Does Working Out Increase Your Sexual Drive?

Does Working Out Increase Your Sexual Drive?

We live in a world where we can’t do selfless acts even for our own selves. The question is always ‘What will I gain from this?’ and if the answer satisfies us then only we proceed to do it. Well, the same somewhat goes for workouts as well. So here you go, these are the things you’ll gain from working out; boosts immunity system, boosts brain health, keeps eyes on weight, toughens muscles and bone health, hones your agility, cultivates happy mood, and so on. But did you guys know? Exercising has a very great influence on sexual health as well such as sexual drive. So today we are going to unbox the mystery box that holds the truth about the real connection between exercise and sexual health. 

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Do Exercises Improve Sexual Performance And Sex Drive?

To be frank, there is no direct relationship between these two aspects, however, the indirect one is no lesser. It’s a bit hard to explain but don’t worry we have simplified it for you. If you really wish for unicorns and rainbows in your sexual life there are some prerequisites for that. For instance, sufficient vigor, good cardiovascular condition, healthy self-confidence, mental well-being, and hormonal balance. 

Just as we mentioned before, exercise won’t directly bloom flowers in your sexual health garden, it will instead improve all these above-mentioned conditions which will ultimately revamp your sex drive. 

In fact, a 2019 study claimed that older men who have become prey to sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction showed a great performance after regular engagement with workouts. Just as the pills like Vilitra 60 or Vidalista Black 80 mg would do. 

How Does Exercise Affect Libido?

It’s just not one way there are multiple ways through which exercises affect Libido(in a good way). To prove this right many researches were conducted and surprisingly all of them showed positive results. These are some of the potential ways;

  • Men who worked out at least 2.5 hours each week showed boosted testosterone levels by 15% in addition to a lowered risk of hypogonadism by 46%, isn’t it surprising? 
  • Moreover, doing cardio and weight lifting is not only linked with bulging biceps, it can skyrocket your testosterone levels alongside building the very muscles that are required to enjoy sex. 
  • However, if you accompany these exercises with aerobics, your muscles won’t just be toned but flexible as well. To boost your journey of wiping sexual dysfunctions try Cenforce D or Tadalista 20
  • Now how can we forget about the greatest enemy of men’s manhood? i.e., accumulated belly fat. Exercising regularly helps eliminate these fats which facilitates a healthy and smooth blood supply to every organ with additional benefits of self-confidence. 

The Best Exercises To Improve Sex Drive

Best Exercises For Improve Sex Drive

Now that you are down the idea of exercising but confused about exercise types that are good for you. Don’t worry we have compiled you a list of the best exercises to improve sexual drive. Take a look;


There is no need to prove the effectiveness of yoga anymore as today everyone is aware of this(once an) ancient practice which now even world leaders are promoting. 

Each type of yoga pose has certain benefits and there are some specifically crafted ones that help better the sexual aspects of life. For instance, Setu bandh asana(bridge pose) and Chakravakasana(cat-cow pose). These poses specifically aim at toughening your pelvic area hence revamped sexual drive. 

Wight-lifting exercises 

Engaging in the art of resistance training, where muscles meet determination, holds a secret key to unlocking vitality not just for the body, but for desire itself. This symphony, known as resistance training, has a magical ability to elevate testosterone levels in both men and women. testosterone. It’s not just a hormone; it’s the very essence of desire, the fuel that powers our most intimate moments.

Cardio exercises 

Now, cardio is an entire box of little bunches of exercises that include jump rope, aerobics, water aerobics, jumping jack, squats, burpee, running/treadmill, walking/brisk walking, swimming, Zumba, and many more. In fact, these are new trends that straighten out blood flow to every organ. If your blood flow is in good condition already good sexual health is a byproduct. 

7 Yoga Positions To Improve Your Sex Life

Brand New for the Holidays

7 Yoga Positions To Improve Your Sex Life

The One Exercise With The Biggest Benefit

Now this exercise (which we are going to discuss now) is a golden ticket to unlocking the potential of sexual wellness. Get yourself braced. 

Kegels is the ultimate exercise to last longer in bed and increase sex drive for both men and women. It’s one of the easiest solutions to keep your sexual health in check. All these aspects make it the most suitable option. Follow these simple steps and you are good to go;

  • Locate your pelvic muscles: Locating this muscle is very easy, let us tell you. This is the very muscle from where you pee. If you are a man, try stopping your pee mid-way and see your penis move a little. And if you are a woman you might feel your vagina go up. 
  • Squeeze for a count of five and relax for the same: Once the muscles are detected, do the activity of squeezing and relaxing the muscle to the count of five. Complete the minimum 10-15 piece set. 
  • Make a habit of this: Doing this once or twice a week won’t suffice. You have to do it every day of the week that too at least three times a day. Otherwise, you have to take support of oral drugs like Sildenafil and Tadalafil

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