Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms You Should Know

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms You Should Know

Human bodies are like well-functioning machines that need every part to work properly in order to function optimally. Even one loose bolt can create a disruption in the optimal functioning. And in this case, erectile dysfunction/impotence is that loose bolt. The term “erectile dysfunction” describes the incapacity to obtain or sustain an erection strong enough for penetrative sex.

Now speaking precisely about the US men’s scenario, the data says over 50% of men over 40 possess some degree of ED, and up to 30 million American men suffer from it. 

And most people believe low testosterone counts are the reason, however, let us tell you that is the biggest myth in this context. The hormone is simply responsible for their hunger to have sex. For this reason, it’s critical to speak with a medical expert in order to identify the underlying problem and consider your alternatives for therapy like Lovegra 100 Mg, Suhagra 100, or others.

Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

Guys even if you have the slightest doubt that you are suffering from the limp penis disorder, take immediate action. Either educate yourself about the condition or directly have a chat with your physician. And ladies if your man is finding excuses to avoid sex it’s probably because he doesn’t want to get embarrassed about his limp erection. That’s a sign for you to learn about the condition and encourage your man to seek the required help. 

So here are some signs of erectile dysfunction for you to learn about,

  • You either have erections that are too flimsy for intimate(penetrative) relations or no erections at all. 
  • You might get erections once in a blue moon but not every time wish for. 
  • Most of the time you grapple with towering challenges to preserve the erection.
  • Your erections are too short for engaging in coitus.

Sometimes it also happens that a man might get and preserve his erected penis while masturbating but not when trying to have coitus with their partner. 

The clear-cut reason for that is nothing but unresolved psychological issues. However, worry not, no matter what your cause could be majority of them can be solved with medical intervention. For instance; Vidalista Black 80 Mg, Cenforce 200 Mg and Kamagra 100.  

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction


The condition of a dysfunctional penis has become so common nowadays that every other man is grappling with it. It’s not just because of one or two causes, the list is a very exhaustive one. However, speaking of today’s males’ condition it’s mainly because of their unhealthy and immature lifestyle choices. Anyway let’s spare a glance at a few common ones;

Physical Causes:

  • Hypertension or hypotension
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • High LDL i.e, cholesterol 
  • Underactive thyroid 
  • High Blood Sugar 
  • Multiple sclerosis 
  • Obesity 
  • Parkinson’s disease 
  • Hormonal disorder, etc 

Psychological Causes

  • All kinds of stress such as relationships, career, etc
  • Clinical anxiety 
  • Clinical depression 
  • Low self-esteem and Low self-confidence 
  • Performance pressure
  • Cultural or religious sentiments
  • Sexual trauma 
  • Guilt feeling 
  • Porno exposure 

Medicinal Causes

Medicinal causes refer to a phenomenon when erectile dysfunction is provoked as a result/side effect of specific drugs. For instance;

  • Anti-depressants 
  • Blood pressure medicine
  • Cancer therapy 
  • Antihistamines 
  • Even substance abuse 
  • Cytotoxics 
  • Diuretics 
  • Corticosteroids 
  • Too much booze consumption

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

No worries if you have ED because at present, you have a plethora of therapy options available. All you have to do is dig out the cause that is triggering the phenomena.  

The mainstay of treatment for the disorder is addressing the root be it medical, psychological, or physiological.

Through a series of inquiries about your manifestations and way of life, your medical professional will be able to assist you in determining what the source is. Along with a physical health exam, they will also do certain basic health tests.

You can Buy Fildena 50mg tablet, Nizagara 100mg, and other ED treatments from Medicscales at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. 

You can then work with your doctor to develop a course of action. Typically, pharmaceuticals, lifestyle modifications, and addressing any underlying psychological conditions are used in conjunction with treatment.  

Here are a few instances of therapies;

Medical Treatment Option: 

There are tons of remedies available if you choose medical intervention. For instance;

  • Oral drugs
  • Alprostadil injections 
  • Alprostadil suppositories(in urethra)
  • Hormone replacement therapy 
  • Pumps and implants 
  • Surgeries 

However, among all these the most favorite ones of doctors and sufferers are oral drugs. These include sildenafil, avanafil, Vardenafil, and Tadalafil

All of these various drugs function essentially in the same manner, which is to enhance blood supply to the penile tissue and dilate the blood vessels in the penis to facilitate the onset and maintenance of an erection. You can get such medication i.e, Cenforce 100 mg, Fildena 100 mg, and many others from an online pharmacy like Medicscales.

Your health, preferences, and if you are currently taking any medications will all play a role in determining which course of therapy is best for you.

Psychological Interventions: 

Now we clearly get that the ED condition might also be triggered because of our mental health condition. In such a scenario, an intervention by an expert in the field is the best course of action. It could either be counseling, CBT(cognitive behavioral therapy), or even sex therapy.

There is a new trend going on where people(ED surfers) go through hypnotherapy. And Surprisingly it has a significant success rate. A hypnotherapist could guide you through self-hypnosis techniques that you can use independently to address ED, or they might concentrate on resolving the underlying psychological factors contributing to it.

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Natural Treatments: 

We get that some of you might not be a big fan of artificial or outer interventions. So natural remedial options like herbal supplements, acupuncture, yoga, physical workouts, healthy food intake, etc seem like viable options. 

These all-natural remedies have the potential to enhance blood flow, lessen stress, and enhance general well-being, all of which may assist with erectile dysfunction.

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