Dacihep - 60gm

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What Is A Dacihep Tablet?

Your Shield Against Hepatitis C. Wondering what lies in the name? Please don’t fret about it. Dacihep, the ultimate defender against Hepatitis C, is your robust solution for combating this viral ailment. While there are various types of Hepatitis viruses out there, Dacihep focuses specifically on the ‘C’ type. Unlike Hepatitis B, there isn’t a readily available vaccine for Hepatitis C. But fear not, Dacihep, fortified with Daclatasvir as its core ingredient, stands as a beacon of hope for those battling Hepatitis C. 

Uses Of Dacihep Tablet

Dacihep zeroes in on the notorious ‘C’ type of Hepatitis virus. When combined with other vital medications under a doctor’s supervision, Dacihep becomes a potent ally in swiftly and efficiently eradicating the virus from the body.  

The ally includes mainly Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin. However, these two are also potent soldiers of the anti-viral kingdom. They are incorporated to work with Dacihep and support each other to wipe out the enemy. 

How Dacihep Tablet Works?

The Hepatitis C virus takes a toll on the human liver, using specific liver enzymes as its accomplices in mischief. Dacihep steps in as the roadblock, hindering the virus from establishing connections and multiplying. By inhibiting these crucial liver enzymes, Dacihep halts the virus in its tracks, preventing further replication and spread. 

However, all these are possible only when you have the right dose, the right diagnosis, the right treatment regimen, and of course proper adherence to the usage directions from your side. 

How To Use Dacihep Tablet?

Even if you are given a magical elixir to save one’s life, there is a certain way to consume it to be effective. The same goes for the Dacihep as well. These are some typical rules to be followed while incorporating a Hepatitis C cure;

  • Dosage compliance: Strict adherence to the outlined dosage plan by the physician is a must. 
  • Timely administration: sticking to the same time each day is equally important. 
  • Healthy lifestyle: Support your treatment with a balanced diet, ample rest, and a substance-free life(illicit drug usage, alcohol, nicotine, etc).
  • Administration attributes: Gulp down the tablet entirely using water only. However, with or without meals as instructed by your medics. 

Benefits Of Dacihep Tablet

Of course, the primary function of the Dacihep is to curb chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Along with this, the drug restores the liver’s vitality and function. Moreover, Dacihep aids in mending the scars caused by the virus which further calms down the burning sensations in the livers and other bothering symptoms. 

And most importantly the biggest risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer can be avoided if diagnosis is done at the right time. 

Side Effects

We all are familiar with the phrase; ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. If this power is not managed properly there are going to be negative consequences. However, in this case, Dacihep has certain consequences(i.e, side effects) too that can’t be avoided entirely. For instance;

  • Fatigue
  • Anemia
  • Headache and nausea 
  • Vomiting and loose stools 
  • Rashes
  • Insomnia
  • Extreme drowsiness
  • In rare cases, it could result in bradycardia and reactivation of HBV

Warning & Precautions

Every hero has some limitations and so does our Decihep. There are certain warnings and precautions that you need to be aware of before taking the pill down your throat. Such as;

  • Take extra caution if you are a ‘mother-to-be’ or already nursing a baby. 
  • Stay away from man-handling dangerous machinery for your own safety. Also driving a vehicle. 
  • If you have or had any kind of renal and kidney disease, inform your practitioner without miss. 
  • Inform about your allergens as well. 
  • Heart diseases also interact with conditions and meds so notify your doctor before he writes you a prescription.
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