How Do You Check If Your Medicines Are Duplicated Or Original Online?

How Do You Check If Your Medicines Are Duplicated Or Original Online?

The online world is growing in leaps and bounces and it has enabled a smooth flow of service and goods from one hand to another. However, nothing comes this easily, there is always some kind of price to pay. Similarly, the uprising technology is bringing some cons with it. Speaking particularly from the standpoint of business or consumer websites one of the major concerns is the presence of counterfeit or duplicated products, including medicines. 

The number of these fake website operators has risen in the present times. That’s why ensuring your medication’s authenticity has become very crucial. This blog is a short guide to help you identify the signs of a legitimate online pharmacy and avoid falling victim to counterfeit medications. One more thing, remember to always prioritize your health and safety over convenience when purchasing medications online. 

Importance of Medicines

Medicines are those things the importance of which cannot overstate. We surely don’t live in a fantasy wonderland where everyone is immune to getting sick. In this realist world, where global warming is triggering the rise of new viruses(such as Coronavirus) now and then. In such a world, everyone gets sick and medicines are essential for treating and managing various health conditions. 

If these very medicines adulter it becomes a matter of deep concern. And unfortunately, this same thing is happening everywhere these days. That’s why it becomes our responsibility to look after ourselves and save our health from those counterfeit medicines. 


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Original or Duplicates: Check Using Online Verification Tools

How to tell whether the website is engaged in the original or duplicate distribution of medicines? The first solution is to take the help of an online verification tool. With these tools, you can unveil the truth behind your medications and discover if they are the real deal or not. These tools will guide you to the right answers and help you avoid fake drugs.

These tools are easy and hassle-free to use, Moreover, some of the verification tools available on the internet are completely free to use. So next time you shop on the internet market make sure to verify medication before you administer them for your conditions. 

Tips To Get Original Medicine Online

Here are some more proven hacks that you can apply to get qualitative and only original medicines when you shop online. 

  • Authentication via the Manufacturer’s Website

When you visit any particular website check the authenticity of the vendor’s site along with their products. You may wonder how to do it. For instance, first, look at whether the portal’s connection is secure or not(i.e, the URL’s structure; http or https, and padlock symbol). 

Check how that pharma company ranks in terms of customer reviews and ratings. Look for any certifications or accreditations that the website or vendor may have, as this can indicate their credibility. Additionally, you can also cross-check the medication’s details and packaging with the manufacturer’s official website to ensure its authenticity.  

  • Reading Product Labels and Packaging

Usually, when we buy food packets from supermarkets, we tend to check the labels and other ingredients contained in them, the same thing can be done with medicines. The benefit of doing so is that you will also get to know if it contains any substance that you are allergic to. 

Reading medicines’ labels will help you understand their legitimacy. Moreover, you can check for the logo, its color, the spelling, and so on, these things will definitely help you differentiate counterfeit medications from original and genuine ones. 

Additionally, you can also inspect the packaging because it can tell a lot about the reputation of the pharma company. Checking for certificates or stamps of approval will help you make sure the drug is made by a reputable, legally compliant business.

  • Online Resources for Medication Safety

Certain online tools such as the FDA’s MedWatch ensure medication safety. You may report any negative reactions or fake pharmaceuticals you’ve come across using this service/tool of the FDA. Likewise, there are many online forums and communities available on the internet that dedicate to medication safety and can provide valuable insights and recommendations from other users who have had similar experiences. You can remain knowledgeable and choose wisely about the drugs you are taking by making use of these resources.  

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