How Does Zinc Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

How Does Zinc Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Before going deep into this article about Zinc and Erectile dysfunction. first of all, let’s understand those keywords.

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or shortly known as ED is a natural occurrence in men, in which the penis fails to get an erection or stay erect during the coitus. And it is always accompanied by premature ejaculation. The cause might be nutritional deficiency or even clinical depression.

However, you can treat your ED by relying on ED supplements like Sildenafil citrate, Cenforce 100, or Malegra 200

Some Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Try Super Tadapox or Super P force for treating your cause of misery; Erectile Dysfunction.  

But how did the Zinc get into the picture and what is the relation between Zinc and ED? let us understand first;

signs you may have erectile dysfunction

What Is Zinc?

Zinc is a trace material in the human body, which plays a vital role in boosting the immunity system, weight loss, and growth, and also in controlling appetite.

According to the studies it was found that almost 30-35% of Americans are not consuming adequate Zinc for their body.

But another role played by Zinc is very important in male bodies: boosts testosterone levels and helps get a healthier erection. That is why it is said, Zinc and Erectile dysfunction are directly linked with each other.

The male sex organs’ growth and functionality highly depend on Zinc. less developed testicles and lower sperm counts have been observed in males with Zinc insufficiency. (Time for an amazing fact: Zinc is one of the major elements in the human body that builds DNA.) Nearly 100 enzymes rely on it to carry out essential chemical reactions.

Speaking of females it is extremely important in the reproductive system.

Summing it up, Zinc is somehow related to sex organs in both males and females.

What Is The Actual Relationship Between Zinc And Erectile Dysfunction?

In 1996 a study was conducted to find the connection between Zinc and ED. During this, some groups of young men were given low-level zinc diets for 20 weeks perpetually which resulted in the loss of libido and irritable behavior. To enhance libido in men Nizagara 100 and Vilitra 20 are very effective. 

Another study was conducted in 2009 on lab rats. During this experiment, researchers gave 5mg of oral zinc to rats daily. Which resulted in contrary behavior to the earlier experiment. In fact, they had greater sexual health.

Zinc helps in maintaining the testosterone level in men, which is primarily responsible for erections. Zinc insufficiency in the body is one of the common causes of Erectile dysfunction. Doctors often recommend these tablets to treat ED; Vidalista black 80, Vidalista 20, or Fildena 100.

Morning Erection And Erectile Dysfunction

What Is Zinc Deficiency?

When the body does not have enough mineral zinc, it is said to have a zinc deficit. For kids under the age of 10, the typical reference range is 0.60-1.20 mcg/mL. For people older than 10 and adults, the typical range is 0.66-1.10 mcg/mL. But how to find out if you have a Zinc deficiency? Here are some of the symptoms that show up when there is an inadequate amount of Zinc in the body.

Symptoms Of Zinc Deficiency

  • Excessive hair fall
  • Lack of appetite
  • Impotence or ED
  • A slight change in Nail color
  • Weight loss
  • Eye problems
  • Lack of taste and smell
  • Wounds take a long time to heal
  • Diarrhea

Zinc Supplements

To get rid of zinc deficiency people often turn to medicinal support.

However, these tablets are not approved by the FDA thatswhy be careful while buying these medicines and buy from trusted brands only? Consult your doctor before taking it.

Some Zinc Multivitamin tablets:

  1. Zinc gluconate 
  2. Zinc sulfate 
  3. Zinc acetate
  4. Zinc orotate  

However, these are some ED supplements Sildalist and Tadalista 20

These were some of the medicinal supplements but you can also opt for natural remedies like;

  • Oysters
  • Meat 
  • Lamb
  • Trail mix (walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and cashews)
  • Spinach 
  • Mushrooms
  • Legumes

Side Effects Of Taking Too Much Zinc

If you are intaking too much Zinc you could suffer Zinc Poisoning which can be really deadly. However, there haven’t been any cases of zinc poisoning through food consumption that have been documented.

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But if you are experiencing any of the following side effects, immediately take medical support. 

  • Low level of copper in the blood
  • Change in taste buds
  • Regular and frequent infections
  • Flu-like symptoms, including fever, cough, and nasal congestion
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea


Who Is At Risk For Zinc Deficiency?

Mostly those persons are exposed to Zinc deficiency who has some gut issues or difficulties in absorbing nutrients for instance older adults. Even breastfeeding infants and pregnant women are at high risk of zinc deficiency.

What Are The Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction?

If your Ed problem is not so severe try these remedies; change your diet, regular exercise, get enough sleep, lose excess weight, quit smoking, control your excessive alcoholism, and stress management, and try couple counseling.

Precautions Before Taking Zinc Supplements?

According to the U.S food and nutrition board consumption of more than 40mg of zinc, daily can be toxic. It is recommended to take these supplements 1-2 hours after meals and avoid taking mineral supplements simultaneously.

Consult your doctor before taking these supplements if you are already on blood pressure meds cause it will have an adverse effect on your health.

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