How Can Testicle Twisting Be Prevented?

How Can Testicle Twisting Be Prevented

Unlike common sexual dysfunctions, i.e, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction in men, testicular twisting is a very less frequently occurring phenomenon. That’s why people don’t have much knowledge about it. Even though they encounter it, they have no way around it but to bear the immense pain.

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The pain can be no lesser than child birthing, hence creating panic in men which might turn out to be an even more scary scenario. Since there isn’t much information concerning the matter, we have tried our best to bring you all the lesser-known facts, preventive measures, treatment alternatives, and many more. So stick with us.

What Is Testicle Twisting?

Well, the medical field has fancy names for every ailment or any phenomenon that happens to our bodies. Similarly, for testicle twisting, the words are ‘Testicular Torsion’ in their dictionary. 

This emergency medical problem occurs when a testicle spins, and as a result, twists the spermatic cord, which brings blood (the male reproductive fluid) to the scrotum. The resulting rotation makes the blood flow diminish and triggers severe pain and possible swelling in those affected organs. 

The surprising part is that, unlike ED, this condition substantially reigns on males younger than 18 years, especially between 12 and 18. Moreover, it can also happen to babies in their mother’s sacks. 

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How Does Testicle Torsion Happen?

This is a very spontaneous event and a very hard-to-predict one because it can be triggered without any obvious reason or even warning signs. Hence, putting your sexual health at dire risk.

The origin of such phenomenon is not clearly understood always but among the major causes of this rotation are; exercising excessively, light testicle trauma, or even sleeping. Quick growth of testicular tissue during puberty may also be another factor. Some are born with an inherited trait that allows the testis to rotate back and forth within the scrotum.

Another little-heard fact is that the left testicle is more likely to be affected than the right. It is believed that only one testi is affected at a time. Check out the best deals on Cenforce 120 Mg, and many other remedies for sexual malfunction going on at Medicscales.

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How Does It Affect Your Testis?

The phenomenon can affect your balls in the following ways. Remember this is a very serious and emergency condition which demands prompt address. 

  • The most immediate effect is very observable pain and swellings. 
  • Torsion of the spermatic cord can block the blood supply to the testicle and without the blood circulating through the area, the tissues begin to damage.
  • Generally within 4 to 6 hours, necrosis of the testicle occurs due to a stopped bloodstream, and harm may be so severe it requires the removal of the testicle.
  • Torsion can affect fertility with time if the testicle is very damaged or truncated in length.
  • Moreover, in the case of severe injury like the permanent removal of ball or balls can greatly affect one’s self-esteem. Because whatever thing affects your intimate health also affects your mental health.

What Are The Primary Symptoms Of Testicle Twisting?

Note it, fellas, testicle twisting can happen whenever and wherever, regardless of what position you are in, i.e, either standing, laying, sitting, or anything else. The shooting pain can wake you up sweating even in deep sleep. So note the symptoms; 

  • Acute, excruciating scrotal discomfort
  • Swelling in the penis
  • Stomach ache
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • A testicle positioned at an odd angle or higher than typical
  • Recurring urination
  • High temperature

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Can We Prevent Testicular Torsion?

The prevention of testicular torsion is difficult because it often happens suddenly without a definite explanation. However, there are by means of surgery that can in turn prevent torsion from happening or recurring. This operation, which is called orchidopexy or testicular fixation, stitches the testicle in its normal position, which prevents it from twisting. 

Most people are unacquainted with the fact that they are at risk of testicular torsion before they experience it. Consequently, surgery is usually suggested following the first event of torsion to keep the other testicle from undergoing it.

Surgery is, probably, the most correct way to prevent testicular torsion. Nevertheless, using protective equipment for sports and staying vigilant about such health issues are necessary routines in everyday life. These regulatory measures are the cornerstone for the timely establishment of appropriate medical assistance, and therefore to achieve successful health outcomes.

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What Should We Do If Preventive Measures Fail?

Unfortunately, there is no other way around to do this but to approach a doctor. Sometimes a medical professional will try to physically unwind the testicle, however, this is only a stopgap measure until the surgical operation is feasible. 

That’s why looking after your testicular health is very important because they are the ones who synthesize sex hormones. If sex hormones are detrimentally influence they will birth ED-like conditions. However, unlike testicle twisting, ED can easily minister with sildenafil citrate pills like Filagra FXT or Malegra 100 Mg.

Who Is At Risk Of Testicle Twisting?

  • Age factor: Boys as young as 12 years of age are the most likely to effect, but can also expose at any life cycle stage including before birth. 
  • Hereditary trait: Men who are in possession of a recessive gene trait that makes the testis unstable are in greater danger.
  • Undescended Testes: Being diagnosed with cryptorchidism considerably increases the risk. 
  • Structural Defects: One example is the well-known “bell-clapper deformities,” in which the testes freely spin and sway inside the tunica vaginalis. 
  • Tumors: Testicular tumors may also put a person at a high-risk factor.

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