Eroxib 20 Mg - 20mg

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About Eroxib 20 Mg

Eroxib 20 Mg is a unique opportunity to enhance male erotic potential.

Additionally, this targets the erectile dysfunction, or ED, problem.

Additionally, this cure helps with ED and premature ejaculation issues.

Additionally, this drug contains two potent ingredients, namely Dapoxetine 60 mg and Tadalafil 20 mg.

Additionally, the main ingredient of Eroxib 20 Mg, Tadalafil 20mg salt, helps to treat ED in men.

The ingredient in Eroxib 20 Mg also increases the flow of blood to the phallus.

Additionally, it sends copious amounts of blood to your member, which then easily rises for insertion.

As a result, it treats ED mayhem with only one medication.

Dapoxetine is yet another ingredient in Eroxib 20 Mg.

The SSRI family of medications are used to treat excessive ejaculation.

Additionally, this ingredient in tablets helps to properly regulate premature ejaculation, or PE.

Additionally, this oral medication works well enough to enliven and promote satisfying connection.

What Are The Uses of Eroxib 20 Mg

The powerful Eroxib 20 Mg pills combat both immature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in a single dosage.

Additionally, this medication can increase the phallus’s massive blood supply.

These tablets also replenish the blood in your member and suppress the PDE5 enzyme there.

Additionally, this drug calms the penile blood vessels, which enlarge and allow more blood to travel through them.

Additionally, Eroxib 20 Mg Online’s action produces fantastic erections.

Additionally, this medication works to prevent the early ejection of your semen.


The doctor has complete control over the treatment’s dose and duration.

Additionally, a person has 60 minutes before penetration to ingest Eroxib 20 Mg with fresh water.

You also don’t skip or miss your regular dose.

Also, you don’t strive to avoid breaking, splitting, crushing, chewing, or grating it.

Additionally, it is not advised to take a dosage of the drug that is too low.

In addition, giving up a diet high in fat and fatty meals is required when using this medication.


Health conditions that make sensual closeness risky necessitate prudence.

Along with stomach ulcers, a member’s physical malformation such Peyronie’s disease, or an ongoing erection.

Additionally, this erection lasts longer than four hours and is accompanied with multiple myeloma, leukemia, liver disease, eyesight loss, and blood cell issues.

Additionally, you should exercise caution if you have sickle cell anemia, a bleeding illness, retinitis pigmentosa, renal problems, pulmonary venous-occlusive disease, or vein constriction.

Also requiring caution include pulmonary hypertension, hypertension, angina, hypotension, cardiac conditions, and irregular heartbeat.

Side effects

  • headache,
  • dry mouth,
  • diarrhea,
  • back pain,
  • dizziness,
  • pain in your limbs.
  • disturbances in focusing attention,
  • flushing,
  • heartburn,
  • a constant cough,
  • nausea,
  • vision loss,
  • blood pressure,
  • decrease in eyesight begins.
  • paresthesia,
  • hearing loss,


These tablets must be stored at a temperature of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius by the patient.

However, it is not suggested to come in touch with heat or moisture.

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