Erectile Dysfunction: 11 Ways To Deal With It

11 Ways to Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

Before we get into the depth of erectile dysfunction and the ways to deal with it. It’s important to know whether your inability to keep an erection in bed is really ED or something else. It can be a mere periodical thing. But if it is happening every time you try to have sex with your partner, then it might be possible that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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    • Maintain healthy blood pressure level
    • Eat consciously
    • Keep a healthy weight
    • Moderate alcohol consumption
    • Practice regular exercise
    • Perform Kegel exercises
    • Monitor testosterone levels
    • Anabolic Steroids should be avoided
    • Stay away from stress
    • Practice safe sex
    • Stop smoking
    • But you know what the problem is men don’t talk about these issues because they are embarrassed about it; not getting an erection in bed can have a significant impact on their mental health and self-esteem and eventually an erection.

      It’s also crucial to note; that your mental health is just as vital as your physical health when it comes to sexual performance. Erectile dysfunction can be exacerbated by stress and other mental health issues. Try these ED meds from medicscales; Super p force and Cenforce 100mg.

      No matter how severe your ED might be, there is always a way you can deal with it. So stay on this page till the end to find a simple trick to cure ED and give your sex life a big boost

      Tricks To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

      Tricks to deal with Erectile Dysfunction

      Here we are gonna discuss 11 natural ways to deal with every level of erectile dysfunction whether mild or severe.

      1. Maintain a Healthy Blood Pressure Level

      Very few people know that ‘atherosclerosis’ is one of the emerging issues these days. It is a condition in which, the blood vessels present in the human body shrink drastically. That too is a result of high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

      So try adding this food to your daily diet to control your hypertension and Cholesterol.

      • Seafood such as oysters and shrimp.
      • Strawberries, apples, grapes, and avocados
      • Broccoli, spinach, and onions
      • Whole grains such as barley and oats
      • Olive oil and nuts (almonds and walnuts)

      2. Eat Consciously

      A healthy diet is a golden key to your overall physical health as well as mental health. There is also a saying in the English language that says ‘What you eat, reflects on your body’.

      Your general health and the condition of your genitalia are directly correlated. Of course, as the organ that forms the center of the human body and controls blood flow, the heart. If you regularly consume junk food that is heavy in fat, excessively fried, and stir-fried items, your cholesterol levels will rise and eventually damage the activities of your heart. It will be difficult to get an erection if there are any obstructions to blood flow. If this happens, your genitals won’t receive enough blood.

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      3. Keep A Healthy Weight

      Obesity or being overweight is linked with many health issues such as heart attacks, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep disorder, high blood pressure, and many more. But another such issue is sexual dysfunction; which is not openly discussed still today.

      So that’s what we are gonna do today. Maintaining a healthy weight is as important as eating healthy food. 

      In your journey of maintaining a healthy weight to cure ED, Medicscales is helping you by providing exciting deals on ED pills such as Vidalista 20, Vidalista 40, and Tadapox

      4. Moderate Alcohol Consumption

      alcohol and viagra

      Again it was observed in many studies that consuming alcohol on a limit can bring unnoticeable changes in your body not to forget in a positive way. But if this same thing has overdosed it can harm the liver, induce nerve damage, and create other problems, such as disrupting the proper functioning of the male sex hormone

       And it is also found that chronic consumption of alcohol leads to reduced sperm counts and libido.  

      5. Practice Regular Exercise

      It is certainly observed in many studies and research, that doing regular exercises may help with smooth blood flow in the whole body and improves cardiovascular health. 

      According to a 2018 study, 40 minutes of moderate-to-intense physical exercise 4 times each week for six months helped lower ED. So try the following exercises in your daily routine to deal with ED.

      • Running
      • Brisk walking
      • Bicycling
      • Swimming
      • Skiing
      • Aerobic exercise

      Along with these natural remedies you can take ED pills for quick effects such as Fildena 100 and Nizagara 100.

      6. Perform Kegel Exercises

      exercise for Erectile Dysfunction

      Usually, kegel exercises are practiced to control bowel movements but it works equally efficiently in improving sexual performance in men. Kegel exercises are good to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle which is primarily responsible for erections. If this muscle is strong men can easily get erections and hold it hard for a longer time. It’s good for the prostate and overactive bladder.

      7. Monitor Testosterone Levels

      Testosterone is a sex hormone in males that is hugely responsible for sperm production. Men’s bodies create less of it as they become older.

      There are certain symptoms that start showing if you have a low level of testosterone. 

      • Lower sexual desire or drive
      • Lower erection quality and frequency
      • Reduced bone density
      • Muscle mass and strength have been reduced.
      • decreased strength and muscular mass
      • Fatigue
      • Feelings of depression 

      8. Anabolic Steroids Should Be Avoided

      Often referred to as ‘roids’, which is hugely used by bodybuilders and athletes because anabolic steroids are performance-enhancing agents that promote muscle mass while decreasing fat. However, it has severe negative consequences on the testicles which produce testosterone.

      Frequent use of steroids can lead to sexual dysfunctions such as ED and PE or delayed ejaculation. So, men can use Vilitra 20 and Cenforce 120 for their ED problems.

      9. Stay Away From Stress

      Anxiety and Foods

      Psychological stress, anxiety, and depression can also lead to severe ED in men. It disrupts the way the brain sends instructions to the penis to enable increased blood flow, reducing sexual function and performance. 

      So stay away from stressful situations and practice meditation daily even for 10 minutes.

      10. Practice Safe Sex

      Some incidences of erectile dysfunction are caused by penile injuries sustained during intercourse. Yes, you read it right, sex can be risky too, thatswhy it is important to practice the positions that are safe for you and your partner.

      Practice safe sex as it can lead to STDs, which can permanently affect your ability to get erections. Get yourself and your partner tested. Consult a doctor if you are unsure about anything.   

      11. Stop Smoking

      If you are a chain smoker quitting it at once might seem impossible to you. If you want your sexual life fulfilling then you have no choice but to quit it. Cigarette smoking can injure blood vessels and reduce blood flow to the penis.

      If the situation is worse talk to your doctor and ask them to recommend some medication.

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