Erectile Dysfunction: Using Sex Therapy To Treat It

Erectile Dysfunction: Using Sex Therapy To Treat It

If you think sex therapy is something that emerged recently after humans became vocal about their sexual issues, then think again. The traces of sex therapy have long been found in our history. In fact, it dates back around the 19th century i.e., almost a century and a half back. 

Since modern medications like Vega 100 or Nizagara 100 were developed people stopped going to therapists for their sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction and opted for quick ways instead. That’s why the concept was extinct for a while. 

But now it has bounced back as people have realized its importance. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions roaming around this remedy. That’s why we have tried to break those myths and misconceptions in this blog article and addressed the benefits of sex therapy. Let’s first understand what erectile dysfunction means. 

Why Do We Lose Erections?

Erections are a bodily response to sensual stimulations in men. Even though stimulations are the pushing agent here, the main hands behind a hard erection are effective and smooth the flow of blood to the genitals. 

But what’s the reason behind men losing this erection? To be precise, there are multiple factors that can trigger the phenomenon(i.e., usually referred to as erectile dysfunction or impotence). For instance; 

  • biological factors such as high blood sugar, hypertension, high LDL(bad cholesterol), Parkinson’s disease, heart conditions, blood-related sickness, obesity, and many more.
  • psychological factors such as performance anxiety, overall stress, depression, fear of being inadequate, negative body image, past traumas, etc
  • Even lifestyle choices such as substance abuse, unsound sleep schedules, unhealthy food choices, and so on. 

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What Is Sex Therapy?

Many people doubt and fear that sex therapy includes physical interventions but that’s not true. Sex therapy is purely a form of talk therapy with the therapist for addressing whatever might be the root of your problems. 

This course of action is usually opted when the cause of men’s erectile dysfunction is other than physical. In fact, not just male sexual dysfunctions the therapy can effectively address female sexual dysfunctions as well. That’s why there is a sub-option of couple therapy within sex therapy.


The aim of this treatment is to enable and switch back the lost spark between couples in the relationship. However, it might not show quick results as oral medications like Cenforce 120 or Aurogra 100 would show. If you are a man of patience and willing to take your sex life above and beyond the unbreakable barrier, couple therapy can provide a holistic approach to addressing both physical and emotional factors contributing to sexual dysfunction.

How Does Sex Therapy Work?

You have most probably gone through psychotherapy or heard of it, Sex therapy is just like that. Your broken sex life is addressed through two-way communication. For this option to work, you need to open up about your concerns first. Your conditions can only be solved effectively if you express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without hiding anything.  

Once the therapist gets familiar with your issues, they will suggest some coping strategies as homework that you need to complete at every cost. This will help you to have a more enriching sexual life by enhancing your reactions in the future.

Another important thing is the therapy sessions can go on for weeks and months as each individual’s journey is unique and requires time to address and work through their concerns. 

Moreover, if you are opting for couple’s therapy understand that they aren’t there to support one or try to convince another of anything. Plus Sex therapists do not touch or engage in sex with their clients as part of therapy.

The counselor will keep encouraging you to take charge and embrace the worries that might be causing sexual dysfunction during every session. All talk therapy, including sex therapy, is conducted in a setting that is both encouraging and instructive.

It’s intended to offer solace and support for transformation. You’ll probably have homework and other tasks to complete before your next visit when you leave your therapist’s office. In some, cases oral ED pills like Fildena 50 or Vidalista 40 are also incorporated in therapy.

Generally, a sex therapist and client discuss any experiences, emotions, or concerns that may contribute to the client’s sexual dissatisfaction. In addition, they will learn coping mechanisms to build a more satisfying sexual life.

What You Can See A Sex Therapist For?

Can you discuss sex in therapy? As the name suggests, Sex therapy is a space where you can freely talk about sex. It’s all about finding solutions to your sexual challenges.

To be honest, there are no definitive lists for which sexologists are consulted. This is primarily due to the fact that it focuses more on what’s producing symptoms than it does on actual symptoms. However, the therapy may absolutely alleviate your symptoms by concentrating on the key issues. 

So far people have been coming to see therapists for the following conditions;

  • Lower sex drive i.e., low libido 
  • Anorgasmia 
  • Incompatible libido 
  • Performance anxiety in bed or other psychological issues
  • Hardships in getting arousal 
  • Having first-time sexual intimacy or being unaware of certain sexual practices 
  • Premature ejaculation or impotence because of humiliation or regret 
  • You don’t know your sexual orientation, or how you feel about something else that has to do with sex.

Is Sex Therapy Right For Me?

If you are going through erectile dysfunction and wondering if sex therapy is right for you then rest assured. Research suggests that if your ED is particularly triggered by something psychological sex therapy can help you significantly. 

If you are still unsure about it, consult your primary healthcare provider and talk to them. They will diagnose your condition and suggest the best treatment regimen. If psychological causes are detected they will most probably advise you to sex therapy. Otherwise, they might write you Cenforce D or Vigora 100 and see if that helps the condition. 

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