feel aroused online may not work in real life. That’s why it can lead to porn-induced ED

More Porn Means A Higher Percentage Of ED

The study presented at the EAU- European Association of Urology Virtual Congress showed that more pornography means more percentage of ED. More than 3000 men participated in this study, and they answered around 118 questions focused on different sexual habits, for example, their porn-watching duration, masturbation, and sexual activity. During this study, researchers found that the average pornography viewing duration for the participants was around 70 minutes a week. 

They compared that data with experiences of ED and found that people who were below 35 years old watched pornography around 300 minutes per week. And around 30 percent of them had ED. Of those who watched pornography for less than 30 minutes, among them only 10 percent had ED. So, it can be said that watching porn for more time can lead to ED. 

How Can You Prevent This?

Is Porn and Erectile dysfunction treatable or reversible? Well, breaking the cycle can be very challenging. However, there are some ways in which you can prevent this.

1. Try To Stop Watching Porn

Stop watching porn for a few days and notice what happens. As per the experts, this can help in creating a healthy sexual relationship. It has been seen that most people who watch it regularly don’t prefer to meet or hang up with others. If they can stop this, they will be able to start showing interest in someone else. 

2. Use ED Medicines

If you have already been diagnosed with ED, then don’t worry at all and use natural erection supplements like Kamagra Oral Jelly and Kamagra Gold 100 to treat your porn-induced ED. These medicines are safe to use. 

3. Use Porn Blocking Tools

If your partner has this problem, then you should set a complex password on your computer. Besides, you can also use porn-site blocking software to block all the sites that have pornographic content. 

4. Think About The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do This

Watching more porn can make you show less interest in finding a partner or in your partner. Besides, it can affect your relationship and lower your confidence. So, think about all these things to get the motivation to stop watching porn. 

5. Take Help Of Experts

You can also work with a professional and experienced sex therapist to deal with this issue. They will help you to develop your lost confidence by applying different types of therapeutic procedures. 

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Porn Addiction And ED

During the study, the researchers also checked the link between Porn and Erectile Dysfunction. They have discovered a robust connection. Well, even though there are some disagreements among the experts on whether porn is a true addiction or not, most of them agree that excessive use of porn can have different negative consequences. 

They defined this addiction by using a cyber porn addiction score consisting of eleven questions.  They discovered that the participants group below 35 years old had a high pornographic addiction sore and around 45 percent of them had erectile dysfunction issues. 

Treatment Options

The AASECT- American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists says that there are not sufficient pieces of scientific evidence that can support the existence of addiction to pornography or sex. Besides, they also say that any effort to treat the issues, including problems related to pornography, should be considered non-pathologizing. 

As per the AASECT, most attempts to treat porn addiction can be harmful, so people suffering from ED should consult a professional doctor. It is crucial to consider the psychological and physical aspects of ED while looking for an effective cure. 

The best type of treatment will depend on the root causes of ED or sexual dysfunction. If you have a performance anxiety issue, then relaxation exercises, therapy, and a good partner can help you with this. On the other hand, some people may find that pornography helps to trigger the needed sexual desire when the issues are psychological. Some other treatment options that can be used for this are: 

  • Penile implants
  • ED drugs. You can now buy ED meds online, like Cialis or Viagra.
  • The penis pumps to send blood into the penile chamber for a perfect erection. 
  • Surgery to treat a prostate disorder or an anatomical issue. 

Don’t think much about consulting a doctor if you have issues with your erectile function. Excessive use of porn can lead to this. But when you do it to the limit, it can help you in developing a sexual desire to enjoy good sex life. However, the good thing is that the condition is treatable. Your doctor can suggest an effective erectile dysfunction cure. Besides, by understanding the health benefits of sex, you may want to spend more time with your partner instead of watching porn. 

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