Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: What’s The Fastest Cure?

Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Oral medication is the fastest, most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Discover symptoms and treatment options.

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Erectile dysfunction can be a serious issue for men. If your sex stops, you may begin to experience relationship problems. It is claimed that nearly 80% of men have experience it. Nearly 300,000 men have been transform by it. A man who is unable or unwilling to erection enough to allow them to have intimate moments can be called Erectile Dysfunction.

Determination For Erectile Dysfunction

A person might need to undergo several tests and examinations in order to determine if there are any underlying conditions. These tests include the following:

  1. A physical exam – These examinations can include tests of the sex organs of men as well as testing of their testicles.
  2. Blood tests –  A sample of plasma should be sent to a laboratory for testing to determine if there are any indications that the plasma may have been subject to conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone, or other health conditions.
  3. Urinalysis – It is similar to blood tests. Urine analyses are use to test for diabetes and other health problems.

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Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Oral remedies or tablets that can be identified by phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors have become a common treatment method that many consumers use. Many doctors also prescribe these medications to ED patients, especially in the United States. These tablets include Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

  1. Testosterone treatment Blue Pill Cenforce 100, Fildena 100, or Vilitra 20 (in this case, the testosterone levels below the normal range can be determined by a blood test).
  2. Penile Injections (intracavernosal Alprostadil, ICI)
  3. Vacuum Erection Devices
  4. Penile Implants
  5. Intraurethral medication, IU, Alprostadil
  6. A medical operation to avoid penile aorta injury for several young males who have severe pelvic distress.

Best Pills For Erectile Dysfunction

Various medications are available for erectile dysfunction treatment, including sildenafil and tadalafil. It depends on the individual and their lifestyle and what pills are most effective for them. Check out these best medicines for erectile dysfunction.

Oral Drugs – PDE5 Inhibitors

PDE-5 inhibitors have been shown to aid men with the supplement of penile blood flow. These medicines can only be taken orally. Medicines like Tadalista 20 and  Vidalista 40 mg are approve by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for Erectile Dysfunction treatment.

Viagra (Sildenafil citrate)

Levitra (Vardenafil)

Cialis (Tadalafil)

Spedra (Avanafil)

The biochemical component of Sildenafil Citrate is the most commonly consumed oral medication. The brand names and most popular brands of these drugs are not included in the chemical mix.

cure Erectile Dysfunction
Treatment Methods For Erectile Dysfunction

The negative effects most men might notice if they are taking any of the oral medications mentioned above:

  1. The body will show signs of weakness
  2. Even though the weather isn’t tropical, most men sweat through the day.
  3. Most of the time, unresolved digestion problems will be noticed.
  4. Sensitive skin can experience rashes.
  5. Many will witness queasiness.
  6. Even though you have not done any physical activity, muscle soreness can still occur.
  7. Daytime dizziness or at work
  8. Headaches are common
  9. Many consumers will have to deal with vision color deviations
  10. This side effect can often be referred to as nose bleeding.
  11. Men who have previously high blood pressure problems will notice an increase in their blood pressure.
  12. A few men might experience infirmity.
  13. Strange understandings of everyday things.
  14. The possibility of a heart attack could be a serious problem.
  15. The body will feel tingling sensations
  16. These tablets can cause back pain, which is a known side effect.
  17. Some patients may have runny noses.
  18. You will begin to experience sleep-related problems
  19. Blurred vision is possible, so patients should be cautious while driving or riding their vehicles.
  20. You will experience frequent chest pains.

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Use Of Oral ED Medications: What You Need To Know

  1. Renal problems can be dangerous and should be treat immediately by a doctor.
  2. Patients experience hemorrhaging problems after taking ED pills.
  3. Many patients may have myeloma.
  4. Some men who take ED pills are also susceptible to retinitis pigmentosa.
  5. The condition of the coronary canal is one of those conditions that must be address as soon as possible.
  6. Sometimes, heart problems can occur. Patients should take all precautions to avoid heart problems.
  7. Patients may experience high or low blood pressure. This is not consider a good sign.
  8. Leukemia will only be seen in a handful of men.
  9. Coronary infarction should be a concern.
  10. There are potential liver issues, so be aware that excessive alcohol drinking can lead to serious health problems.
  11. Men who take these medications should immediately address a peptic ulcer.
  12. It is possible for the penis to become defective. In such cases, it is strongly advise that you seek immediate expert advice.
  13. If symptoms are not treat promptly, red blood cell count declines could occur.
  14. It is important to examine anemia as soon as it is detect in users of ED pills.
  15. An increase in your heart rate may be observe. This could lead to serious problems. It could lead to a serious heart attack.


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