Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Vitamin C: Is It Possible?

Vitamin c and Erectile Dysfunction

Well, the important question is: How can Vitamin C help you? And what are the best vitamins for erectile strength? How much vitamin C should you consume? Let’s look at some facts about Vitamin C and erectile dysfunction.

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Attaining and maintaining a perfect penile erection has become a common problem among men. As per a report, in the USA, around 47% of men suffer from ED every year. While there are some medications that can help in treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED), more people are now looking for natural alternatives or health tips for erectile. 

About Vitamin C

What is Vitamin C? Apart from practical, safest, and efficient nutrients, Vitamin C is the best vitamin for erectile dysfunction. Also called I-ascorbic, this is a water-soluble nutrient and plays a great role in improving different body processes. For example, to develop collagen, cartilage, muscles, blood vessels, and more. 

As your body can’t produce Vitamin C, you should take it in the form of a supplement or diet to maintain the levels of Vitamin C. 

Some Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

  • Helps in lowering the signs of erectile tissue damage treatment. 
  • It makes your body absorb iron effectively and supports wound healing and the collagen formation process. 
  • It supports your immune system.
  • Maintains bone, cartilage, and teeth health. 

The lack of Vitamin C is known as scurvy, and it can lead to pain in the limbs, debility, anemia, spontaneous bleeding, exhaustion, and more. So, if you have any of these systems, then it is advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible. 

Vitamin C And Erectile Dysfunction

Is there any Relationship Between Erectile Dysfunction and Vitamin C? To attain an erection, blood needs to be transferred from different parts of your body to the blood vessels. During this process, the penile tissues begin to soften up, creating space for the influx of blood flow. 

In general, an increase in nitric oxide triggers blood flow, leading to a perfect erection. As per the experts, sexual arousal produces nitric oxide. If the production of nitric oxide is low, this can lead to plummeting erectile issues. 

As per a study published in Fertility and Sterility, Vitamin C or supplements for erectile dysfunction can control the process of release of nitric oxide. Talking about nitric oxide, this is a chemical that relaxes the tissues, allowing a better blood flow to the penis. 

Not just Vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, and Vitamin E can also help in this. When you avoid alcohol and smoking and live a healthy lifestyle while taking the best nitric oxide supplement for erectile dysfunction. You will be able to maintain accurate endothelial health and lower the symptoms of dysfunction. 

Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

 If you’re looking to restore your erectile function, There are clinically-sound treatments for ED offered in a majority of men’s clinics.

Oral medication for ED is extremely efficient. A variety is available in the market, including Sildenafil (brand name Viagra, main pill Cenforce 100 ) as well as Tadalafil (brand name Cialis, main pill Vidalista 40) as well as Vardenafil (brand name Levitra, main pill Valif 20).

For some people with ED, it is possible to use devices such as the Penis Pump, Cock Ring, or a Surgically Implanted penis implant that have proven to be efficient in restoring sexual activity.

Your erections will be the best when you’re in good health. Making small lifestyle changes, like getting regular exercise A healthy diet, eating a balanced lifestyle, quitting smoking, and limiting alcohol consumption could help you get rid of ED.

Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction

One of the common questions that men ask their doctor is what vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction? When treating ED, it is important to understand the root cause. Vitamin C, along with some other minerals and vitamins, such as B, D, E, and magnesium can keep the system working normally.  You can also take Tribulus Terrestris, L-carnitine, L-alanine, and red ginseng – which are the Best Vitamins for Men Over 50, to treat ED. 

Benefits Of Vitamin C

Right Amount Of Vitamin C Consumption

The right instruction on the consumption levels of vitamin c erectile dysfunction has been standardized by the Institute of Medicine. As per the information, kids between one to three years old should take 15mg of Vitamin C every day. For children between four to eight years of age, the intake level of Vitamin C is 25 mg. 

Adolescent children, who are between nine to thirteen years old, should take around 45 mg of vitamin C every day to keep the body functioning normally. 

Teenagers who are coming under the 14 to 18 years age group should consume around 65mg to 75mh of vitamin C regularly. The parents should make sure that their kids are getting the right amount of Vitamin C. 

After this age group, the right amount of Vitamin C, a vitamin for blood flow, will depend on your sex and age group. For example, for males in the 19 years age group, the intake amount should be around 90 mg, and for women from this age group, the required intake amount is 75 mg.  

Now you have knowledge about Vitamin C consumption per day; you might be wondering what the maximum vitamin C intake amount is in adults. As per the experts, it is around 2000mg per day. 

Will consuming vitamin C for ED work? Around 12 randomized trials on 3327 women, 35 couples, and 472 men were carefully evaluated. The results show that Vitamin C, E, and A had no direct impact on men’s or women’s sexual function. However, they supported their ED treatment process. 

Even though consuming the best vitamin for sex drive can boost your overall health, the evidence that can support the statement saying Vitamins can cure ED is very low. So, if you have ED and then it will be better for you to talk to your doctor to get effective treatment options. 

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Things To Know While Buying Vitamin C Supplements?  

People with Vitamin C deficiency can go for supplements. However, for maximum health benefits, they should choose the best Vitamin C supplement brand and ensure that the supplements are clinically tested and have been approved by FDA. Besides, they should talk to their doctor to find the best supplement. 

Final Words

ED has become a common disease that can take a major hit on your sexual performance. You can consume vitamins for a stronger erection as they can improve blood flow; there is no such evidence that can prove that vitamins completely cure erectile dysfunction. But you should keep taking vitamins to enjoy some best health results. 

The treatment of ED will depend on the factors that caused ED. To treat it, you should consult your doctor. If you have any vitamin deficiency, then your doctor may suggest the right vitamins for penile health. If that is not the issue, then your doctor may recommend other medications.

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