International Youth Day – August 12, 2023

International Youth Day

In ancient times the difficulties of youth were less understood and there was no attention given to hardships.

The increasing cases of suicides, illiteracy, and other hard bounds faced by the youth, gave rise to the need for an International Day of Youth.

What is International Day of Youth?

The prime focus of this day is to increase awareness in the youth, promoting the right way to solve problems and giving the right path that will clear the hurdles. The main focus is also to impart education to the youth.

Youth Day

What is the History of International Youth Day?

In 1965, the problems of Youth were first addressed by the United Nations General Assembly. The first proposal of making the Youth Day was done in 1999. In 2000 the first Youth Day was celebrate.

With the increased cases of illiteracy and with the motive of empowering the youth the great minds first came together and devoted time for Youth education development.

In ancient times youth were also employe without paperwork, which also deprived them of basic rights. The engagement of Youth in seminars and awareness counseling made them aware of such rights.

In the present times, the youth openly discuss their problems with government or private organizations.

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When is International Youth Day 2023?

The International Youth Day is Celebrated on 12th August 2023. 

How to Celebrate Youth Day?

There is nothing better than imparting education to the youth and showing them the right direction. You can enquire about the mentorship programs and get involv in the celebrations.

Various parades and celebrations are happening at many of the places, it’s fun to watch those or participate in one of such events.

Be sporting to hear out problems of Youth or getting connect with the fresh ideas of youth.

Often this day is also celebrate with different themes. Asian countries are focusing on celebrating Youth Day and wanting to have more participants in politics and current affairs.

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There are many award ceremonies at different places that do give recognition to the youth for their achievements on this special day. This day also focuses on global problems and measures. It feels great to focus on various things.

If you have a sporting spirit then you could also join the debate sessions this could eventually clear the air of confusion.

The theme also discussed the problems of transforming education and how every youth could have an equal right to this.

Not just the education, the participants will also enjoy watching art and musical shows. This day is fun filled with multiple happening events. Many of them are free of cost and yes if there are purchases then they are chargeable.

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Why are Parents Happy Celebrating Youth Day?

Giving a new ray of hope to the new generation is indeed a great idea. The youth day brings in umpteen opportunities to socialize with like-minded people. There are always positive reinforcements with ongoing seminars and training programs about various verticals and sectors.

Young minds have a lot of capabilities; it is significant to channel them in the right direction. Celebration of these days brings in a lot of new hopes and wings of opportunity. International Youth Day is a festival and a new way of positive change.


Is August 12th International Youth Day?

Yes, International Youth Day is commemorated every year on 12 August.

What is the International Youth Day?

International Youth Day began in 2000. It was created through the UN to acknowledge the contribution young people contribute to education and environmental groups, community development and volunteering for various social causes.

What is the age limit for World Youth Day 2023?

The target age for WYD internationally is 18-35.

What is the purpose of Youth Day?

Youth Day, as it is called, is a holiday that South Africans honour the youth who were ambushed by the police of the apartheid regime in Soweto on June 16, 1976.

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