Dehydration And Erectile Dysfunction: Does Water Help?

Dehydration And Erectile Dysfunction

As you get older, ED- Erectile Dysfunction may become more common. Keep reading to understand more about dehydration and erectile dysfunction and some possible treatment options for ED. 

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ED is a condition when men are unable to attain and maintain a perfect erection during sexual intercourse. Different studies have informed that one possible reason behind temporary erectile dysfunction is ED. To attain an erection, the entire body system needs to work together. When the body’s fluid level is very low due to dehydration, ED can develop. Here are some possible treatment options for ED and dehydration. 

Dehydration And ED

Does dehydration cause ED? Hydration can affect the systems that support a perfect erection. As per some studies, around 1 to 2 percent of dehydration can affect your memory and cognitive functionalities. On the other hand, a 4 percent increase in the body’s temperature can also lower your performance and may lead to sleepiness, irritability, and headaches. Furthermore, it can affect your strength and muscle endurance. All these things create a link between dehydration and erections

While speaking about dehydration and erectile dysfunction, you need to understand that a higher level of hydration means more blood volume, and there will be better blood flow in your body and to the penis. Most men with ED have a lower level of penile oxygen saturation level. And this can be increased by drinking an adequate amount of water. Recommend oral medicines for ED is Cenforce 150, Malegra 100, Vidalista 40, and Fildena 100, During sexual stimulation, these prescriptions relax smooth muscles and increase blood flow in the penis. Any of these medications can be used to treat ED 

Understanding Some Common Symptoms Of Dehydration

The body’s fluid requirements will vary from one person to another based on their physical activity level, body size, and more. However, some common symptoms of dehydration that you should keep in mind are:

  • Thirst
  • Dark urine
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth and
  • Dizziness 

Some other side effects of dehydration are an intense sense of thirst, low blood pressure, faster heart rate, confusion, and more. 

Even though some studies prove that dehydration is linked to ED statement, you can lower the chances of developing ED due to dehydration by drinking sufficient water every day. This will make you feel better and can also enhance your overall sexual performance 

Exploring Some Common Causes Of ED

There are different Causes of erectile dysfunction, and men of different ages can develop ED. One of the major reasons behind erectile dysfunction is your age. However, some other causes of ED are: 

  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Tobacco and alcohol use
  • Spinal cord or brain injuries and more. 

There is also a link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction. Besides, consuming certain medicines can also trigger the ed problem. For example, pain medications, medicines to control blood pressure, and antidepressants. Moreover, a dysfunctional relationship, mental health issues, stress and anxiety can also lead to ED. 

alcohol and viagra

There does not seem to be a major drug interaction between alcohol and any of the drugs that are used for erectile dysfunction.

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Some Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction

By consulting your doctor, you can come up with an effective erectile dysfunction treatment option. You should always keep in mind that if you have ED, that doesn’t mean you have a severe health issue. Treating erectile dysfunction is easy, and you can talk to your doctor if it can help you in clearing your mind, as anxiety can trigger ED.

If you have ED due to dehydration, then drink plenty of water, and you can also take prescription medication for this. 

Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction

If you are looking for the best erectile dysfunction cure, then visit your doctor first. You will find many Treatment options for ED. For example, the treatments may include vitamins, oral medications, supplements, and hormones. You can consume Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil, and Vardenafil for ED cure. These medicines can treat erectile dysfunction by effectively relaxing your penile muscles and triggering more blood flow to the penis. 

Based on your current condition, your health expert may suggest you go for hormone replacement therapy that will boost your testosterone level. Different supplements may be used for this, but not all the supplements are effective. To avoid ED, exercise regularly, follow a healthy diet, maintain perfect weight and keep your stress low. Don’t forget to drink sufficient water.

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Final Words

If you are suffering from ED, then keep in mind that this is a common problem and can be treated. Even though there are no specific studies that can prove a connection between ED and dehydration, some other studies in the literature have established a connection between erectile dysfunction and dehydration. Use Tadalista 20, Cenforce 200, and Vilitra 20 to treat ED faster. It may be noted that dehydration is a temporary health issue, and it is not the only reason behind long-term ED. While maintaining a healthy diet plan, you can also order ED meds online to treat your ED. However, before you can take any step, it is advisable to consult with your doctor to understand the best treatment option for you. Does water help ED? From the above discussion, it can be concluded that water can help to treat ED caused by dehydration.

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