Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – 9 Popular Ways For Man’s Health

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment - 9 Popular Ways For Man’s Health

Did you anytime hear about the magical pill Viagra? That was first introduced in 1998 and since then erectile dysfunction is no longer a major concern for men. Men found it very difficult to even talk to a doctor about this condition, but after male erection pills were introduced, more and more men started talking about it openly. The number of men with erectile dysfunction increased by almost 250 percent since the launch of Viagra and other pills as ED treatment. It is not that men did not have this issue, but people started talking about it only after the availability of treatment options for erectile dysfunction. 

Along with the erection pills, there are several new procedures for erectile dysfunction availableSo, if you are looking for what is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction, then here is some useful information for you. 

There are men who take pills for erectile dysfunction while some people just hate pills, not even their smell. For those men, there are several other ED treatment options. 

1. Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra:

No matter how many different ED treatment options are available, instant erection pills are one of the best choices. The best ED pill like Cenforce 150, Vidalista, and Fildena is easy to take, and get an erection in just 30 minutes to one hour. So, if you are looking for a treatment option that keeps you safe and no one will even be able to know about it, then pills are the best choice.

2. Injections:

The next best treatment for ED is injections. We have Alprostadil injections and they are approved by FDA. This injection has to be given directly to the penis and that will trigger an erection. So, if you are a big no to ED pills, then this is the best choice men have. For those who are looking for what is the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, you should try these injections. 

3. Vacuum Pump:

The best medicine for erectile dysfunction without side effects is the vacuum pump. You don’t have to use any pills or injections. You will place the vacuum pump on the penis and pump the air out of the pump. That will help in improved blood flow and hence you get an erection. So, need not worry about how to increase blood flow to pennis naturally. 

4. Muse:

If you look at the before and after alprostadil injection pictures, then you can understand how effective it is. But not everyone will be able to self-inject and for those, we have Muse as the best ED solution. It is a dissolvable pellet and it has to be inserted into the opening of the penile area. It will start showing effect in just 10 minutes. 

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5. Counseling Or Therapy:

It is not always a physical factor that causes erectile dysfunction in men. If you also have the same problem and trying to know how to fix ED, then try counseling or therapy along with your partner. 

6. Surgeries:

If you wish to know which erectile dysfunction drug is best for those who have a problem in the spinal cord, then you should opt for surgery. Medicine or drugs do not work well for you. There are two types of surgical implants available for men. You can talk to a doctor to know what is the fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction for you. 

7. Improve Male Hormones:

If you wish to know how to fix ED with low testosterone levels, then hormone therapy can be a good solution. Testosterone hormones are infused with the help of patches or injections. But that can be a cause of erectile dysfunction in very rare cases. That may improve your mood and desire towards making love but does not improve the blood flow which is very important for getting an erection. 

8. Herbal Medicine:

What is the most effective pill for ED? There are several pills available, but if you wish to get an erection without taking these pills, then go for herbal supplements. Even in Ayurveda, there are many options available for ED cures for seniors. 

9. Shock Wave Therapy:

Maybe not be widely used or recommended but Shock Wave Therapy can also be considered an erectile dysfunction treatment. Compared to ED medication, this also has proven to show good results.

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Is erectile dysfunction permanent? This is tricky because, with so many erectile dysfunction pills and procedures, you can get an erection even if you are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. You just need to talk to a doctor to know how to treat ED. You can’t just buy any pills or start using any of the methods listed above for treating ED. Your doctor will perform a few tests and decide the best ED treatment for you. So, this is not a condition to worry about. 

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