How To Spice Up Your Sex Life?

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life?

If you are just a beginner who has just entered the initial phase of a relationship, what exactly ‘good’ sex life means might not be clear to you yet. But take a word from experts, There is a huge difference between good sex and bad sex. Although it’s not exactly bad, many people refer to it as unsatisfying sex.

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You might argue here that sex is not the only thing that matters in the relationship. It’s like asking why sex is important. And you are not absolutely incorrect about this. However, you can say it’s a very crucial part of a healthy relationship not to mention a ‘satisfying sex life’. Meanwhile, check out the top quality ED meds such as Aurogra 100, Fildena 100, and many more from the website of medicscales. 

So today, we are bringing a 101 guide for beginners to spice up their sex life(well it’s not just for beginners only, if you are too lagging behind in this aspect go through this article and improve your ways).  

What Is A Healthy Sex Life?

Before you set out on a journey of spicing your sex life, it’s important to understand the definition or true meaning of what exactly healthy sex life looks like. For starters, So many factors such as your state of mind both physiological and emotional, your tastes, your marital situation, and your morals influence the aspect.  


Usually, people all over the world follow the following universal characteristics.

  • It must be mutually agreeable, courteous, and pleasurable.
  • It should be devoid of violence, compulsion, or damage.
  • Open communication, closeness, and shared confidence should predicate the aspect.
  • It should be aligned with your sexual and personal objectives.
  • It can vary to accommodate changes in your own conditions, such as stress, sickness, or age.

How To Improve Sex Life?

Now you know, how the majority of people define a healthy sex life, it will give you some idea of the foundation for a fulfilling sexual relationship. But be prepared because it’s a very bumpy ride from here and a mere single-seated conversation won’t help you. You might even have to get vulnerable in front of your partner. Just remember that it takes what it takes if both of you really want to work on bettering your sex life. 

Here are some proven tips & techniques to get a better look into your sex life;

Have Fun Together

You know many times fun activities and laughing together brings you closer than you actually think. It clears up tension in the air and builds intimacy that can end up with both of you in the bedroom. However, do not forget to take Alvitra 20 Mg or Vidalista 20 before you get into bed. 

Get Daring Together

We know it might sound a little cringy but sex adventure is the fantasy of many like having coitus in a public place or in the back seat of the taxi. Well, it can really vary for everyone(shrugs). 

However, while seeking a thrill do not forget about your partner’s consent and safety. Just discover novel techniques to increase sexual arousal that suit you both. If your sexual dysfunctions come in the way of your pleasure take Malegra 100 or Super P Force but do not forget to consult your doctor first. 

Get Sexuality Education Together 

It’s a very important aspect of a human being’s life and it should be taught as basic education to children in school. They should know what happens in sex life. In fact, these days many schools have adopted comprehensive sex education programs that cover topics such as safe sex, STDs/STIs, sexual health, sexual identity, gender, and sexuality. 

So if you are not aware of these things there is no shame in it, as long as you possess the willingness to learn it. 

Develop Your Endurance

The greatest complaint of all time is their partner is not able to last longer in bed. Do you know who is the main culprit behind it? Of course, it’s stamina or endurance. However, there is a way to solve the issue. Kegel exercises are employed to make the skeletal muscles at the bottom of your pelvis stronger. Thus enhancing your stamina and endurance in bed. 

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Explore New Techniques And Positions 

Engaging in those few old sex positions all the time may bore you and your partner. Although it might be comfortable for both of you, exploring new positions might spice up your experience and pleasure. You never know what will hit your spot unless you try them. 

But the most important thing is you communicate everything beforehand with your partner and ask whether they are okay with it. If it seems too much for them, you can always start by taking baby steps or even by using sex toys.

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Be Open About Your Fantasies 

Let’s be honest here everyone When you were in the ‘being single’ phase, you had quite some fantasies that you always dreamed of doing with your partner. Now that you are in a relationship be open about it. 

We know it might be a little embarrassing to communicate if you have quite unique fantasies. In order to be able to share these things related to sex life you need to build very strong trust levels, so work on this thing first. 

Be a Good Listener 

It’s essential to provide a secure environment for your partner’s sexual dreams and demands in order to establish a successful sexual connection. Your spouse is a unique person with their own sexual dreams and demands, so it’s important to pay attention to them and refrain from pressuring them into having sex when they’re not feeling it.

Rather, give acceptance and room without pressuring the other person into having sex, since this might possibly erode the bond in sex life. Keep in mind that your spouse is not a sex machine, thus it is crucial to comprehend their feelings. 

Address Your Sexual Dysfunctions Together 

These days our lives are filled with so much stress, pollution, unhealthy diets, and so on. This leads to deteriorated sexual health which gives birth to multiple sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, arousal disorder, lack of sexual desire, and many more to create havoc in sex life.

However, there are plenty of treatment options available such as Cenforce 100 mg, Cenforce D so on. But what matters is that you are there to support them. 

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Attempt To Relax Before Having Sex

Build the tone for sex by choosing the appropriate soothing music, the environment, and pre-sex practices. To make having intercourse feel like the appropriate choice, plan a date out with your partner, such as a candlelit dinner or nightclub. Even seemingly insignificant aspects can have a big impact and make it simpler to reintroduce sex to your relationship.

Always Remember Communication Is a Must

Sexual fulfillment depends on interactions, which increases the duration of orgasms in women and increases pleasure in all genders. Improved intimacy requires active listening, thorough consideration of issues, and awareness of nonverbal clues. Being honest and forthright with your spouse is crucial, particularly if anything is getting in the way of your most crucial aspects of sex life i.e., pleasure and sexual fulfillment.

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