Do We Really Know What It Means to Be ‘Sex Positive’?

Do We Really Know What It Means to Be 'Sex Positive'?

In the era, where sexuality and other related topics consider taboo, do we really know what it means to be Sex Positive? Since a very young age, we all have been taught to not speak loudly, openly, or explicitly about sex. Although these dramatics are gradually changing in the current time, there are still many who struggle to fully understand and embrace the concept of being sex-positive. That’s why it’s our responsibility to create awareness about such matters and make people truly understand what it means. 

So join us on our journey to make the world a better place where everyone looks at sex and sexual matters positively. 

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What Is Sex Positivity?

The term has a very broad context as it involves genders, sexuality, and body types, with all of its subtleties. All kinds of consensual sexual expression welcome and encouraged by the concept of sex positivity. By encouraging open dialogue, knowledge, and freedom for people to explore their own desires and preferences, it hopes to challenge cultural conventions and stigmas associated with sex. 

Let’s see precisely sex positive examples and meanings; The attitude of sex positiveness depicts the act of embracing all the facets of sexuality and related concepts with open arms and without any judgment. For instance;

  • Learning about your sexual desires and your partner’s without being critiqued.
  • Interactions about intimate issues in a direct and honest manner.
  • Getting routine check-ups on STDs for safer and hygienic intercourse.
  • Being proud of your physicality, no matter what pronouns you prefer, your size, color, age, and all such things. 
  • Open talks with a partner about sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and FSDs without being ashamed. Say bye to your male sexual dysfunctions now with Vidalista Black 80 and Cenforce 100 mg

Is It Possible To Be ‘Sex-Negative’?

You won’t believe but almost more than half of the world’s population has sex-negative behavior. Of course, it is not their fault as society often perpetuates negative attitudes towards sex. Additionally, they were brought up in a certain atmosphere where elders often discouraged open discussions about sex and labeled it as taboo. 

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In fact, from the very beginning majority of us were taught, that sex should only be performed by heterosexual people who elope or seeking to start a family because it is fundamentally harmful, risky, or embarrassing otherwise. People who have a sex-negative viewpoint ignore the truth that people are fundamentally sexual beings and fail to realize the joy, closeness, and unity, that sex may provide.

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How Do You Become Sex-Positive?

A negative approach towards sex can potentially and substantially affect the sexual performance of the person. In fact, there was much research & studies conducted on the same matter of whether sex-positive behavior affects the sexual health of the person. Surprisingly, the results were quite flattering, the study subjects claimed to have lower levels of depression & sexual anxiety, reduced substance abuse, firmer religious views, and greater levels of community participation.

So let’s see how to be more sex-positive to make our sex life and others around us better. 

  • If you have been looking at sex matters demeaningly till now and want to change the way you think, it will take lots of patience, time, dedication, and guts.  
  • Make a welcoming space for sex talks in your relationship. 
  • Tap into your internal chakra and embrace your true being without any judgments. 
  • Make affirmative self-talk. 
  • Educate yourself about the biological body needs and create awareness about the same in your social circles. 
  • Take time for yourself, sit in a peaceful environment, and assess yourself at a deeper level. Have a talk with yourself about the things that we usually hesitate to tell others. 

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You may develop a positive and accepting attitude about sex by putting these tips into practice. This will result in deeper and a more enjoyable relationship. Note that creating a secure environment for private talks requires work and reflection, but the benefits are well worth the effort for better mental health and relationships. 


What does being sexy really means?

Sex-positive refers to being willing to learn about your body and the bodies of others. Sexually positive people are tolerant of and explore their sexuality, as well as the bodies of other people with respect and in a non-judgmental manner, without fear of being embarrassed.

How can I tell when I’m sex-positive?

Sex positivity is taking a liberating approach to body type, gender, and sexuality, as well as all its subtleties, without judgment or shame. The past was a time when, because of the strict social norms of the religion of Christianity, sexuality and sex were often seen as secret or taboo subjects, encased by shame and secrecy.

Does having a sex relationship not sound healthy for you?

The possible benefits of abstaining from sexual contact dependent on the person and their personal circumstances, are: having no risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and avoiding a source of anxiety. Spending time working through negative feelings regarding sex.

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