Isotroin Soft-Capsules (Isotretinoin) - 5mg

5mgPricePrice/unitQuantityAdd To Cart
30 Capsule/s$26.00$0.87/Piece
60 Capsule/s$51.00$0.85/Piece
90 Capsule/s$74.00$0.82/Piece

Isotroin 10mg Soft Capsules (Isotretinoin) - 10mg

10mgPricePrice/unitQuantityAdd To Cart
30 Capsule/s$42.00$1.4/Piece
60 Capsule/s$81.20$1.35/Piece
90 Capsule/s$120.40$1.34/Piece

Isotroin 20mg Soft Capsules (Isotretinoin) - 20mg

20mgPricePrice/unitQuantityAdd To Cart
30 Capsule/s$47.60$1.59/Piece
60 Capsule/s$92.40$1.54/Piece
90 Capsule/s$135.80$1.51/Piece

Isotroin 30mg Soft Capsules (Isotretinoin) - 30mg

30mgPricePrice/unitQuantityAdd To Cart
30 Capsule/s$51.80$1.73/Piece
60 Capsule/s$98.00$1.63/Piece
90 Capsule/s$141.40$1.57/Piece


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