Is There A Connection Between ED And Hair Loss?

Is There A Connection Between ED And Hair Loss

Nowadays, there is a certain slang that is highly circulated all over the internet suggesting that ‘men are simple’. Well, indeed it is true because very menial things like toys, gadgets, games, etc make them happy instantly. Moreover, you can also add good sexual health and physical looks to the list. But when these two very factors get a downfall, i.e., ED and Hair Loss, it can leave their world upside down.

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So here is the blog piece that focuses on the link between ED and hair loss. At first sight, it must seem like an absurd connection as these two are highly unrelated problems. That’s why the analysis has been done to dig out any deep links. So stay tuned to know what is the actual scene.

The Basics Of Erectile Dysfunction And Hair Loss

Here the basics mean, that everyone should be familiar with the fundamentals of ED and hair loss, i.e, what are their triggers. First we we will take a look at their basics separately. So here we go; 

Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence, droopy penis, and many more, this condition in men have got quite attention all over the world. One reason behind this is considered diagnosis in much early stages of adulthood. Take Cenforce 150 Red Pill to quickly get rid of your ED condition. We will take a closer glance at the cause in the further part of the blog. 

Now, hair loss is another headache for men, which sadly can’t be kept hidden like ED. In fact, the hair loss condition in men is much more serious than in women. This is due to the fact that a growing proportion of males experience hair loss by age 35.

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Is there any link between ED and hair loss? 

Well, erectile dysfunction is a condition when men sadly lose their command over erections. They can’t seem to get their penis to stand strongly or have it firm enough for a longer period (that is needed for penetration). However, with pills like Caverta 100 Mg or Cobra 120 Mg, this problem won’t look bigger. Try it yourself. 

Meanwhile, hair loss is a separate condition that primarily affects the scalp. Hair loss can be of different types. The specifics on the most prevalent — and most significant — type is the male pattern baldness.

Symptomatic of this type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, which is the type that men begin to experience as they age. It ends up with the M shape lost hairline and a bald spot on the crown.

Other types of hair loss include Telogen effluvium or Shedding hair due to stress, trauma, illness, etc. Alopecia Areata or patchy hair loss caused by autoimmune diseases. 

Whatever kind of pattern baldness there could be, ED and hair loss seem to have nothing to do with one another. By this, we imply that there is no genetic relationship between males experiencing these two – as far as current research is concerned.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction And Hair Loss?

Now let’s see what could be the causes and risk factors of ED and hair loss in males. First, let’s see what causes ED; 

  • Heart disease
  • Blocked arteries aka atherosclerosis
  • High blood pressure, or hypertension
  • Persistent renal illness
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Peyronie’s illness
  • Harm from surgery or injuries to the penis and neighboring organs or tissue

Here are the potential drivers of hair loss in men which consist of hormone imbalance, genetic situation, and many more; 

  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) when sticks to the receptors situated in the scalp, it hinders the growth cycle of hair. 
  • The DHT first stops the growth and then gradually begins the thinning process. 
  • Organic hair loss is when men are inherited with a hair loss gene. 
  • Stress, diseases (such as autoimmune disorders and fungal infections), injuries, surgeries, poor diet, or medicines can potentially be the cause of it.

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Does Viagra Cause Hair Loss?

We just discussed earlier that medication can also be the cause of hair loss. So could it be possible that Viagra usage is linked to hair loss as well? 

Surprisingly, it was revealed that sildenafil treats human dermal papilla cells and raises the number of growth factors that stimulate hair growth.

Nonetheless, the exact impact of sildenafil on human hair follicles is still unknown. Therefore while taking Viagra some people may end up experiencing hair regrowth while the opposite is the case for others. 

If blood flow to the penis is the ED’s trigger, there are pills similar to Viagra such as Filagra FXT and Kamagra 100 Mg can help greatly in managing the condition.

What Are The Treatment Options Available?

If hormones are at play, maintaining healthy testosterone levels can help with both conditions. However, if tackling ED is solely your aim, there are tonnes of remedies available in the market space, for instance, Malegra Gold 100 Mg, Cenforce 100, and many more. Taking help from PDE 5 inhibitors will efficiently restore your normal erection function without affecting your hair growth. 

However, with regard to hair thinning, pharmaceutical treatments including finasteride and minoxidil became viewed as favorable tactics. These pharmacological solutions are aimed at reducing the impact of the hormone that triggers hair loss and increasing the capacity of the hair follicles at the same time. 

When it comes to bringing a treatment plan in line with personal circumstances one requires the expertise of a dermatologist or a healthcare specialist who would make sure that the approach employed is congruent with the situation of the particular individual.

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