What Are the Symptoms of Heart Cancer?

Heart Cancer What Are the Symptoms

Can you imagine a life without our “living force”? What if the very driving force our body relies on becomes compromised? Yes, we are talking about the most vital organ of our body i.e., the heart. Although heart cancer is the least common ailment to be concerned about, it is still wise to know the symptoms. God forbid, But this might help you to catch it in the initial stage if it happens to you or your nearest & dearest ones. 

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Unwind a bit from your regular materialistic life and learn everything possible that might aid you in cherishing your body and mind. Let’s learn more about this dark & deadly condition. 

What Is Heart Cancer?

When unwanted cells proliferate in or close to the heart, a relatively uncommon illness called heart cancer develops. The tumor that develops from such cells has the potential to impair the heart’s regular operation. However, this cancer has two subtypes i.e., primary and secondary. The thing that differentiates these two is their origins. For instance, the former is the rarest among between two which develops or originates in the heart only. The latter occurs when cancerous cells travel to the heart from other affected organs. 

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How Common Is Heart Cancer?

As we stated above, there are two kinds of heart cancers both of which are rare to happen. However, comparatively primary heart cancer is even rare. According to the studies and research, the chances are less than 1 autopsy out of every 2000. 

And as we know every cancer is further divided into two groups i.e., benign and malignant. The majority of primary tumor cases recorded are benign which means they are incapable of spreading across other bodily organs. Meanwhile, the malignant kind is highly carcinogenic, which means it can metastasize or infiltrate neighboring tissues. 

Now speaking of secondary heart tumors, it’s more frequent than primary but still very rare. When rogue cells from other parts of the body, like the lungs, breasts, or skin, hitch a ride on the blood or lymph vessels and invade the heart, they cause this deadly condition. For instance, the cases recorded so far claimed breast cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, lymphoma, and leukemia to be responsible.  

Symptoms And Causes

The deadliest thing about heart cancers is when the tumors are in the initial phase(i.e., very tiny) they hardly showcase any major indications. But as they grow gradually, the conditions hit once with the following fatal signs;

  • Clots of blood
  • Unhealthy alterations to your heart’s rhythm
  • Exhaling blood while coughing
  • Being worn out and fragile
  • Weight falls off
  • Congestive heart failure, which is cardiac muscle weakening that leads to fluid accumulation in the lungs
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Chest discomfort

Moreover, all these symptoms depend upon three factors i.e., the actual position of the tumor in the heart, its size, and to what extent it has spread in the body. 

What Causes Heart Cancer? You may wonder. Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to it because there are enough shreds of evidence yet to be found for its cause. 

But there are some hard beliefs about its root. For instance;

  • The incidences of heart cancer so far have happened in women more than men. 
  • The evergreen cause i.e., age just like the majority of ailments heart cancer also affects elderly people more frequently. 
  • The shadow of heart cancer may loom over you if it has haunted your family tree.
  • Smoking; although not directly, potentially. 
  • Just like smoking a weak immune system might act as well.
  • Even if you have no inheritance of heart cancer. tuberous sclerosis a genetic disorder that causes the growth of noncancerous tumors in various organs, including the heart, can increase the risk of developing heart cancer too.  

Who Might Get Heart Cancer?

If this condition is so rare, can you get heart cancer too? Well, after reading such heavy stuff usually we all come up with such questions in our minds. So here is your answer. 

Unfortunately, due to a lack of study, there are not many proofs to definitively determine who might be at risk for developing heart cancer. However, you can refer to the above symptoms and check yourself. 

How Is Heart Cancer Managed Or Treated?

This deadly condition is home to numerous fatal issues. A heart cancer patient runs an increased chance of suffering a heart attack, stroke, or serious heart failure. 

The most popular treatment available currently for the ailment is either Chemotherapy or radiation therapy or a blending of the two. According to the diagnosis and the patient’s condition, a healthcare expert might even opt for a surgical operation to remove the tumor. 

It’s highly requested to all the individuals out there if you experience such symptoms do not ignore them, reach out to your healthcare provider and take the necessary steps. 

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