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Introduction to Daclahep 60mg

Hepatitis C is one of the chronic variants of the hepatitis infections. The virus affects almost 1.5 million people all over the world every year and 58 million cases of chronic hepatitis c virus have been reported so far. Among them, 3.2 million were children and adults. 

Comparatively, hepatitis c is more severe than HBV as the latter can be cured (if acute) with effective treatment plans within 6 months however the C variant may lead to risky cancer-like conditions. If the condition is addressed timely with effective remedies such as Daclahep 60mg the chances of liver cancer are reduced.  

What Is Daclahep 60 mg?

Daclahep 60 mg is a generic oral tablet designed by the pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb which got green signals from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the treatment of Hepatitis C. Later on another pharma company took the responsibility to produce the pills abundantly and ship them all over globe. 

Medicscales is also one of the proud suppliers as they obtain the pills directly from the manufacturer and ensure their authenticity and quality. 

Uses of Daclahep 60 mg?

The condition is grouped into four phases i.e, acute, chronic, cirrhosis, and fibrosis. Unlike HBV it spreads through unsafe injection techniques, subpar medical care, untested blood transfusions, injection drug use, and blood-exposure-causing sexual behaviors. In short, it’s a blood-borne condition that can be very fatal

Daclahep 60 mg is a generic version of Daclatasvir the very same primary ingredient used in making the pills. The only use of the pill is to address the virus responsible for hepatitis c infection. Usually, this pill is prescribed alongside sofosbuvir; another antiviral drug. 

How to consume Daclahep 60 mg?

It is highly advised to take pills just as recommended by the doctors as it’s a very potent pill and a slight mistake can cause big mishaps. These are some general guidelines that need to be followed while popping down the pill. 

  • Firstly, the pill is only for patients over above the age of 18 years.
  • Usually, it is safe to take the pill with or without the meals but make sure to follow the same time frame every day to ensure the presence of the drug in your system. 
  • Strictly follow the dosage prescribed by your doctor as they are prescribed after diagnosing the condition and stage. 
  • Don’t engage in substance abuse as it can be highly fatal in such conditions. 
  • Do not leave taking the pills halfway through the treatment, unless your doctor says to. 

Benefits of Daclahep 60 mg

The scariest thing about HCV is that there aren’t any vaccines available to prevent it, unlike HBV. However, Daclahep 60 mg serves as the best option in the absence of a vaccine. 

The pill works by stopping the HCV from multiplying in your body. It helps to reduce the damage and improve the function of your liver. It also boosts your immune system to fight better against the infection. This medicine is usually taken along with other antiviral medicines. But remember that it is not a cure and should not be used to prevent HCV infection. 

Side Effects

In the initial stage of the treatment, you may experience slight discomforts i.e, adverse effects which usually go away with time as your body gets adjusted to the drug. But if they persist for a longer time and start to bother your daily life, get medical attention right away;

  • Fatigue & lethargy 
  • Body aches & muscular pain
  • Trouble sleeping 
  • Lower count of RBCs 
  • Headache 
  • Nausea 
  • Rashes 
  • Diarrhea 

Interaction of Daclahep 60 mg

Interactions refer to those when one class of drug negatively interacts with the others and causes unfavorable sequences that can be fatal in certain cases. The following are some potential drug interactions of Daclahep 60 mg;

  • Clarithromycin
  • Ketoconazole
  • Atorvastatin
  • Dexamethasone
  • Atazanavir
  • Bosentan
  • Nevirapine
  • Digoxin
  • Modafinil
  • Dabigatran
  • Efavirenz

Additionally, the drug also interacts with diseases such as Hepatitis B.


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How To Use Daclahep 60 mg?

As long as you follow your doctor’s guidance while taking the tablet everything will work out smoothly. Just remember to take the pill with a potable glass of water at room temperature without crushing or breaking the pill in halves. Avoid alcohol or alcoholic beverage consumption while on treatment.
If you are a pregnant lady or nursing mother make sure to properly consult a doctor first as it can be risky for the mother and the baby as well. Additionally, if you have a kidney impairment, liver impairment or heart issues avoid taking these pills.
There has been not any scientific research or data available to showcase the exact time frame in which Daclatasvir starts working. But there is a scientific claim that says once taken the drugs stay in the body for around 3-4 days.
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