Ledifos 400 mg/90 mg (Sofosbuvir/Ledipasvir) - 400mg+90mg

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What Is Ledifos 400 Mg/90 Mg?

Ledifos 400mg/90 mg is a very complex design of two potent drugs i.e., sofosbuvir and ledipasvir. Made for successful curing of chronic Hepatitis C virus(HCV).  You might wonder, don’t we have a vaccine for it? Unfortunately, we do have a vaccine but for Hepatitis B(HBV) only. There are many researches going on for developing HCV vaccine as well. Let’s learn more about HCV;

What Occurs After Hepatitis C Is Managed?

As we stated above, HCV is more severe than HBV that’s why a patient still gets ongoing symptoms after being cured of the virus. Moreover, the drug doesn’t act like a shield there are still chances of you getting reinfected with the virus. So make sure to attend every follow-up consultation. 

What Is Ledifos 400 Mg/90 Mg Used For?

The only approved use of Ledifos 400mg/90 mg is to address the Hepatitis C virus in adults and children above 12 years of age. The FDA has green-flagged its usage to stop the HCV infection from spreading further in the system and wreaking havoc. 

Moreover, the drug aids in mending the harm wrought by the virus to the liver cells which prevents the liver from cirrhosis or cancer. 

How Does It Work?

Among every HCV medication, Ledifos 400mg/90 mg is one of the strongest dosages as it possesses two powerful drugs that back each other to fight off the virus. 

Ledipasvir is a drug that jams a vital protein called NS5A, which the hepatitis C virus uses to grow and spread. Sofosbuvir is a drug that halts the virus from replicating its own DNA. When these drugs are mixed, they can wipe out the virus from the blood and liver in most people.

Furthermore, taking this mere tablet won’t work alone as it should be accompanied by other anti-virals, painkillers, and other supporting drugs to effectively cure the condition with minimal adverse effects. 

How Is Ledifos 400 Mg/90 Mg Use?

The best course of administrating the drug is to simply follow the guidelines provided by your healthcare professional. Do not go against their advice at any cost as it can worsen your condition. These are some common instructions for the use of Ledifos 400 Mg/90 Mg:

  • Firstly, strictly obey the regular time frame of taking the pills without miss. 
  • Put a complete ban on the usage of alcohol or other substances that might interact adversely with the drug. 

How Long Do You Take Ledifos 400 Mg/90?

The majority of the time, depending on the severity of the illness, one tablet per day is given for a period of 12 to 24 weeks. Moreover, the dosage and time duration may change according to factors like age, genotype of the virus, stage of virus(i.e., acute or chronic), and patient’s response to the treatment. That’s why sticking to your healthcare provider’s plan is a must. 

Is Hepatitis B The Same As Hepatitis C?

Although both strains affect a person’s liver in two stages i.e., acute and chronic, they both are vastly different. They differ in terms of the virus transmission, risks, remedial options, severity, and so on. Usually, one can get rid of the HBV within six months of the infection meanwhile the other one can last more than that and potentially lead to serious liver issues like cirrhosis and cancer. 

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Is Hepatitis C Virus The Most Common In The World?

Compared to HBV, hepatitis C is fortunately not a common infection, says WHO. If we dive into numbers and statistics the WHO report states, that 58 million individuals and 296 million individuals have a infecte with HCV and HBV respectively to date. 

The reason behind this could be that Hepatitis C infection is blood transmitted virus while HBV transmits through blood as well as other bodily fluids.

Ledifos 400 Mg/90 Mg Side Effects

Since the Ledifos 400 Mg/90 Mg is a very powerful dosage there tend to be some side effects in the initial stage of treatment which will subside with time. 

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • Having trouble sleeping and being irritable
  • chest discomfort
  • a diminished appetite
  • cramping and aching muscles
  • Allergic reactions and reactivation of HBV(in rare cases)


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