Couples: How Much Sex Should They Have?

How Much Sex Should Couples Have?

Imagine you are wandering on the street and come across some internet influencer or survey team who are surveying about some personal and intimate topics. They stop and ask you ‘how much sex do you have with your partner?’ First either you will get offended to ask you such an intimate question in the middle of the busy road or you will this question absurd. However, some of you(open-minded) might even answer it genuinely. 

But to be honest, this is a very important question one should ask themselves if they are in a relationship. To prove the importance of sexual intimacy in relationships and other such aspects, we did some study and published this blog article for you. 

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Sex Frequency By Age

Although people shy away from talking about such intimate topics in public the actual situation is quite the opposite in private. While collecting the numbers and data from the survey conducted by the ‘Archives of Sexual Behavior’ anonymously we came across very surprising digits. 

  • Adults who were in their early 20s engaged in sexual activity about 80 times each year i.e., approximately once every five days. 
  • Folks who were in their 60s engaged about 2 times a year i.e., approximately once every eighteen days. 
Frequency of sex by age

Researchers gathered the above data from 1989 to 2014, and one can infer that individuals in their 50s experienced the most significant reductions in sexual activity. Decreased hormonal levels and relationship status, especially being single after the death of a partner, are believed to be the two leading causes. In men, these declining hormones often lead to erectile dysfunction, a problem easily solvable with Kamagra 100 or Suhagra 100.

Why Is An Active Sexual Life Beneficial?

Why do people give so much emphasis on having an active sexual life or what what benefits does this hold? To be honest, having an active sexual life has some amazing positive benefits on overall health than you would have imagined. So here are some well-studied benefits of sex; 

  • Sound sleep 
  • Increased vitality and boosted mood
  • Decreased tension and anxiety
  • Reduced blood pressure and risk for cardiovascular disease
  • Potentially better bladder control in females
  • Potentially lowered risk of prostate cancer in males
  • Improved skin and slow aging

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When Do Married Couples Have Sex?

There is no conclusive answer available to this question as the multiple factors influence this circumstance. For instance, upbringing, cultural background, mindset, personal preference, and many such aspects.   

The recent 2020 study showed Weekly sex rates for heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, and bisexual persons with a stable relationship were between 50 and 60 percent. According to a different survey, married couples and live-in partners often had coitus at least 3 times a month on average. 

How Much Sex Should A Couple Have?

After exploring all kinds of intimate questions we visited a professional sex therapist to find out what is the health frequency of having sex in a relationship. 

How Much Sex Should A Couple Have

Just like our therapist, most therapists recommend having sex/coitus at least once per week. However, exceeding it won’t be an issue rather it turns out to be even more beneficial.  

Moreover, having just sex isn’t enough, having safe sex is more important. Such as using protection (condoms) and arranging regular meet-ups with your doctor to check for sexually transmitted diseases. Speaking and communicating with a partner about desires, boundaries, and preferences at regular intervals is equally important to keep the wagon of a healthy sexual life on the right track. 

Sometimes, the reason for having less sex than desired can be due to some bothering reasons such as sexual dysfunctions. Read on to find out more….

What Affects How Often Couples Have Sex?

The majority of times, when couples don’t indulge in sex or avoid having intimacy, is because of their undisclosed sexual dysfunction. In men, when they suffer from erectile dysfunction they often do this. They kind of turn off their sexual desires and avoid any sexual encounters to prevent embarrassment or disappointment. The same goes for women when they have libido problems, orgasmic disorders, or other FSDs. 

The only key to tackling these problems is to have open communication with the partner. And taking pills like Cenforce 100 mg or Fildena 100 mg after a thorough diagnosis of the condition from a professional. 

Should I Be Planning Sex?

Again there is no concrete answer to the question. While reviewing people’s choices there were mixed preferences. Some said planning or scheduling sex in advance makes them lose excitement. Meanwhile, several others believed anticipation brings them excitement and time to prepare for their big day. 

Ultimately, it is all upto to individuals whether they like planned or unplanned sex as long as they are having a healthy amount of sex in their lives. 

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