International Women’s Day 2022 Life of Women Globally

International Women’s Day 2022 Life of Women Globally

Women’s day is a favorite today of all the women and why not after all the scarifies and all the love and affection they give they deserve to enjoy, to celebrate. More power and more love to all the women because they are special in every sense.

But the reality is far from this Women face endless challenges every day across the globe. Women are judge day in and day out but at the same time for the same reasons men are not judge. Unfair right yes it is and no one cares about it.

List of Few Judgments Women Face Across The Globe

Being judged for Career centric:

yes while a man can be career-centric we women are judge for being powerful, bossy, and focusing on our careers. Love yourself ladies and love your work furthermore. No one can stop you from building a successful career and yes we are multi-taskers too. Women are capable of handling everything a career home and kids but leave her alone no judgments just support whether it’s your sister, wife, or mother we least expect are men supporting not judge.

Being judged for clothing choice:

Yes while men can dress the way they like short, topless, casual, formal women are being judge and expect to dress a certain way after a wedding especially, on occasions. Men have no restrictions, why should women be restrict or judge? Clothes don’t define us.

Being overweight:

Women are being judge for their bodies, their weight their skin tone, and their flaws. Even an overweight man needs a slim and hot girlfriend disgusting. for women societies have beauty standards body standards only for women? Women embrace yourself love yourself accept your body type and flaunt it with confidence don’t pay attention to people who judge.

For being smart:

Yes being smart is a virtue for men for women being smart means being over smart yes that’s what you are call by society.  Because they can’t digest the fact that women are confident, they have more IQ and can handle situations better at the workplace and at home. Women can give outstanding performance in studies, sports, and work. It’s ok being over smart women, what’s not ok is to be ignorant.

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Multiple sexual partners:

Yes women are judge and slut shamed for their sexual choices, and partners. The number of sexual partners, if a woman’s loves someone, she is judge, and if she is not happy in her marriage she is judge. If she is a lesbian she is judge, if she likes both men and women still judged, if she has multiple sexual partners still judged. Sexual judgment almost all women face they are look upon and judged. Women are judge even when they are buying condoms or buying themselves femalegra 100 mg or Fliban 100 mg. while men can buy Kamagra, viagra, sex toys, or condoms easily. Women can also have low sex drive women also needs pills just like a man does. Yes, women also need sexual pleasure, not only men. Women’s don’t pay attention to these judgments and live life the way they want. Buy Fliban 100mg Pink pills use them and enjoy a night filled with ecstasy and pleasure. Why should only men have all the pleasure and fun women can also enjoy their sexual life? 

This International women’s day take a pledge to support all women around and stop judging them support them in their studies, at work, at home, and in public places.

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