International Women’s Day 2024

International Women's Day 2024

It’s been our tradition to celebrate Women’s Day for so long, and we have been commemorating it genuinely (at least in a majority of countries). It’s a good thing that we have been carrying out this legacy, but today’s generation and the upcoming ones have lost the true meaning of This Day.

Their way of celebrating such an auspicious day is to run over social media and post kinds of stuff like “Happy Women’s Day”, women empowerment, equality, and so on, without even truly understanding the history and significance behind it.

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The purpose of International Women’s Day is to respect and recognize the efforts and accomplishments of women late in history, and not merely to post on social media. We must make sure that everyone knows the significance of this day, including ourselves.

What Is Women’s Day And Why Is It Celebrated?

Women’s Day is a worldwide incident that happens every year to celebrate the entire women’s race and the things they do. Celebrating it serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight for gender equality in every field, whether social, economic, cultural, or even political.

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It is the day that reminds us to treat women equally and to honor their achievements and contributions to the betterment of this planet. In fact, the day tells us that there shouldn’t be a particular day to celebrate such triumphs. Because the fight for gender equality and the need to continue empowering ladies in all aspects of life is perpetual. All of us need to continuously remind ourselves of this perpetual thing to ensure that we make progress and provide ladies with the respect and opportunities they deserve.

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When Is International Women’s Day 2024?

In less than two weeks, the world will mark International Women’s Day 2024, i.e, 8th March a day dedicated to honoring the accomplishments and difficulties faced by women across a range of industries and domains.

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It’s also a time that stresses gender justice and equal treatment by extending public consciousness about these issues in every corner of the world. “Choose to Challenge” is the chosen theme for International Women’s Day 2024, wherein we are urged to stand against the existing quo, speak up, and step up in support of our fellow women. 

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This Day began at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The time when ladies began to mobilize globally to claim entitlements and voice their opposition to injustice and gender bias. Since then, organizations and people all around the world have joined together to celebrate women’s successes. They also pushed ahead with initiatives like International Women’s Day.

Why Is International Women’s Day On March 8?

On this specific date in 1917, Russian women initiated a protest for ‘bread and peace,’ a movement deeply rooted in history that eventually brought about the downfall of the Tsar and stopped suffrage for Russian women.

This historical event marked a significant turning point in the fight for females, making March 8th a symbolic date to memorialize and continue advocating for gender equity worldwide. One of the genius minds at the United Nations Organization sprouted this initiative.

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Why Does International Women’s Day Matter?

International Women’s Day should matter everywhere because for ages, men, although not now, have been the sole breadwinners. This means men stepped out of the house, socialized, and worked while confining women to domestic duties.

In return, everyone in the surroundings understood men, and women had to suffer in silence. In fact, after much research, in one of the global bestselling books, i.e, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, John Gray said ‘Women are happy when they are being understood’. 

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This Day presents an opportunity to change this conventional thought process and establish gender parity in communication. This enables ladies to express themselves freely and truly understood. By encouraging open dialogue and active listening between males and females, we can bridge the communication gap and create a more inclusive society where everyone’s voice is heard.

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Importance Of International Women’s Day

The importance of International Women’s Day goes beyond just empowering them in every materialist aspect it also points us to look after women’s health. Either by facilitating better access to healthcare services or by raising awareness about ladies-specific health issues, whatever is much needed. 
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