Hepatitis C: The Silent Epidemic You Need to Know About

Hepatitis C: The Silent Epidemic You Need to Know About

Hepatitis C: The Silent Epidemic You Need to Know About

When dealing with such a serious matter as Hepatitis C, it is important to understand and spread the actual facts about it by breaking the myth surrounding it so far. Speaking of such myths there is one popular misconception that once cured from the virus, the person cannot get reinfected, which is not true.

Moreover, the majority of people are unaware of the fact that genotypes are not the same as the type of Hepatitis virus (Viz Hep B, Hep C, Hep A, and so on). Genotypes are genetic differences seen in a single strain of the hepatitis virus. These differences can impact the behavior, responsiveness to therapy, and geographic dispersion of the infection and are particularly important in cases of  HCV and HBV.

These were just a couple of facts, however, in reality, people are cloud with even more illusions, which makes the situation dire. So let’s begin a journey to break down the myths and educate ourselves about the true nature of the illness. However, this isn’t enough, the simultaneous knowledge and understanding of effective cures like Sovihep and Sofocure 400 Mg are just as important. 

So let’s embark on the journey.

Understanding The Scope Of Hepatitis C

Speaking of the scope it is understood that about 71 million individuals all around the globe are suffering from a persistent HCV infection. However, the shocking fact is, that among these people 80% of sufferers are unaware of their symptoms and claim to have never had any encounter with the virus. 

Due to this ignorance, the simple virus is taking a turn into deathly conditions ultimately leading to a considerable rise in the death toll. The predicted number of fatalities from viral hepatitis (which includes both HBV and HCV) climbed from 1.1 million in 2019 to 1.3 million in 2022, according to new statistics from 187 different nations. 

So let us make people understand what poses a risk to their health and urge them to be examined for even the tiniest symptoms in order to stop the illness from getting worse. Address your HCV condition in its initial stages with Tenvir from Medicscales.

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Modalities Of HCV Transmission

In order to stop this terrible illness from spreading and to save lives, education and awareness campaigns are essential. So here is a well-needed list of HCV transmission modes. 

  • Using the same syringes or other utensils that may have been use in the injection of medicines. 
  • Having had a blood transfusion or, even worse, organ transplantation before 1992 when the screening of the blood supply started. 
  • Contracting the virus from one’s mother. 
  • Using towels, face clothes, and other personal articles that may have contaminate with infected blood.

Risks Of Untreated Hepatitis C

Risks Of Untreated Hepatitis C

Well, at the beginning of infections, an individual might just face a nominal inconvenience such as weariness or mild symptoms of the flu. However, if ignored, hepatitis C can result in major and fatal health conditions. For instance; 

  • Cirrhosis: The chronic infection with HCV may, in the long term, cause fibrosis of the liver and compromised function which finally may lead to liver failure. 
  • Failure of Liver: If the liver sustains further damage over time, the ability of the liver to execute its routine functions diminishes and this leads to liver failure- a fatal disease. 
  • Liver Cancer: Patients with chronic hepatitis C infection are two to four times more likely to develop liver cancer in case of advanced liver damage. 
  • Elevated risk of other health problems: An increase risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and several forms of lymphoma has been associate with HCV. 

These individuals should routinely make themselves available for screening as they are more susceptible to certain consequences from hepatitis C. If any of the aforementioned issues arise, early detection will allow for appropriate and timely treatment. 

With the introduction of potent new antiviral medications like MyHep 400 Mg and Dacihep, the majority of hepatitis C patients now have hope for a full recovery, and the situation has drastically changed.

Importance Of Hepatitis C Screening

The United States’ esteemed national public health agency viz, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has strictly advised all individuals ages 18 and above to go through screening for Hepatitis C at least for one time throughout their lives. 

However, this screening process is even more necessary for those people who had blood transfusions prior to 1992. In fact, these people may need testing for more than one time. 

Since a blood test is require for the identification of Hepatitis C, everyone in the community should check for the illness. This suggests that early diagnosis is necessary as it is understand to provide improve results. Check out the potent HCV remedies like Hepcdac 60 Mg and Sofocure V from medicscales at the most economical rates. 

In response, the CDC has had good cause to note that many people have not had any tests done on them. Among these include ignorance, inadequate or nonexistent healthcare resources, and societal perceptions or biases toward mental illnesses.

Benefits Of Hepatitis C Treatment

Upon confirmation of HCV, your doctor will recommend that you take antiviral drugs as a means of treating the disease. These drugs are intend to act on the virus alone and interfere with the virus’s capacity to reproduce itself in the patient’s body.

Usually, antiviral treatments are effective in halting the virus spread of hepatitis C and it becomes non-negotiable for blood tests. Completing the treatment for hepatitis C with Sovihep V can mitigate the likelihood of the advancement of liver disease, and the chance of developing liver cancer, and greatly improve the patient’s quality of life. 

One has to remember that cure does not mean an individual cannot get infect with hepatitis C again and reinfection is just as possible as with any other virus. Thus, anticipation which involves refraining from the use of any needles or any equipment that is use for injection is very useful in the avoidance of getting infection again.

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