7 Best Ways to Increase Penis Sensitivity

7 Best Ways to Increase Penis Sensitivity

7 Best Ways to Increase Penis Sensitivity

The procedures aimed at improving penis sensitivity can considerably help in improving sexual health and, therefore, the quality of life of many men. Loss of sensation can be unpleasant at times causing a reduction in the overall sexual pleasure and feelings of stress. In this context, it is important to establish the causes of these phenomena to systematize the problems and develop methods to work on their improvement.

One of the method to deal with your sensitive lost penis is to address the underlying cause such as ED with reliable meds like Tadalista 20 Mg or Vidalista 40 Mg.

Here, the blog describes nine techniques, which have been proven scientifically to enhance erection and glans sensitivity while making sure each technique recommended corresponds to the overall data and doctors’ advice. With the inclusion of the above-mentioned strategies in your day-to-day life, you may possibly earn higher pleasure and satisfaction during sexual activity and therefore you will be entitled to have a better intimate life.

What Is Loss Of Penis Sensitivity?

If you are a GenZ, let us put it this way; penis numbness is nothing but numb junk or tingle trouble n your language. Well, these are just a few slang words, there are many more, look it up on the internet. However, in the medical realm, people refer to it as penile hypoesthesia. 

From those slang terms, you might have got the slightest idea of what this condition must be, but if you are still unsure, penile hypoesthesia is a situation when your man shaft, i.e, the penis doesn’t feel a thing. 

No matter how you touch it, you can’t seem to feel aroused. 

Treat your ED with the old classic Cenforce 200 Black Pill and Vidalista Black 80 from the Medicscales. 

However, the sensation lost in the penis may differ from one man to another depending on several factors. In some cases, it can be complete analgesia, which means that there is a complete lack of any type of sensation. For others, it can result in a reduced strength of sexual arousal and orgasmic dysfunction specifically involving penetrative sex as long as there is clitoral stimulation.

Causes Of Reduced Penis Sensitivity

We would like to just stress that by identifying a cause, there is a greater likelihood of eradicating the problem because now you have some idea about the roots. So the question is what could potentially lead to this rather specific problem?

If the penis is healthy then upon receipt of sexual stimuli the nervous system in the body mobilizes blood vessels so as to facilitate a boost of the level of blood in the erectile tissues. It is that increase in blood flow that makes you hard particularly when you are prepare for sexual activity. 

If your penis looks anything but less sensitive, then there seems to be an issue with this mechanism. So the following are possibilities that could impede this mechanism;

  • Aging 
  • Nerve injury 
  • Sexual health problems like ED, however, visit the Medicscales portal to find best ED remedies like Nizagara 100 and many more. 
  • Factors related to lifestyle
  • Mental health concerns:
  • Certain prescription and OTC drugs
  • Physical tension
  • Hormonal disproportions
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Inadequate circulation of blood 

Ways To Deal With Sensitive Penis

As long as sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction are causes of your lost penis sensitivity, the quicker way to fix is pills like Alvitra 20 Mg or Fildena 120. However, some people might prefer these synthetic pills as their first choice, they like to keep them as their last resort.

In such cases, the following tricks and tips can be handy solutions. Try these things in a gentle way as you are dealing with a sensitive area.

Try Using Less Lube To Increase Friction

It’s not a good tactic to either use too much or too little lubricant. You need to find a balance between the two. When too much lube is used, it can reduce friction hence erection maintenance can be difficult. On the other hand, if too little lube is used, penetration might become tough, which can be bad for vaginal walls. 

So next time find a balanced amount of lubrication, if your natural moisture is sufficient for penetration skip the lube altogether. This gives you a more sensitive, receptive sensation that facilitates orgasm.

Seek Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

In some cases, the signs of erectile dysfunction are mask by indications that present your penis as less sensitive. Fortunately, erectile dysfunction is very often a curable condition depending on the use of medications that are approved by the FDA and include. Sildenafil imbibed Aurogra 100mg or Tadalafil embedded Super Vidalista.

The above-mentioned medications help in the way that needs more blood flows into your penis when you are sexually stimulated, so that you and your partner can enjoy satisfying and pleasurable sexual activities.

Change Your Favorite Sex Position

We are aware that you have a soft spot for old classics, but sometimes it may be necessary to start writing new plays. Switching up between positions not only helps jazz up the act, but it also has various benefits as can see. This can alter the feeling for both of you, despite the fact that if you are in new positions, the direct connection between the genitals also differs.  

There is a whole different world of sexual position that can help you to amp your game in the bed. Refer to this article ‘Top Sex Positions With Your Partnerfor more detailed view.

Try Adjusting The Way You Sit

If you ever choose to sit in a fashion where your bum does not take all your weight or if in a situation where much pressure is applied to the perineal region, then you stand the chance of compromising the pudendal nerve which is responsible for relaying genital feelings to the brain.

So choose postures in which you bear more weight on your butts and minimal pressure on your perineal area. Standing intermittently also helps to reduce pressure and the possibilities of developing nerve pain. Mind how you sit and take Valif 20mg for your ED manifestations. 

If You’re A Cyclist, Try Taking A Break

Talking about your pudendal nerve, cycling despite being good cardio and rather eco-friendly means of transportation is unhealthy because it puts quite a bit of pressure on that nerve if done for a long time, on an uncomfortable seat. 

If you are a regular cyclist and you notice that, after a prolonged period of cycling, your penis fails to feel as sensitive as it normally does, then just give it a break. Even if you choose to ride, take shorter ride with more comfortable seats.

Use A Loose Grip When You Masturbate

Have you felt that, while masturbating your penis sensitivity doesn’t seems to be a problem? If yes, then it is high time to take a break from jerking. Jerking many times leads to ED as well (if not done correctly), in such case, don’t fret much and simply visit Medicscales to order evergreen Tastylia or Super Tadapox pills.

The harder your grip is while masturbating the more tissues are getting damage hence leading to an increase in sensitivity gradually. Either try taking a break from it or change the way you hold your man shaft while jerking it off.

Consider Switching Medications

Perhaps the synthetic pharmacy stuff you are putting in yourself might be the cause of lost sensitivity. It might be the case that any long-term or short-term based medication you are taking from your ailments might be causing you a problem. 

However, this is a bit of a challenge to determine yourself, so in such a case, confer with a doctor who is prescribing you those meds. If not them, consult some expert like a sexologist.

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