Hepcvir L 400 mg/90 mg (Sofosbuvir/Ledipasvir) - 400mg+90mg

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About Hepcvir L 400 Mg/90 Mg

Hepcvir L 400 mg/90 mg is one of its kind and the most popular Hepatitis C virus treatment. It’s because rather than addressing the condition with just one anti-viral drug the tablet uses two potent antiviral drugs i.e., 400mg of sofosbuvir and 90mg of ledipasvir. 

You might wonder why two potent drugs just to beat one virus. It’s because the Hepatitis C Virus can be really serious if not treated effectively. In fact, if HCV is not addressed properly, there is a higher likelihood of cirrhosis and even liver failure or cancer. 

Cipla Ltd one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies is the leading manufacturer and supplier of these potent pills. And medicscales is one of their biggest supporters as we obtain these tablets directly from them.  

Is Hepatitis B the Same As Hepatitis C?

Although both viruses affect the same vital organ of the human body, they are quite different than others. In what terms, you may ask. Basically, it’s the source of transmission, indications, and remedies.  

Apart from these, there are still many differences between HBV and HCV. For instance;

  • HCV transmits only through contact with infected blood to blood contact. However, in the case of HBV, it’s blood including other bodily fluids like semen, breastmilk, and saliva. 
  • Usually, HBV patients’ condition heals in the acute stage only while 80 to 80% HCV infected people proceed to get chronic virus. 
  • The former has a well-developed vaccine while the latter has yet to develop one. 

What Is The Generic Name For Hepcvir L 400 Mg/90 Mg Tablet?

As we stated earlier, the tablet consists of two powerful generic drugs sofosbuvir and ledipasvir from which the brand name Hepcvir L was derived. However, for the curing of the variant of hepatitis, mere Hepcvir L tablets won’t suffice they are usually administered with other antivirals, painkillers, and supportive medications to ensure effective treatment and management of the chronic virus. 

This is because, unlike Hepatitis B, HCV is more serious i.e., the virus eats off of your liver tissues(Cirrhosis) gradually and won’t stop until it fails the livers or causes cancer(in many cases). 

How Does This Medication Work?

Just like its formulation the internal functioning procedure is also complex. Usually, Hepcvir L 400mg/90 mg is administered when the person is infected with genotype 1 because this is the most prevalent and challenging to cure. 

A medication called sofosbuvir prevents the HCV from replicating itself. It accomplishes this by impeding the activity of NS5B polymerase, a crucial enzyme required by the HCV to write its genetic code (RNA). Sofosbuvir prevents HCV from reproducing, which lowers its population. 

While a medication called ledipasvir prevents the HCV from contaminating new cells. It achieves this by linking to the NS5A protein, which the HCV uses for a variety of functions, including the production and release of new virus particles. Ledipasvir prevents the HCV from growing and limits its range.

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Interactions / Warnings

Sofosbuvir and ledipasvir have many negative interactions with other drugs, and overlooking these interactions can lead to fatal outcomes such as death. That’s why before you use the tablets make sure to be aware of these drug interactions;

  • Sleep disorder medications such as modafinil
  • Antibiotics such as rifapentine, rifabutin, or rifampin
  • Anticonvulsants i.e, drugs used to treat seizures 
  • Medication for irregular heartbeats 
  • Anti-HIV therapy for instance Tipranavir 

These are just a few from the list, while consulting your doctor make sure to inform them about each and every medication to avoid drug interaction. 

Before we dive into warnings and precautions, here are some handy tips to keep in mind;

  • Only patients who are older than 12 years can take Hepcvir L 400mg/90 mg as their dose.
  • You need to take the 400 mg/90 mg dose for a minimum of 12 weeks.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you take it with food or not, so take it according to your convenience. However, do not intake fatty meals regularly. 
  • Stay away from alcoholic beverages at every cost. 
  • If you have been through liver disease or kidney issues in the past or if it’s still ongoing be extremely cautious. 
  • It’s better to avoid driving or manhandling risky machinery while on this medication to avoid any mishaps.


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What are the potential side effects of Hepcvir L 400 Mg/90 Mg?

The adverse effects of the drug usually vary depending upon many factors such as age, health condition, the severity of infection, and many more. But there are some common ones like tiredness, Nausea, Headache(migraine), insomnia, and low RBC count that affect similarly to almost every patient.
There are some general rules that need to be followed at every cost while taking the pills;
  • These oral pills should only be gulped down using potable water without breaking, chewing, or crushing.
  • One must take the pill at the same time frame daily without missing any dose. 
  • Along with Hepcvir L 400mg/90 mg other supportive medications should also be taken in the same way.
If Hepcvir L 400mg/90 mg doesn’t suit you well due to any reasons, here are some possible substitutes of it;
  • Ledviclear 90mg/400mg
  • Ledifos 90mg/400mg
  • Reclaim L
  • Sofab Lp
  • Ledihep 
  • Resof L
  • Myhep Lvir 
  • Cimivir L
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