Pregarica (Generic Lyrica) - 75mg

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What Is Pregarica (Generic Lyrica)?

Pregarica (Lyrica Generic) is one such drug that is prescribed for treating epilepsy, neurological seizures, acute and chronic muscle pain, anxiety, and other psychological problems. Neurological problems can affect both physical and psychological health, which is why doctors always try to prescribe meds that will mitigate both risks. It is an FDA-approved drug with a main active ingredient named Pregabalin. Being a generic drug, it does not have any brand name, but that does not mean it’s less effective.  

With the help of pregarica medicine, one can get relief from acute or chronic nerve pain and psychological disturbances. The patients should take the prescribed dose only to get the desired result. The drug is available in capsule form that patients need to take with water. Since it is a neuropathic drug, it is essential to follow the doctor’s prescription properly. However, an overdose of the generic Pregabalin will have adverse effects on the body. 

Manufacturer of Pregarica Capsule 

 Lyrica generic brand is a drug of Healing Pharma, one of India’s leading generic medicine producers. It has been in the pharma industry for over a decade and is known for its authentic generic medicines. Further, the manufacturing company uses the same active ingredient as in Pregabalin but at varying concentrations. Hence, you will get Generic Lyrica 75 mg, 150 mg, and 300 mg. Healing Pharma has all the required certifications needed to manufacture generic drugs and sell them in the market. Furthermore, they have met all the regulatory standards and compliance to ensure that their drugs can be deemed safe. 

How Do The Pregarica (Generic Lyrica) Tablets Work?

The generic drug for Lyrica is popular as an anticonvulsant, and it reduces the number of pain signals in your body. Moreover, either nerves get affected due to a physical issue, or a mental one mainly generates these pain signals. Thus, doctors often recommend this drug for treating both classes of health problems. Clinically, the major causes of nerve problems for which the Lyrica medication generic has proven to be effective are:

  • Damage of any nerve due to a long-term, undiagnosed, and suppressive disease
  • Fatal injury to a nerve, both motor and sensory 
  • Diabetes and shingles can be indirect causes of neuropathic pain
  • Chronic and acute muscle pain in localized form, also known as fibromyalgia 
  • Neurological seizures and epilepsy
  • Anxiety and excessive stress due to insomnia, mental agitation, and disturbance 

Generic Lyrica 150 mg or any other composition works differently as per the type of neuropathic problem a patient is suffering from, like:  

  1. For reducing anxiety, Pregabalin reduces the stress signals and works by relaxing the nerves and increasing the blood flow to the brain. 
  2. In case of epileptic seizures, Lyrica 300mg, 150 mg, or 75 mg will lower the brain’s electrical activities and stop the seizures. 
  3. For any pain related to the nerves themselves, Pregabalin will stop the automated pain response signals from travelling from the brain and spinal cord to the point of issue.  

How To Take The Generic Lyrica? 

The maximum dosage of generic Lyrica (Pregabalin) is 300 mg. Moreover, any dosage more than this limit will be an overdose. It is essential to stick to the doctor’s suggestions and consult them in case of problems with consuming this medication. You can take this drug twice or thrice a day while maintaining the overall per day consumption to be 300 mg. Apart from that; you must take it only after a meal. 

The active ingredient, Pregabalin, works by relaxing the nerves and hence if someone is taking it on an empty stomach, dizziness and weakness is a must. Therefore, it should be taken with a full stomach or after a light meal. 

Some Important Precautions Taken With Pregarica Capsule?

There are no such major differences between generic Pregabalin and Lyrica, which is why precautions for both branded and generic drugs are the same.

  • This drug needs to be taken as per the prescription. 
  • Pregarica online is available, but it needs to be bought from trusted stores only. 
  • No one should take doses more than Lyrica 300 mg.
  • 150 mg is the maximum dosage that most doctors recommend at a time. 
  • Taking multiple branded drugs having Pregabalin as the active ingredient should be restricted. 
  • The medication works well only on a full stomach or after having a light meal. 

Doses of Pregarica (Generic Lyrica)

Be it the generic Pregabalin or any other substitute for pregarica, and one can take them twice or thrice a day as per the prescription. The dose shouldn’t be more than Pregarica 300mg on a single day.

Side Effects of Pregarica

Some of the side effects gathered from several Pregarica reviews are: 

  • Drowsiness
  • Blurred vision 
  • Weight gain
  • Dry visceral organs
  • Constipation
  • Motor imbalance
  • Tremors 
  • Confusion 
  • Dizziness

Overdose of Pregarica 

Regardless of what the Lyrica generic price is, overdosing can cause severe side effects. It can cause side effects if anyone takes more than the prescribed dosage per day. In addition, the drug is usually recommended for two to three months based on the condition. Reviewing with the doctor is important once the time is over.  

Better Storage of Pregarica

No matter how much generic Lyrica will cost, you need to keep the drug in a dry and cool place so that the moisture in the air doesn’t react with it. In addition, direct UV rays shouldn’t be allowed to come in contact with the pills.  

Buy Pregarica (Generic Lyrica) Online From

One can now buy Generic Lyrica online from You can find Pregabalin 75 mg, 150 mg, or the Generic Lyrica 300 mg price affordable at this online pharmacy. Further, you need a scanned copy of the doctor’s prescription when ordering the drugs. The online drug store offers a hassle-free buying experience to people. Moreover, you can get your delivery anywhere in the USA, UK, and India after placing an order at


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