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Lamivir, or generic Lamivudine, is one of the popular prescription drugs used for dealing with HIV and HBV infections. The Lamivudine (Epivir) generic Lamivir HBV comes with many brand names, although the generic variants cost you less than the branded options. However, patients must remember that Lamivir is a part of HIV treatment plans only to support a combination therapy routine.

You would have to use this pill with other medications to treat the infection. In addition, patients must also know about the recommended usage of Lamivir and the factors which determine dosage. At the same time, you must also learn about the side effects of these drugs to keep yourself safe from unwanted concerns. The following guide helps you uncover the details of Lamivir and how you can use it for the best results.


The foremost aspect in an introduction to the Lamivir 100 mg tablet would refer to its chemical composition, i.e., Lamivudine. The concentration of 100 mg Lamivudine defines the generic composition of Lamivir and its functionalities as antiviral medicine. It is useful in treating HIV and chronic Hepatitis B infection by improving the strength of your body’s immune system and reducing risks from HIV-related complications. The Lamivir HBV tablet is useful for treating chronic liver infection in combination with other drugs. Most important of all, keep in mind that this tablet is not a cure for HIV or HBV infection.


The discussion on the uses of Lamivir would also emphasize the ideal practices for usage of the medicine. What is the ideal dosage for Lamivir? The answer would depend on many factors such as the type and severity of the infection, other medical conditions, and most important of all, your age. Generally, doctors would begin administering Lamivir with a small dosage and find the ideal dosage for the patient’s needs with time.

The typical daily dosage for adults in treating HIV infection is around 300 mg. In the case of children, this dosage may vary from 150 mg to 300 mg.

The general daily dose of generic Lamivir in the treatment of HBV infection amounts to 100 mg, and the dosage for children depends on the child’s weight. The maximum recommended dose of Lamivudine for chronic Hepatitis B infection in children is 100 mg. Most important of all, Lamivudine is not suitable for children below the age of 2 years.


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The benefits of Lamivir are also a significant part of a discussion on the drug and its effect. It is important to note that Lamivudine, the main ingredient in Lamivir, is a part of a group of drugs referred to as nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors or NRTIs. A specific group or class of drugs can help in treating similar conditions due to their similar working methods. One of the important highlights of Lamivir medication interactions refers to the fact that it does not cure HIV or HBV infection. On the contrary, it could help in slowing down the rapid progression of diseases by reducing the replication ability of viruses.

You must take note of the fact that HIV and HBV would need the reverse transcriptase enzyme for replicating and expanding in your body. Now, the nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors or NRTIs, such as Lamivudine, help in blocking the production of reverse transcriptase enzymes. As a result, the HIV and HBV infection could not find any opportunity for replication and growth.

Its use to treat HIV infection must also account for Lamivir pill interactions with HIV. When used as the sole medication for treating HIV infection, Lamivudine can lead to the development of drug resistance. Therefore, it is important to use Lamivir alongside other anti-retroviral medications for controlling HIV infection.

The work of Lamivir clearly showcases the effectiveness of the medication in dealing with HIV and chronic hepatitis B infection. You can fight off the rapid progress of infection and find opportunities for a better quality of life.


The side effects are also an important highlight you should take into account before using it. Patients must note that Lamivir tablets can create mild side effects as the body learns to familiarize itself with a new medication. On the other hand, you should also prepare for serious side effects in certain cases. The common side effects of Lamivudine include cough, fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, headache, or a runny nose.

Serious Lamivudine side effects can include lactic acidosis, severe allergic reactions, or pancreatitis. The symptoms of lactic acidosis can include weakness, stomach pain, and shallow breathing, while severe allergic reactions can manifest in the form of severe rashes or breathing problems. The impact of side effects like pancreatitis can lead to vomiting, pain, and a bloated stomach. While the common and mild symptoms might go away after some time, you have to consult a professional doctor in the case of serious side effects.


Lamivir Hbv Tablet must be used with caution under conditions such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Kidney (Renal Failure) and Heart diseases
  • Liver disease
  • Pancreatitis


Another crucial highlight of this medicine refers to drug interactions, which play a vital role in patient safety. You must be aware of the possibility of any negative reactions to using Lamivir with other drugs. You should not take Lamivir with drugs containing emtricitabine or a combination of sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. On top of it, you can find warnings & precautions against using Lamivudine with drugs containing Sorbitol.

In addition, you need to take note of side effects when used for specific individuals. For example, the safety concerns in using Lamivudine during pregnancy, call for a consultation with your doctor before using it. Similarly, you should be careful while using pills when you are consuming alcohol.


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The overview of the uses and side effects of Lamivir shows a perfect outline for using the drug. You must understand how the precautions and warnings alongside the storage information for medicine play a crucial role in ensuring its efficiency. At the same time, awareness regarding medication’s side effects and its work helps you use it in the best way possible. Go through the details of Lamivir once again and find cost-effective deals on the medication from Medic Scales right now.  



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What is the correct way to take Lamivir Hbv Tablets (Lamivudine)?

Lamivir HBV tablets dose must take at a specific time with an empty stomach. It is essential to swallow the entire tablet without chewing, crushing, or breaking it. Take it one hour before food or two hours after food.
  • Avoid drinking Alcohol
  • Be careful not to drive while you're taking this tablet
  • Other Medicines that are not prescribed
Store in a cool and dry area away from access to children. The medicine should not be used beyond when the date of expiration has passed.

Patients should always adhere to the doctor's prescriptions and directions for taking Lamivir Hbv tablet.

Do not miss a dose whenever you start thinking about it. If you are close to the time of your next dose, you can skip your missed dosage and return to the normal time. Don't take two doses at the same moment or additional doses.

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