Imutrex (Methotrexate) - 2.5mg

2.5mgPricePrice/unitQuantityAdd To Cart
30 Tablet/s$10.00$0.33/Piece
60 Tablet/s$19.00$0.32/Piece
90 Tablet/s$27.00$0.3/Piece

Imutrex 10mg (Methotrexate) - 10mg

10mgPricePrice/unitQuantityAdd To Cart
30 Tablet/s$24.00$0.8/Piece
60 Tablet/s$45.00$0.75/Piece
90 Tablet/s$66.00$0.73/Piece

Imutrex 7.5mg (Methotrexate) - 7.5mg

7.5mgPricePrice/unitQuantityAdd To Cart
30 Tablet/s$18.00$0.6/Piece
60 Tablet/s$33.00$0.55/Piece
90 Tablet/s$48.00$0.53/Piece


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