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What is Lamivir 150mg?

Lamivir 150mg is a unique pill with multi-dimensional functions as it possesses the potential to kill two health ailments. Whether you are a victim of HIV infection or HBV the given drug is used for the treatment in both cases. However, the only that might change is the dosage and the duration of the treatment. Usually, in the case of the Hepatitis B virus, they are prescribed along with painkillers and other needed drugs. 

A dosage of Lamivir 150mg is mostly prescribed in the treatment regimen of the hepatitis b virus. Let’s take a brief look at the Hepatitis B life cycle before moving on to the pill;

What is Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a virus that infects the liver cells of the host. Generally, the virus transmits through the exchange of bodily fluids like blood, semen, saliva, etc. Even if the pregnant woman has HBV, she can pass it on to the newborn as well. 

A treatment regimen is planned based on the severity of the infection i.e., acute(lasts less than six months) or chronic (lasts more than six months), and how it affects the immunity system

Uses Of Lamivir 150mg

As we discussed earlier, doctors prescribe Lamivir 150 only for HIV and HBV infection. Cipla develops these drugs and ships them all over the world as the FDA has approved them.

A thorough examination of the patient is required before recommending the pill, since both these viruses have very complex mechanisms and affect the two very vital systems of the body i.e, the liver and immune system. 

How Lamivir 150mg Works?

Before we understand how the drug works, it’s important to understand the virus’s spreading mechanism. The virus primarily sits on the outer layer of liver cells and gradually enters the nucleus. Once inside the nucleus, the virus starts replicating and hijacking the cell’s machinery to produce more viruses with the help of an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. 

Lamivir 150mg is an antiviral drug that fights off the virus and hinders the enzyme from helping HBV replicate itself and multiply. If the condition was chronic, the liver cells of the patient might be substantially damaged. This drug also helps in mending the cells and scarred liver tissues. 

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Benefits Of Lamivir 150mg

Lamivir HBV 150mg benefits the patient in the following ways;

  • Firstly, it minimizes liver damage by stopping the virus from replicating and spreading further.
  • Liver inflammation is significantly reduced.
  • It also alleviates other symptoms of HBV such as abdominal pain and lack of energy. 
  • Addressing the condition at the right time can prevent serious health matters such as cirrhosis, fibrosis, and even liver cancer from occurring. 

Side Effects Of Lamivir 150mg

As long as you are thoroughly following your physician’s guidance you probably won’t face any serious side effects. Most of the side effects are usually bearable and go away with time. These are some of them;

  • Headache
  • stomach discomfort, nausea, and vomiting
  • fatigue and insufficient energy
  • Fever
  • feeling ill all over
  • Joint pain, soreness in the muscles
  • trouble sleeping
  • congested or runny nose, coughing
  • Rashes 
  • Hair fall

And in rare cases, it might also break down the tissues of muscles, which needs medical attention. That’s why it’s always recommended to inform your doctor about all the allergies and past medical conditions. 


  • If you are sensitive to the primary ingredient of the pill i.e, Lamivudine, inform your doctor beforehand. 
  • Doctors usually do not recommend the pill for mother-to-be women with HBV infection, unless there are special circumstances. But in any case, going with your doctor’s treatment plan is the wise choice. 
  • Breastfeeding mothers with the infection must strictly abstain from nursing their children, as they can transmit the virus and the drug particles to their babies. 
  • Patients with past or current kidney(renal) issues should use the pill with high caution. The same thing goes with liver issues as well.
  •  Do not engage in driving vehicles and handling risky machinery. Moreover strictly abstain from alcohol consumption. 


medication interactions occur when two different medication classes interact, and they can have negative consequences and can even result in fatalities. Be aware of them;

  • Acylin 
  • Viromax
  • Cliviral 
  • Logivir 
  • Acivir 
  • Xylitol
  • Mannitol 
  • Dolutegravir 

For a detailed list ask your doctor.


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