Intacaine Jelly (Lidocaine) - 20mg

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As a local anesthetic gel, Intacaine Jelly is used to treat PE, however it has no long-term effects.
It is quite simple to use and acts more quickly to dull pain and prevent premature ejaculation.
In comparison to PE tablets, which act somewhat slowly, it is a simple substitute.
It doesn’t have any serious adverse effects when taken properly.

How to Work Intacaine Jelly?

It is the active ingredient is lidocaine. As it works to numb the penile and head and penile shaft, it has a specialized and straightforward machine. Intacaine Jelly serves to lessen sensitivity there rather than numbing it, though. It is a simple substitute for PE, which works by obstructing sensory nerves. Additionally, It successfully lessens the penile organ’s sensitivity. As a result, full feelings are not lost. Men can therefore have longer, more intense sexual encounters.


You must use this gel in accordance with your doctor’s instructions and only use it under medical supervision. Prior to using Intacaine gel, you should, however, thoroughly read the instruction manual.
At least 15 to 20 minutes before making love, use incline. The penile head and shaft should be gently massaged with a tiny amount of Intacaine Jelly gel.
In order to avoid the partner’s reproductive organ becoming numb, your doctor may additionally suggest rinsing the gel after it has finished its job. Up to 36 hours pass before it Gel starts to take action.
To assist you reduce your feelings, you must calculate the appropriate amount of gel to use.

Precautions of Intacaine Jelly

To avoid experiencing any unwanted effects, always take Intacaine Jelly under medical supervision. If you have an allergy to any active or inactive component, tell your doctor before using the gel. Please let me know if you have a fresh medicine allergy problem as well.
On an open wound or a scar, avoid using Intacaine Jelly. The medicine will enter the circulation instantly and quickly as a result, which may cause harmful side effects.
Additionally, before utilizing this, patients who have allergies to other anesthetic medications should contact their doctor.
It should not be used in greater doses since doing so will affect your health.

Side Effects

  • Giddiness
  • Sleepiness
  • Blurred vision
  • Fainting


If you notice an allergic response, such as a skin rash, do not use it. If you see these symptoms, tell your doctor right away.
If your spouse is expecting, do not use gel. However, talk to your health specialist about the advantages and disadvantages.
You must first speak with your doctor if your spouse is nursing and you plan to take it for PE.
If you have a liver or renal issue, Intacaine Jelly is safe for you to use. However, before using it, let your doctor know if you have any health issues.

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