How To Maintain Erection For 30 Minutes

How To Maintain Erection For 30 Minutes

Are you finding it challenging to get and maintain erection during sex? Then you are not alone. ED has been one of the most common health issues in men with almost 30 million adult men suffering alone from it in the US. Most men associated it with age, but your ability to get and hold an erection is mainly determined by many factors. These include your diet, body weight, blood pressure, heart health along with your nerve function. A few psychological factors like the stress you are having due to your personal or professional life may impact your erections. But the good news is that many such factors are within your control. It means you can take some steps for protecting your erections and treating erectile dysfunction, often without having to use drugs such as Kamagra 100.

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How To Maintain An Erection?

A Cock Ring:

It keeps blood where you wish it that is in the shaft. It can aid to prevent venous leakage, a kind of erectile dysfunction. A new cock-ring-style device that is meant to help with erection difficulties, cure ED and keep strong erections is Giddy. 

Limit Intake Of Alcohol:

Heavy consumption of alcohol is linked to an increased sexual dysfunction risk. A few beers will not cause any harm and they could even help you in avoiding ED. 

Erectile Dysfunction And Alcohol: What’s the Connection?

Do Testosterones Test:

You must inform your doctor if you are having low levels of testosterone. It does not directly impact the mechanics that cause penile erections but it can also affect your desire. Your doctor can assist you to regain normal testosterone levels.

How To Keep An Erection?

Go Slow During Sex:

The extended erectile chambers spanning the length of your penis are called corpora cavernosa. A complete rupture will need you to go through surgery within 24 hours to pause internal bleeding. A little tear is not as bad as a complete rupture. Yet it might still cause challenges in the future. 

How To Maintain Erection For 30 Minutes

Maintain A Healthy Body Weight:

Excess weight or obesity can lower your libido and sex desire and increase the risk of STDs. So eat and maintain a healthy diet and daily exercise to maintain erection. 

Have Enough Rest:

You will experience 3-5 hour-long erections every night while sleeping. Such erections are not only to make your partner’s life more exciting. They supply the penis with oxygenated blood. Thus hey help to re-energize it. So try to take enough rest. 

How To Stay Hard During Sex?

Take Care Of Your Diet:

If you wish to eat healthier, start with the Mediterranean diet. Unhealthy foods for your heart are also bad for your penis. Both your heart and penis depend on blood circulation to correctly function. So eating well may help both. 

Avoid Stress:

Stress and worry may increase your risk of ED. So invest time in activities like yoga, mindfulness, and meditation to lower your stress levels. 

Work On Your Kegels:

Pelvic floor exercises known as kegel exercises involve contraction and release of the muscles present in your pelvic floor. For men who had prostate cancer surgery, urologists suggest them opt for early penile rehabilitation such as Kegels. It is used along with drug therapy such as Cenforce 200.

Does Viagra Help Maintain An Erection?

Viagra works and increased the flow of blood to your penis. It helps you to have and keep a strong erection. But it works only if you are sexually stimulated. It comes as an oral tablet and you must use it under a doctor’s prescription. Other medicines like Super P Force, Malegra 200 helps in ED.

Tips for a Strong and Long-Lasting Erection

Cardio Exercise:

A smooth flow of blood is the key to a strong and healthy erection that lasts long. Cardio exercise will stimulate your heart to work harder and result in a stronger heart that will keep smooth and steady blood circulation. Cardio exercises include 20 minutes of jogging each day, 2km of daily walking or aerobic exercise. Avoid cycling as this cardio exercise may increase your risk of developing ED. The more you will regularly exercise, the more your blood vessels lining the arteries will become healthier and more flexible. They will contribute to the strength of a penile erection. 

exercise for Erectile Dysfunction

Give Up Smoking:

Smoking causes many health issues such as ED. According to a survey, men who do not smoke tend to have a very satisfying sex life. The reason being smoking can cause impotence and impact the strength of your erection. Other studies that were conducted also found evidence that the penises of smokers are smaller than those of non-smokers. It is because smoking causes damage to the penile tissues and makes them less elastic. So the penis is difficult to tense even when stimulated though. 

Having Caffeine:

Not always, caffeine is good for your body. But as per research, this compound can help you to maintain erections that are healthy and strong. Caffeine includes properties similar to ED drugs like Sildenafil. Men who have 2-3 cups of coffee every day tend to have a lower risk of ED compared to those who avoid such drinks. If you want to maintain erection for 30 minutes, try this tip.


It may sound strange, but the same chemical controls erection and yawning. Is it nitric oxide that is secreted in the brain. It travels through the nerves that control the opening of the mouth and breathing. It can be channeled down the spinal cord to blood vessels that play a major role in bringing blood to the penis. So you can try to occasionally yawn before sex to help stimulate nitric oxide release that can contribute to good, long-lasting erections. 

Bottom Line

Erections may seem simple, but your body does a few serious works behind the scenes to aid you have and stay hard during sex. If you find it challenging to get and maintain an erection during lovemaking, the tips listed above can help you to bring an improvement in overall health, maintain a good enough erection and lower your risk of developing ED over time. If you are suffering from persistent ED or see that only lifestyle changes are not enough to treat weaker erections, you may wish to consider using drugs such as Vidalista 40 to improve your erections.

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