International Women’s Day 2023 – Embrace Equity

International Women's Day 2023 – Embrace Equity

For decades the world has been celebrating and commemorating women’s day or International Women’s Day on the 8th of march every year. The day is celebrated to acknowledge all the efforts and sacrifices of women enthusiastically and heartily. But once the day is over all cheerfulness will come back to the ground.

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It’s been enough. All women had gone through a fair share of emotional, mental, and physical harassment. They’ve had enough of trauma and assault. Now it’s time to truly and honestly appreciate women for their success, their efforts, their sacrifices, their love, and their care. To the aid of women all over the world, IWD has initiated an ideology for 2023 called Embrace Equity. #EmbraceEquity.   

According to a recent survey, very shocking facts came to light. As of 2022, Europe has the largest proportion of internet users in the world, with 89% of females and 90% of males using the internet.  But the gap between male and female users is substantial. These were numbers and statistics of a developed nation. Imagine if this is the gap in the developed nations then what would be the numbers of developing and underdeveloped ones?  

In order to create awareness and uplift women. the UN International Women’s Day initiated a theme for 2023; DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

International Women’s Day 2022 Life of Women Globally
International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2023; DigitAll

The theme for 2023 is just what we needed in this technology age. And, thankfully, we are having it this year. This issue is associated with the key theme for the upcoming 67th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Innovation, Development and technological transformation, and digital literacy for gender equality for uplifting the women and girls in society. 

Women have contributed innumerable advancements to the digital realm in which we constantly live. Right from the early days of computers to the contemporary age of augmented worlds and artificial intelligence. Their achievements have come against all difficulties, in a field that has traditionally neither embraced nor respected them.

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Today, a significant gender gap in internet access prevents women from reaping the benefits of modern tech. The unequal treatment in STEM education and jobs continues to be a significant impediment to their engagement in tech innovation and leadership. Yet the constant danger of cyber female violence, combined with an inadequate civil action, pulls women away from the digital world they do enter all too frequently.

Additionally, the pandemic didn’t do any good. But we are hoping this International women’s Day campaign will be the biggest hit. On this women’s day, all policymakers, Government agencies, and business sectors are coming together to give a push to this particular gender in the digital world by making it much safer. Faced with a slew of global challenges, we got an opportunity to build a brighter future—not only for the female gender, yet for humankind and all species on Earth. Join us in lending a helping hand to this much-needed cause.

International Women’s Day 2023

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Other Issues That Women Encounter

Apart from all the ruckus of lack of participation in the digital world, there are still a lot more challenges that are faced by women in their daily lives.   

  • Getting publicly assessed for Career-focused
  • Getting criticized for your outfit selection
  • Body shamed almost every day 
  • Criticized for oversharing, socializing, and expressing their opinions. 
  • Humiliated by their sexual preferences, and choice of partners

Being judge for their sexual needs and wants is very difficult. They have needs just like men. And too often they suffer from sexual dysfunctions that they feel ashamed to discuss with anyone. Women, like males, can have low sexual desire and hence require medications. Women, like men, require sexual pleasure. If you acquire Fliban 100mg, you will have a night full of excitement and pleasure.

These were just a few from the whole list of injustices faced by women. Even after being through all these difficulties they chose to fight for themselves and stand for each other.


Finally, as we commemorate the centennial of International Women’s Day 2023; we must do more to capitalize on the opportunities and abilities of half of humankind. Rather than simply seeking to establish women’s rights in theory. It’s possible that along with the upliftment of women in society, all other problems such as; poverty, hunger deaths, disease, and environmental degradation can be reduced to so much extent. This will lead to harmony and peace in humankind.

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