International Earth Day 2022- Go green on Earth


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Each year 22nd of April is celebrated as International Earth Day. This day is observed for making people aware of the importance of environmental protection. It is a reminder of protecting our environment, restoring damaged ecosystems, and living a sustainable life.

There is a huge increase in pollution and different activities. These either directly or indirectly have a negative effect on our environment. As a result, it causes the destruction of our planet. The idea of Earth Day was discovered after many challenges such as pollution, smog, etc. became the main reasons for damage to our environment. In 1970 it was first celebrated. 2022 marks its 52nd anniversary.

Significance of International Earth Day

  • Day sheds its light on different aspects of the environment. Such issues surround our planet.
  • We have seen many climate events in the last few years that have affected many people.
  • The pandemic is too linked tour the ecosystem’s health. You can use Generic Viagra for men’s health.
  • Apart from climate changes, man-made changes to our nature and crimes disrupting biodiversity like deforestation, change in land use, livestock production, and the increasing illegal trade of wildlife; all these can increase the speed of our planet’s destruction.
  • That day will create awareness among people to take necessary actions and conduct eco-friendly activities for saving our environment.
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The theme of International Earth Day

  • This day is celebrated to remind everyone that the healthier we keep our ecosystems the healthier will be our planet and us.
  • If we restore our damaged ecosystem, it will aid us in ending poverty, combatting climate change, and preventing mass extinction.
  • We can only be successful in this mission if everyone takes part in it.
  • This year International Earth Day has a theme. “Invest in our Planet.”
  • This theme highlights the requirement for people to be together and begin to take measures for protecting biodiversity and our planet.
  • No longer is climate change an unknown thing to anyone.
  • Incidents related to fires and floods are also increasing.
  • So it is crucial to take control of the situation and take action accordingly.

Activities on International Earth Day

There are many activities that we can perform to celebrate International Earth Day. Here are some activities that we can incorporate into our everyday life to bring a big change:

1. Start planting trees:

  • It is the first thing that we can start to do on this day.
  • Trees will beautify an area and help our environment in different ways such as producing oxygen, filtering out any pollutants, and this cleaning our surrounding air.

2. Collecting trash from the roadside:

  • It is never a job that is meant for only a few people.
  • But picking up trash from our roadside will keep our surroundings clean.
  • So encourage kids to keep the environment clean.
  • Ask them to pick up and segregate the trash.
  • It will not only clean your area but will also stop it to become a breeding ground for various diseases.

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3. Educating ourselves and everyone around us

  • It is one of the greatest activities for protecting the earth that we can practice on this day.
  • Efforts have already started to raise awareness among schools and institutions.
  • Elderly people too must check their actions that may lead to environmental damage.

Events in celebration of International Earth Day

  • NASA and the network of official Earth Day together are hosting both online and in-person events to celebrate the International Earth Day 2022.
  • It is designed for promoting the beauty of our planet and ways of protecting it.
  • The event will cover everything starting from the restoration of climate, the resilience of the supply chain to the security of food, and so on.
  • It includes panelists from private and public sector leaders, scientists, activists, and influencers.


So on this International Earth Day let us all come together and be on a mission of diversifying, educating, and activating the environmental movement all over the world. Stay focussed to accelerate solutions to combat the greatest threat- climate change and activate our government, business, and citizens to actively do their part. Generic Pharmacy solves your ED issues.

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