Is It Possible To Get A Harder Erection With Or Without Medication?

Get A Harder Erection With Or Without Medication

If you want to attain a harder erection, then trying medication, making dietary and lifestyle changes, and consuming supplements or medications can help. Besides, communicating with your partner and addressing your emotional and psychological factors can also help you with this. 

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Wondering how to get an erection without meds or What foods help you get hard? Well, keep reading to find your answer. Here you will find some useful tips that can help you in improving your erectile dysfunction, and you may be able to attain a harder erection without taking any medication. 

Follow A Healthy Diet

Different studies have informed that a balanced and nutritious diet can help you to enjoy a better and harder erection. Besides, when you follow a healthy diet, you can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more. You will also enjoy moderate weight loss faster. Your aim should be to increase the intake of veggies, whole grains, fruits, etc. while lowering the intake of red meat, processed foods, and sugars.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Some studies have suggested that sleep apnea or sleep deprivation can lower the levels of testosterone, causing ED. As per health experts, if you sleep less than 6 hours, then you can develop many health problems, such as heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and more. Such health issues will affect your blood flow, increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction. Modalert 200 and Waklert are one of the best pills for sleep disorders. 

Work On Reducing Your Stress

If you want to lower the risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction, then you should reduce stress. As per studies, stress and anxiety can make your body produce epinephrine, and that chemical can boost blood flow to different areas such as the brain and heart and will divert the blood flowing to the penis.

So, if you have ED, you should try Cenforce 120, Nizagara 100, and Vilitra 20 to treat better ways, also you should start practicing different stress management techniques. Besides, you can lower your stress through mindfulness practices, meditation, and exercise. 

Lower Your Alcohol Consumption Level

Different studies have informed that alcohol can lower your sexual sensitivity, and it can make it more challenging to attain and maintain a perfectly harder erection. Besides, it also reduces men’s sexual response. With time, it can cause ED. So, it’s time to limit alcohol. You can plan a romantic date or occasion without alcohol or drink less. 

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Limit Your Smoking

Can smoking cause ED? Well, even though there is no such proven study that can prove that smoking has a direct connection with ED, it can increase your chances of developing ED. Smoking will damage your blood vessels, and smoking is also a primary reason behind blood vessels and heart disease, and such diseases can affect your erectile dysfunction. Quitting or reducing smoking to get a harder erection more effective result use Tadapox that lower the chances of developing the issues. So, limit smoking now.

Supplement Can Help You With This

A study conducted in the year 2020 suggested that different supplements can help men to get a harder erection. You may attain a hard dick even if you have ED if you take a certain supplement. If you are looking for some effective supplements, then here are some options you can try: 

  • Supplements made of citrus, Aurantium, and Ashwagandha can help you to increase your sexual arousal levels.
  • Bitter orange, I-theanine, sage, and passionflower can lower your anxiety, and you can focus more on your sexual intercourse.
  • Panax Ginseng, I-arginine, and L-Citrulline can trigger the production of nitric oxide and can also help increase your erection size. 

You Can Try Medications

Wondering how to get hard faster? Well, there are some medications that can help you with that. Certain ED drugs can help you in getting and keeping an erection by boosting blood flow to your penis. Some proven medications that you can try are: 

However, you should avoid consuming these drugs if you are using nitrate drugs or alpha-blockers. 

When To Call A Doctor?

If the above-mentioned suggestion on how to keep an erection without medication doesn’t work for you and you are not able to attain a perfectly harder erection, then it’s time to consult your doctor.

It has been seen that in some cases, ED can be a sign of some underlying health conditions, like diabetes and heart issues. Your doctor, after conducting some tests, can find out the real causes behind your ED and suggest effective medications


How to maintain an erection without pills? Well, certain lifestyle and dietary changes work well for you. Besides, certain supplements and medications can also help. You will find a lot of tips for stronger erections online, but not all the tips will work. If you are suffering from a persistent erectile issue, then you prefer to visit your doctor. The condition is treatable. Don’t feel bad if you have it, as you can make your sexual life enjoyable again with some help. 

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